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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2023Probing into the interactions among operating variables in blue hydrogen production: A new approach via design of experiments (DoE)Babamohammadi, S; Davies, WG; Masoudi Soltani, S
28-Nov-2022Latest advances and challenges in carbon capture using bio-based sorbents: A state-of-the-art reviewKetabchi, MR; Babamohammadi, S; Davies, WG; Gorbounov, M; Masoudi Soltani, S
28-Oct-2022Development of a System Model to Predict Flows and Performance of Regional Waste Management Planning: A Case Study of EnglandNg, KS; Aidong, Y
25-Apr-2022Circular economy: A sustainable management strategy for rare earth elements consumption in AustraliaPalle Paul Mejame, M; King, D; Banhalmi-zakar, Z; He, Y
1-Dec-2021Electroluminescence of Metal Free Quantum DotsFern, G; Khan, A; Worsley, M; Buchan, O; Kumaraverl, M; Ireland, T; Smith, D; Tarverdi, K; Silver, J
11-May-2021Machine learning reveals hidden stability code in protein native fluorescenceZhang, H; Yang, Y; Zhang, C; Farid, SS; Dalby, PA
22-Jul-2020Numerical simulation of crust freezing in processed meat: A fully coupled solid–fluid approachGreiciunas, E; Municchi, F; Di Pasquale, N; Icardi, M
1-Jul-2021Dynamically polarizable force fields for surface simulations via multi-output classification neural networksDi Pasquale, N; Elliott, JD; Hadjidoukas, P; Carbone, P
10-Dec-2020Heterogeneous Multi-Rate mass transfer models in OPENFOAM®Municchi, F; Di Pasquale, N; Dentz, M; Icardi, M
24-Mar-2022Cleaving Method for Molecular Crystals and Its Application to Calculation of the Surface Free Energy of Crystalline β-d-Mannitol at Room TemperatureDi Pasquale, N; Davidchack, RL
4-Apr-2022Machine learning application in personalised lung cancer recurrence and survivability predictionYang, Y; Xu, L; Sun, L; Zhang, P; Farid, SS
1-Sep-2017Multi-criteria manufacturability indices for ranking high-concentration monoclonal antibody formulationsYang, Y; Velayudhan, A; Thornhill, NF; Farid, SS
20-Dec-2021SYNERGORS - A Systems Approach to Synergistic Utilisation of Secondary Organic Streams. Final Project Report.Ng, KS; Hatton, L; Martinez-Hernandez, E
29-Dec-2021Future Prospects of Spent Coffee Ground Valorisation Using a Biorefinery ApproachYeoh, L; Ng, KS
8-Jan-2021Evaluating the Techno-economic Potential of an Integrated Material Recovery and Waste-to-Hydrogen SystemNg, KS; Phan, AN
10-Nov-2020Exploring the feasibility of producing sustainable aviation fuel in the UK using hydrothermal liquefaction technology: A comprehensive techno-economic and environmental assessmentFarooq, D; Thompson, I; Ng, KS
18-Jul-2020A systems thinking approach to stimulating and enhancing resource efficiency and circularity in householdsNg, KS; To, LS
8-Mar-2022Machine Learning Algorithms for Flow Pattern Classification in Pulsating Heat PipesLoyola-Fuentes, J; Pietrasanta, L; Marengo, M; Coletti, F
15-Apr-2021Laguncularia racemosa phenolics profiling by three-phase solvent system step-gradient using high-performance countercurrent chromatography with off-line electrospray mass-spectrometry detectionCosta, FdN; Jerz, G; Hewitson, P; Figueiredo, FdS; Ignatova, S
26-Feb-2021Learning in lockdown: Using the COVID‐19 crisis to teach children about food and climate changeKluczkovski, A; Lait, R; Martins, CA; Reynolds, C; Smith, P; Woffenden, Z; Lynch, J; Frankowska, A; Harris, F; Johnson, D; Halford, JCG; Cook, J; da Silva, JT; Schmidt Rivera, X; Huppert, JL; Lord, M; Mclaughlin, J; Bridle, S
30-Aug-2021Enabling rational gut microbiome manipulations by understanding gut ecology through experimentally-evidenced in silico modelsMolina Ortiz, JP; McClure, DD; Shanahan, ER; Dehghani, F; Holmes, AJ; Read, MN
24-Nov-2021Towards a sustainable supply of omega-3 fatty acids: Screening microalgae for scalable production of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)Gu, W; Kavanagh, JM; McClure, DD
3-Nov-2021Computational fluid dynamics modelling of hydrodynamics, mixing and oxygen transfer in industrial bioreactors with Newtonian brothsNadal-Rey, G; McClure, DD; Kavanagh, JM; Cassells, B; Cornelissen, S; Fletcher, DF; Gernaey, KV
6-Jan-2020Interfacial biocatalytic performance of nanofiber-supported β-galactosidase for production of galacto-oligosaccharidesMisson, M; Jin, B; Dai, S; Zhang, H
9-Apr-2021Engineered human heavy-chain ferritin with half-life extension and tumor targeting by PAS and RGDK peptide functionalizationYin, S; Wang, Y; Zhang, B; Qu, Y; Liu, Y; Dai, S; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y; Bi, J
1-Jun-2021Exploring hierarchical porous silica-supported Ag<inf>3</inf>PO<inf>4</inf> as high-efficient and environmental-friendly photocatalytic disinfectantZheng, P; Jin, B; Dai, S
21-Jun-2017A parametric study of CO⁠2 capture from gas-fired power plants using monoethanolamine (MEA)Masoudi Soltani, S; Fennell, PS; Mac Dowell, N
2015Studies on the synthesis and use of rare earth doped nanophosphors for application on latent fingerprintsReip, Alexander
2014Extending the applicability of the dose addition model to the assessment of chemical mixtures of partial agonists by using a novel toxic unit extrapolation methodScholze, M; Silva, E; Kortenkamp, A
1972Spectroscopic studies of some heterocyclic hydrazones and their metal complexesMortimore, Graham Roderick
1987Structure and reactivity of Titania-supported Molybdenum and Vanadium oxidesTahir, Saad Flamerz
1985A study of the polymorphism of 4-methyl-2-nitroacetanilide and related compoundsYeadon, Alan
1989Studies of the surface and bulk reactivity of calcium hydroxideYeates, David
1994Studies of novel diazanaphthoquinones and ion-responsive fluorescent quinoxaline derivativesAhmad, Abid Rafiq
1975The deposition of silica on titanium dioxide surfacesFurlong, Donald Neil
1997Improved superabsorbent polymersOmidian, Hossein
1999The synthesis of novel porphyrin macrocycles for their use as potential non-linear optical materialsRees, Robert Douglas
1991Environmental impact of heavy metal pollution in natural aquatic systemsTayab, Muhammad Rehan
1974Adsorptive properties of chromium oxides and silicaBaker, Frederick Stanley
1988Surfactants and enhanced oil recoveryPilc, Jennifer
1996The development and use of thermal desorption methods for the analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds in ambient airBahrami, Abdulrahman
1991Chemical modification of activated carbon adsorbentsHolmes, Richard James
1998The adsorptive properties of oligomeric, non-ionic surfactants from aqueous solutionHolland, Kirsten Jane
1994Studies of the formation of homogeneous mixed silicon-titanium/zirconium oxides by the sol-gel routeHudson, Melanie
1994Synthetic studies on enhancers for europium luminescenceYahioglu, Gokhan
1988Studies of the oxidation of zinc dialkyldithiophosphates and related compoundsPaddy, John Leonard
1996Trace element contaminants in the Kuwait water production systemAl-Anqah, Laila
1996Microemulsions formation, stability and their characterisationsAkhtar, Mahmood
1991Trihalomethane compounds in the drinking water of Kuwait: A survey from source to consumerLatif, Nidhal Abbas Abdul
1991The characterization of novel cementsYates, Malcolm
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 50