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dc.contributor.authorWilson, J-
dc.contributor.authorLiu, J-
dc.contributor.authorFan, Y-
dc.identifier.citationAcademy of Marketing Conference 2009, Leeds, 7-9 July 2009en
dc.description.abstractA growing number of consumers are choosing to wear sporting merchandise, from an ‘other’ nation – whom they have no geographic or ethnic affiliation with. In addition, nation sports branding appears to have scaled pandemic heights; by reaching fever pitch, when actively carrying its message across boarders. Consumer preferences are being driven past simple behavioural characteristics; towards more transient psychographic and emotional constructs. In short, nation branded sporting uniform is no longer viewed as demanding restrictive monogamous loyalty. Ownership of a uniform largely suggests exclusivity and encouraged competition. However, manufactures, national teams, athletes and sponsors are entering symbiotic brand relationships - where they are actively seeking publics, open to multiple adopted nationalities. This phenomenon draws consumers towards embracing temporal national identities, which are converted into an over-arching cross-border identity; ultimately gifting sports brands more significance. The following paper explores consumers’ entry into relationships with another nation, in preference to their own - in manner that has been likened to a form of surrogacy; by the authors. The aim is to stimulate further thinking in a field; which transcends national and cultural boundaries - in the interests of developing new insight, and to provide a platform for marketers to develop more effective communicationsen
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dc.publisherAcademy of Marketingen
dc.subjectSports branding, consumer behaviour, cross-culture, national identity, denationalizationen
dc.titleSurrogate Brands - The pull to adopt an ‘Other’ nation; via sports merchandiseen
dc.typeResearch Paperen
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