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Title: Modelling the effects of mall atmospherics on shoppers’ approach behaviors
Authors: Dennis, C
Newman, A
Keywords: Environmental psychology;Shopping malls;Consumer behavior;Store image
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Brunel Business School, Brunel University
Citation: Brunel Business School Working Paper Series: Special Issue on Marketing, Vol. 2, 2005
Abstract: Despite previous work, researchers still do not fully understand the mechanisms by which environmental stimuli influence emotions and affect behavior. This paper attempts to address this knowledge gap by modelling the effects of a stimulus on emotions and behavior within the context of a shopping mall and retail stores. We evaluate a stimulus-response model based on the influence of perceptions on shoppers’ moods, which in turn influence approach behaviors. A structured questionnaire survey of actual shoppers in a real mall environment (n=315) was analysed by structural equation analysis. The exemplar stimulus consisted of a Captive Audience Network (CAN or private plasma screen network) – a topic that has been little researched to date. The influence of the CAN was small but significant. The findings have implications for practitioners as even small changes in image can have a substantial effect on profitability.
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