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Title: Testing load transacting method based on assessment target equivalent
Authors: Wang, B
Zheng, J
Liu, W
Wang, G
Keywords: 全尺寸试验;载荷处理;载荷等效;考核目标等效;灵敏度分析;遗传算法;full scale aircraft test;load transacting;load equivalent;assessment target equivalent;sensitivity analysis;genetic algorithm
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2023
Publisher: Beihang Universsity
Citation: Wang, B. et al. (2023) 'Testing load transacting method based on assessment target equivalent', Hangkong Xuebao/ (Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica), 44 (17), 228064, pp. 1 - 11. doi: 10.7527/S1000-6893.2023.28064.
Abstract: 摘要:在全尺寸结构强度试验中,需将原始理论载荷转化为试验实施载荷,载荷处理的结果直接关乎着试验考核的真实性和有效性。传统的载荷处理方法基于载荷等效,载荷处理完成后再对比数值分析结果,这种开环的载荷处理方法遇到复杂结构和载荷时通常效率和精度都大打折扣。提出了一种基于考核目标等效的试验载荷处理方法,将数值仿真分析结合到载荷处理过程中,搭建一种载荷优化设计-试验态分析-考核目标评估的闭环架构,以结构目标响应为评估判据和优化目标,结合灵敏度分析、遗传算法等智能优化算法,搜索试验态载荷最优解,大幅提高了载荷处理的效率和精度。在此基础上,基于MATLAB GUI平台开发了载荷处理软件,模块化地实现了灵敏度分析、载荷-响应矩阵计算、载荷优化设计等功能。将基于考核目标等效的载荷处理方法成功应用到某飞机升降舵结构载荷处理中,实现了试验考核目标响应误差精准控制
Transformation of the original theoretical load into the testing implementation load is necessary in the ground structure strength test, the results of which directly determine the authenticity and validity of the test. The traditional load transacting method compares the numerical analysis results after load transaction based on load equivalent, and the efficiency and accuracy of this open-loop control method are often reduced significantly when encountering complex structures and loads. We propose a testing load transaction method based on the assessment target equivalent, and combine the numerical simulation analysis with the load transacting process. A closed structure of load optimization, testing state simulated analysis and assessment target evaluation is established. The structural target response is taken as the evaluation criterion and optimization objective. Using the sensitivity analysis and genetic algorithm, this method significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of load transacting. Furthermore, we develop load transacting software based on the MATLAB GUI platform, implementing a variety of functions modularized, such as the sensitivity analysis, load-response matrix calculation, and load optimization design. This method is then applied to the elevator structure load transacting process, realizing precise control of the assessment target error in the load transacting process.
ISSN: 1000-6893
Other Identifiers: ORCID iD: Bin Wang
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