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The principal mission of BIC is to establish a world class research centre offering high quality research in an innovative environment. We aim to attract outstanding students and focus on acoustic wave and allied technologies covering a range of materials, sensors, electronics and software systems. BIC operates with the aim of developing a financially sustainable research facility, drawing on Brunel University's existing strengths, to complement and underpin the applied research and development activities of TWI.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2023A case study on decentralized manufacturing of 3D printed medicinesSeoane-Viaño, I; Xu, X; Ong, JJ; Teyeb, A; Gaisford, S; Campos-Álvarez, A; Stulz, A; Marcuta, C; Kraschew, L; Mohr, W; Basit, AW; Goyanes, A
2024Structural health monitoring of high-temperature pipelines using piezoelectric ultrasonic guided wave transducersDhutti, Anurag
26-Feb-2024Optimal path planning in a real-world radioactive environment: A comparative study of A-star and Dijkstra algorithmsMiyombo, ME; Liu, Y-K; Mulenga, CM; Siamulonga, A; Kabanda, MC; Shaba, P; Xi, C; Ayodeji, A
8-Aug-2020A multi-layer approach to DN 50 electric valve fault diagnosis using shallow-deep intelligent modelsLiu, Y-K; Zhou, W; Ayodeji, A; Zhou, X-Q; Peng, M-J; Chao, N
4-Jun-2021Path planning in nuclear facility decommissioning: Research status, challenges, and opportunitiesAdibeli, JO; Liu, Y-K; Ayodeji, A; Awodi, NJ
9-Aug-2021Investigation of Oxidation and Counter-Oxidation in a One-Quarter Circular Geometry due to Shadow CorrosionEnivweru, D; Wang, Q; Ayodeji, A; Zhou, Y
15-Jul-2021Radioactive gas diffusion simulation and inhaled effective dose evaluation during nuclear decommissioningYang, L-Q; Liu, Y-K; Peng, M-J; Ayodeji, A; Chen, Z-T; Long, Z-Y
2-Feb-2022Thermomechanical Analysis of a Reactor Pressure Vessel under Pressurized Thermal Shock Caused by Inadvertent Actuation of the Safety Injection SystemAnnor-Nyarko, M; Xia, H; Ayodeji, A
2-Aug-2022Deep learning for safety assessment of nuclear power reactors: Reliability, explainability, and research opportunitiesAyodeji, A; Amidu, MA; Olatubosun, SA; Addad, Y; Ahmed, H
20-May-2023Cyber security in the nuclear industry: A closer look at digital control systems, networks and human factorsAyodeji, A; Mohamed, M; Li, L; Di Buono, A; Pierce, I; Ahmed, H
3-May-2024Wavy-attention network for real-time cyber-attack detection in a small modular pressurized water reactor digital control systemAyodeji, A; Di Buono, A; Pierce, I; Ahmed, H
10-Jun-2020A Data-Driven Fault Detection Framework Using Mahalanobis Distance Based Dynamic Time WarpingSi, Y; Sun, J; Zhang, D; Qian, P
14-Nov-2023Support Structures Optimisation for High-Quality Metal Additive Manufacturing with Laser Powder Bed Fusion: A Numerical Simulation StudyDimopoulos, A; Salimi, M; Gan, T-H; Chatzakos, P
9-Sep-2023Fully Automatic Thoracic Cavity Segmentation in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Breast MRI Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksBerchiolli, M; Wolfram, S; Balachandran, W; Gan, T-H
21-Sep-2022Zero-Defect Manufacturing and Automated Defect Detection Using Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) ImagesSubramaniam, S; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH
6-Oct-2022A Machine Learning Based Model for Monitoring of Composites' Drilling-Induced Defects During Assembly Production Using Terahertz Imaging DataAmini, A; Gan, TH
13-Jan-2023A Computer Vision-Based Quality Assessment Technique for R2R Printed Silver Conductors on Flexible Plastic SubstratesAmini, A; Gan, TH
15-Mar-2023Biofouling Removal Using a Novel Electronic System for Driving an Array of High Power Marinised TransducersSalimi, M; Livadas, M; Teyeb, A; El Masri, E; Gan, TH
7-Sep-2020Bolt looseness detection using Spectral Kurtosis analysis for structural health monitoringHo, SK; Nedunuri, HC; Balachandran, W; Gan, TH
1-Jan-2023Analytical simulation of the microbubble collapsing in a welding fusion poolTeyeb, A; Salimi, M; El Masri, E; Balachandran, W; Gan, TH
10-May-2021Enhancing the accuracy of non-invasive glucose sensing in aqueous solutions using combined millimeter wave and near infrared transmissionCano-Garcia, H; Kshirsagar, R; Pricci, R; Teyeb, A; O’brien, F; Saha, S; Kosmas, P; Kallos, E
9-Jul-2021Monitoring a reverse osmosis process with kernel principal component analysis: A preliminary approachQuatrini, E; Costantino, F; Mba, D; Li, X; Gan, TH
10-Sep-2018Autonomous ice protection combining ultrasonic guided waves and electrothermal systemsKostan, M; Dhutti, A; Niu, X; Duan, W; Kourmpetis, M; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH
10-Feb-2020Optimization of TIG welding parameters using a hybrid nelder mead-evolutionary algorithms methodKshirsagar, R; Jones, S; Lawrence, J; Tabor, J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 24 of 24