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Title: Improved test quality using robust unique input/output circuit sequences (UIOCs)
Authors: Guo, Q
Hierons, RM
Harman, M
Derderian, K
Keywords: FSMs;Conformance test;F-UIOs;B-UIOs;UIOCs;Fault masking;Test quality
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Information and Software Technology, 48 (8): 696-707, Jul 2005
Abstract: In finite state machine (FSM) based testing, the problem of fault masking in the unique input/ output (UIO) sequence may degrade the test performance of the UIO based methods. This paper investigates this problem and proposes the use of a new type of unique input/output circuit (UIOC) sequence for state verification, which may help to overcome the drawbacks that exist in the UIO based techniques. When constructing a UIOC, overlap and internal state observation schema are used to increase the robustness of a test sequence. Test quality is compared by using the forward UIO method (F-method), the backward UIO method (B-method) and the UIOC method (C-method) separately. Robustness of the UIOCs constructed by the algorithm given in this paper is also compared with those constructed by the algorithm given previously. Experimental results suggest that the C-method outperforms the F- and the B-methods and the UIOCs constructed by the Algorithm given in this paper, are more robust than those constructed by other proposed algorithms.
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