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Title: Short papers and letters on the 'linear micro-element' theory of mental mechanism; and related questions of scientific method
Authors: Traill, RR
Keywords: object-concept;self-as-object;RNA-memory;molecular-memory
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Brunel University (1976 Oct); Ondwelle (2007 Apr)
Abstract: Seven papers/letters further developing the ideas raised in Monographs #12 and #15 (q.v.), and in two papers published in Kybernetes (vols 5 and 7) -- later incorporated into the Thesis (q.v.) as "Part A". In particular: *Chapters I & VI: apply the postulated 'linear elements' to explain Piaget's notion of how the mental concept of 'object' is developed. *Chapter II: extends this to account for the rudiments of 'personal identity'. *Chapter III: answers criticisms and queries raised by Dr N.E.Wetherick, mainly on the plausibility of RNA and infra-red as a Second (multiplexed) Neurotransmitting System. *Other chapters offer critiques of some accepted views on scientific method.
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