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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Understanding domestic violence and abuse in the UK Muslim populationChowdhury, Rahmanara
2021British nuclear test veterans: the complexities of identity, health and wellbeing, and the ageing processPrescott, Amy
2021Neurophysiological investigation of auditory augmentation to facilitate observational learning of everyday actionsCastro, Fabio
2021Ultrasonography for the assessment of contractile properties of fresh and fatigued diaphragm muscle in healthy humansIllidi, Camilla Rønn
2021Impact of hydration on pulmonary function and ventilatory responses to exercise in healthy adultsMarshall, Hannah
2021Examining psychosocial development in an elite English football academy: a holistic ecological approachCrawley, Nikki
2021An investigation into the mindset and the experience of a modern day soccer referee in EnglandDell, Celena
2020Sink or swim: the impact of having a child with Olympic potential on family well-beingChristoforou, Anastasia
2021Contextual and dispositional influences on Netball Umpires' Decision MakingBurnett, Adele Marie
2020Shaping health: understanding and influencing lifestyle behaviours in low socioeconomic womenWittels, Paula Ya’el
2020An investigation into the factors that encourage Image and Performance Enhancing Drug taking behaviours in adult rugby players in EnglandWatkins, Stephen
2019Examining links between anxiety, attentional focus, and altered control of locomotionEllmers, Toby Jack
2019Associations between physical activity, pain, injuries and joint loading in children, and how these factors may affect recommendations regarding the type of physical activity that children should perform whilst taking environmental and personal barriers into considerationde Aguiar Greca, João Paulo
2019Ready exerciser one: examining the efficacy of immersive technologies in the exercise domainBird, Jonathan M.
2018Scientific underpinnings of the clinical assessment of patellofemoral alignmentCampbell-Karn, Kevin Daniel
2018Heat acclimation with controlled heart rate: the effect of hydration on adaptation, cardiac function and exercise performanceTravers, Gavin James Stephen
2018The integration of explicit contextual priors and visual information during action anticipation in soccerGredin, Nils Viktor
2018Cortical and psychophysiological effects of sensory modulation on attentional switching during exerciseBigliassi, Marcelo
2018The relationship between gaze and information pickup during action observation: implications for motor skill (re)learningD’Innocenzo, Giorgia
2018An investigation into the mechanisms of acute effects of dynamic stretching on ankle joint mechanics and running economyPamboris, George Michael
2017Maximising ball release speed in overhead throwing through optimising arm segment massesFasbender, Patrick
2017Sit-stand desks as a strategy to reduce sitting and increase standing and physical activity in office-based employees: a pilot RCT and process evaluation of a multicomponent workplace intervention interventionHall, Jennifer
2017Conceptualising safety culture for safeguarding children in sportOwusu-Sekyere, Frank
2017The role of contextual information in expert anticipationMurphy, Colm Padraig
2012Perceptual training methods compared: The relative efficacy of different approaches to enhancing sport-specific anticipationAbernethy, B; Schorer, J; Jackson, RC; Hagemann, N
2016Testing attentional control theory in novel dynamic environments: the impact of anxiety on perceptual-cognitive and perceptual-motor skillsCocks, Adam James
2016Online social networks and Saudi youth participation in physical activityBaker, Razan
2015Homeless football: An exploration of theory and practiceHorsfield, Lindsey Claire
2016Circulating microvesicles: responses to exercise and heat stress, and their impact upon human endothelial cellsWilhelm Neto, Eurico Nestor
2009Opposing the 'system': ideology and action in the Italian football terracesTesta, Alberto
2015Exercise induced bronchoconstriction in athletes: influence of airway dehydration on bronchial hyper-responsiveness, epithelial injury and mast cell activationSimpson, Andrew John
2014Strategy and strategising: an examination of sports clubs privatisation strategy in Saudi ArabiaAlhakami, Fawaz
2011Effects of a sand running surface on the kinematics of sprinting at maximum velocityAlcaraz, PE; Palao, JM; Elvira, JLL; Linthorne, NP
2005Girls and physical activities: A summary reviewBailey, RP; Wellard, I; Dismore, H
2010Emotional and cognitive changes during and post a near fatal heart attack and one-year after: A case studyLane, AM; Godfrey, R
2009The UltraS: an emerging social movementTesta, A
2013Child Exploitation and the FIFA World Cup: A review of risks and protective interventionsBrackenridge, C; Palmer-Felgate, S; Rhind, D; Hills, L; Kay, T; Tiivas, A; Faulkner, L; Lindsay, I
2015Exercise-induced whole-body dehydration does not affect airway responsiveness in athletes but may impair small airway functionSimpson, A; Romer, L; Kippelen, P
2014The war of positions: football in post-conflict Bosnia-HerzegovinaVest, Emily Kate
2014Limb tissue haemodynamic responses and regulation in the heat-stressed human: role of local vs. central thermosensitive mechanisms at rest and during small muscle mass exerciseChiesa, Scott Thomas
2014The influence of expertise on brain activation of the action observation network during anticipation of tennis and volleyball servesBalser, N; Lorey, B; Pilgramm, S; Naumann, T; Kindermann, S; Stark, R; Zentgraf, K; Williams, AM; Munzert, J
2013Moderate and heavy metabolic stress interval training improve arterial stiffness and heart rate dynamics in humansRakobowchuk, M; Harris, E; Taylor, A; Cubbon, RM; Birch, KM
2014Transcranial magnetic stimulation in sport science: a commentaryGoodall, S; Howatson, G; Romer, LM; Ross, EZ
2008Effect of expiratory muscle fatigue on exercise tolerance and locomotor muscle fatigue in healthy humansTaylor, BJ; Romer, LM
2008Exercise-induced respiratory muscle fatigue: implications for performanceRomer, LM; Polkey, MI
2006Exercise-induced arterial hypoxemia: Consequences for locomotor muscle fatigueRomer, LM; Dempsey, JA; Lovering, A; Eldridge, M
2006Effects of exercise-induced arterial hypoxemia on limb muscle fatigue and performanceRomer, LM; Dempsey, JA
1998Implications of moderate altitude training for sea level endurance in elite distance runnersBailey, DM; Davies, B; Romer, L; Castell, L; Newsholme, E; Gandy, G
2001Effects of oral creatine supplementation on high intensity, intermittent exercise performance in competitive squash playersRomer, LM; Barrington, JP; Jeukendrup, AE
2003Modeling maximum oxygen uptake of elite endurance athletesNevill, AM; Brown, D; Godfrey, R; Johnson, PJ; Romer, L; Stewart, AD; Winter, EM
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 331