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Title: Senescent human diploid fibroblasts are able to support DNA synthesis and to express markers associated with proliferation
Authors: Kill, IR
Shall, S
Keywords: Human fibroblasts; Limited lifespan; Hayflick limit
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Company of Biologists
Citation: Journal of Cell Science 97(3): 473-478
Abstract: The characteristic limited reproductive life-span of normal human fibroblasts in culture is due to a steadily decreasing fraction of cells able to proliferate in the standard rich growth media. We have observed that restricting the growth factor supply to old cells for variable lengths of time in culture increases the fraction of cells that can enter S-phase; although these cells do not go on to divide. Thus, it seems that there is a transient phase between the proliferating state and the irreversibly post-mitotic, senescent state. Perhaps a 'quiescent-G0' state, which can be maintained in the presence of growth factors, is a stage on the pathway to mortalization and senescence.
ISSN: 0021-9533
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