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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Pupil and staff perceptions of the introduction and use of iPads and cloud services in an inner London primary schoolBrazer, Brent Alvin
2019Factors influencing provision of Special Educational Needs support at the point of delivery within the Private, Voluntary and independent group-based Early Years Education and Childcare sectorBenedict-Owen, Sian
2019Motivations and experiences of international students at UK private Further Education colleges that were closed down by the Home Office: Implications of the points based systemBasnet, Sushma
2019What happens when teachers participate in teacher rounds?Frederick, Canice
2017Higher education commercialisation and its implications in England - the views of university stakeholdersSikpi, Cliff
2016Can PRUs work? A search for an answer from within a lived experienceDodman, Hilary Frances
2016Effects of collaborative learning on the achievement of students with different learning styles at Qatar UniversityAl-kaabi, Aisha Fadl
2017Making scientists: developing a model of science identitySalehjee, Saima Qasim
2016Institutional and learner readiness for eLearning in the MaldivesThaufeega, Fathimath
2015An exploration into how year six children engage with mathematical problem solvingWalden, Rachel Louise
2017An exploration of the use of bio-pedagogical narratives and video stimulated reflection in the pedagogy of Initial Teacher EducationGower, Cathy
2017Implementation of the Nigerian civic education curriculum to develop effective citizenship in young learners: stakeholders perspectivesIdowu, Samuel Olayinka
2016Self-efficacy and collective efficacy beliefs of teachers of pupils with autism in the UKDimopoulou, Evangelia
2016Academics', students', employers', and graduates' perceptions towards business management and administration undergraduate employability: implications for higher education and industry in OmanAl-Azri, Abdallah Khalfan Hamood
2016How are young children developing number sense, post national numeracy strategyTurvill, Rebecca Anne
2015A case study with specific reference to the role of parents in the teaching and learning of a residential special school for children with autism.Hubbard, Robert Graham
2016The implementation of the Bologna Process in Kazakhstan higher education: views from withinTampayeva, Gulnara Y
2015The impact of the 2012 higher education education fee and funding regime on undergraduate decision making in EnglandByford, Katherine Alexa
2016An investigation into the experiences of pupils in ability and mixed ability grouping in an independent secondary girls’ schoolRow, Madeline Elizabeth
2016Perceptions of secondary school middle leaders on their development and contribution to whole school improvementHowkins, Janice
2016Wellbeing in Primary Education: an investigation into the teacher’s role in children’s wellbeing in the light of education legislation, policy and practiceDay, Elizabeth
2015An investigation into a group of inner and outer London secondary teachers' perceptions of their own wellbeing at workEkwulugo, Vivienne
2016The usability of virtual patients to facilitate clinical reasoning in physiotherapyBurge, Tracey Ann
2015A black feminist exploration of the cultural experiences and identities of academically ‘successful’ British South-Asian girlsLudhra, Geeta
2015An exploration of the impact of gifted and talented policies on inner city schools in England: a case studyBrady, Margaret
2015An inquiry into the perceptions and experiences of primary trainee teachers of looked after children, and the implications for training and continuing professional developmentAlix, Sarah
2014Professional learning: teachers’ narratives of experience. It is what you do and the way that you do it…Chappell, Anne
2014The impact of Greek 'all-day' school on teachers', students' and parents' livesGkoratsa, Ailina
2014The impact of using stories in pre-school mathematics teaching in the Saudi Arabian contextBinAli, Abeer
2013The emotionally intelligent virtual learning environment: how it may be constructed from the perspective of secondary educationDonkor, Felix Yamoah
2013From composition to transcription: A study of conceptual understanding and levels of awareness in thinking used by children during specific genre writing tasksSilby, Alison
2013Special Needs Education (SNE) in Kenyan public primary schools: exploring government policy and teachers’ understandingsMwangi, Lucy
2012Social studies education in Nigeria: The challenge of building a nationSofadekan, Adedayo Oyewole
2013Street violence amongst young men in London: everyday experiences of masculinity and fear in public spaceWhelan, Michael
1978A critical analysis of Cattell's model of personalitySaville, Peter
2013Full participation in education and training to age 18 in England: perspectives from policy and life-worlds of young peopleOffer, Frank Stanley
2013Buffering preconscious stressor appraisal: the protective role of self-efficacyFiltness, Timothy William
2013Family play-learning through informal education: Make and play activities with traditional Thai toy activities at a science museumKanhadilok, Peeranut
2013The impact of blended learning on female student-teachers in KuwaitGhaith, Omar
2012A comparative study between Kuwait’s Government and Private Sector Primary Schools in methods of teaching and pupils’ achievement in mathematicsAl-Duwaila, Abdulrahman
2004A comparison of the socio-psycho-educational and personality characteristics of learning disabled and dyslexic children with normal controlsXystrou, Maria N
1972Technical education and the London county council 1918-1939. A study in course innovation and developmentThoms, DW
1988The institution as a learning systemRandall, Maurice
1990A follow-up study of physically disabled children, who were educated in different environments, as they approach or after they have reached adulthoodThornton, Arthur Senior
2012Adult learners versus policies: An insight of adult education in the UKFarhan, Dhuha
2004An exploration of how teachers make sense of their school's environmentBrown, Ken
1992Conservative values and education policy 1979-1990Le Metais, Joanna Petra FM
2012Search for heavy lepton partners of neutrinos in proton-proton collisions in the context of the type III seesaw mechanismChatrchyan, S; Khachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Aguilo, E; Bergauer, T; Dragicevic, M; Ero, J; Fabjan, C; Friedl, M; Paus, C; Cussans, D; Ball, AH; Apanasevich, L; Yohay, R; Mccartin, J; Demaria, N; Cali, IA; Strom, D; Aguilar-Benitez, M; Garcia-Bellido, A; Kharchilava, A; Pol, ME; Barge, D; Ozturk, S; Cuevas, J; Sekmen, S; Sirois, Y; Baringer, P; Apresyan, A; Alcaraz Maestre, J; Ferreira Parracho, PG; Yu, I; Wittich, P; Karapinar, G; Leonardo, N; Cripps, N; Chan, M; Damgov, J; De Filippis, N; Kubota, Y; Molnar, J; Klanner, R; Macneill, I; Uplegger, L; Buontempo, S; Dutta, S; Ekmedzic, M; Bose, T; Marienfeld, M; Ferro, C; Doesburg, R; Squires, M; Weber, H; Odell, N; Cavallo, FR; Rodríguez-Marrero, AY; Leonard, A; Duru, F; Medvedeva, T; Rovelli, C; Xu, M; Flix, J; Barth, C; Mesyats, G; Palmer, C; Albrow, M; Faure, JL; Vaughan, J; Sudhakar, K; Padhi, S; Moon, DH; Velkovska, J; Lindén, T; Mura, B; Mundim, L; Dauncey, P; Anagnostou, G; Sordini, V; Lander, R; Sun, W; Ryd, A; Yoon, AS; Kim, B; Forthomme, L; Sellers, P; Masetti, L; Landsberg, G; Millischer, L; Dhingra, N; Calamba, A; Vaandering, EW; Guo, ZJ; Dero, V; Vizan Garcia, JM; Lomtadze, T; Wrochna, G; Carrillo Montoya, CA; De Visscher, S; Fabozzi, F; Santocchia, A; Akgun, U; Kuznetsova, E; Foa, L; Lohmann, W; Sabes, D; Erdmann, M; Arenton, MW; Vorobyev, A; Gray, L; Van Haevermaet, H; Yalvac, M; Cuffiani, M; Della Ricca, G; Anderson, J; Bianchi, G; Rohringer, C; Krpic, D; Perieanu, A; Müntel, M; Pashenkov, A; Grundler, U; Grunewald, M; Sulimov, V; Onengut, G; Kirakosyan, M; Balazs, M; Bilinskas, MJ; Sprenger, D; Boutle, S; Cox, B; Clare, R; Drell, BR; Goncharov, M; Turkewitz, J; Francis, B; Siroli, GP; Finger, M; Geralis, T; Dudero, PR; Castro, A; Kelley, R; Khalatyan, S; Behr, J; Bai, Y; Kim, MS; Gallinaro, M; Meyer, A; Dietz-Laursonn, E; Markowitz, P; Lopez Virto, A; Justus, C; Shukla, P; Bonato, A; Ozok, F; Golubev, N; Hugon, J; O'Dell, V; Czellar, S; Vlasov, E; Tadel, M; Potenza, R; Sarycheva, L; Nappi, A; Ruspa, M; Lopez, A; Lebourgeois, M; Perloff, A; Goodell, J; Santanastasio, F; Grassi, M; Leonidopoulos, C; Gill, K; Tonelli, G; Müller, T; Nowack, A; Bacchetta, N; Barney, D; Lath, A; Besancon, M; Brun, H; Chierici, R; Locci, E; Goldstein, J; Dumanoglu, I; Wickramage, N; Seixas, J; Dias, FA; Granier de Cassagnac, R; Williams, G; Hammad, GH; Coarasa Perez, JA; Arce, P; Bitioukov, S; Burkett, K; Hughes, R; Pierro, GA; Herve, A; Ozkorucuklu, S; Nuzzo, S; Cox, PT; Martínez-Ortega, J; Hirosky, R; Gabusi, M; Mäenpää, T; Perchalla, L; Kurt, P; Asghar, MI; Duarte, J; Van Mulders, P; Pitzl, D; Abbaneo, D; Sasseville, M; Stahl, A; Vishnevskiy, D; Eckerlin, G; Golf, F; Choudhary, BC; Wöhri, HK; Durkin, LS; Lawson, P; Petkov, P; Ligabue, F; Odorici, F; Nawrocki, K; Ledovskoy, A; Jenkins, M; Tschudi, Y; Dutta, D; Collard, C; Brinkerhoff, A; Flucke, G; Kayis Topaksu, A; Golutvin, I; Heidemann, C; Grigelionis, I; Magaña Villalba, R; Elliott-Peisert, A; Ruiz-Jimeno, A; Janot, P; Lazzizzera, I; Schott, G; Ingram, Q; Lanaro, A; Giunta, M; Doroba, K; Beranek, S; Lin, C; Neu, C; Roland, G; Wood, J; Mohammadi Najafabadi, M; Gomber, B; Tripathi, M; Edelhoff, M; Hu, G; Dozen, C; Ellison, J; Merino, G; Veverka, J; Piccolo, D; Blyweert, S; Aliev, T; Gollapinni, S; Bauerdick, LAT; Lopes Pegna, D; Rohlf, J; Ptochos, F; Gobbo, B; Gupta, R; Hinzmann, A; Juillot, P; Kotlinski, D; Hewamanage, S; Panwalkar, S; Arfaei, H; Carlsmith, D; Kalavase, P; Harr, R; Adam, N; Pacifico, N; Maselli, S; Vergili, LN; Kaschube, K; Rossini, M; Hidas, D; Lelas, D; Reithler, H; Lutz, B; Petrakou, E; Martinez, G; Worm, SD; Klingebiel, D; Favart, D; Bylsma, B; Chung, YS; Dugad, S; Gribushin, A; Suarez Gonzalez, J; Vidal Marono, M; Khalil, S; Jiang, CH; Gokbulut, G; Olaiya, E; Widl, E; Kunori, S; Kozhuharov, V; Bilin, B; Reucroft, S; Favaro, C; Nowak, F; Malik, S; Klein, B; Franzoni, G; Fiore, L; Spiegel, L; Ranjan, K; Malcles, J; Kovac, M; Funk, W; Zielinski, M; Zhang, L; Innocente, V; Moeller, A; Gomez Moreno, B; Daci, N; Karchin, PE; Kottachchi Kankanamge Don, C; Ellithi Kamel, A; Walzel, G; Merola, M; Alimena, J; Haguenauer, M; Vanini, S; Hall, G; Mangano, B; Assran, Y; Olbrechts, A; Hall-Wilton, R; Folgueras, S; Aziz, T; Slaunwhite, J; Soares Jorge, L; Ivova Rikova, M; Levchuk, L; Pakhotin, Y; Erdogan, Y; Zeuner, WD; Lamichhane, P; Wood, JS; Koay, SA; Hormann, N; Schum, T; Hagopian, V; Millan Mejias, B; Harris, RM; Carroll, R; Sakharov, A; Butt, J; Tropiano, A; Anastassov, A; Smirnov, I; Sharan, M; Pugliese, G; Sala, L; Choudhury, RK; Meridiani, P; Zeyrek, M; Van Onsem, GP; Piotrzkowski, K; Butler, JN; Kim, Y; Garcia-Abia, P; Khurshid, T; Eugster, J; Contardo, D; Bianco, S; Koybasi, O; Lobelle Pardo, P; Monaco, V; Jackson, J; Lange, J; Strobbe, N; Guchait, M; Conway, J; Weber, HA; Evangelou, I; Vavilov, S; Quertenmont, L; Sakulin, H; Travaglini, R; Depasse, P; Malek, M; Almeida, N; Perfilov, M; Bonnet, F; Bostock, F; Schael, S; Leonidov, A; Kraan, A; Nägeli, C; Oehler, A; El Mamouni, H; Fay, J; Dolen, J; Mohapatra, A; Gascon, S; Son, T; Argiro, S; Otiougova, P; Chen, M; Quast, G; Hollingsworth, M; Luk, M; Remington, R; Merkel, P; Fruhwirth, R; Sanders, S; Gorbunov, I; Zumerle, G; Bean, A; Rutherford, B; Gouzevitch, M; Velicanu, D; Santoro, A; Cheung, HWK; Veelken, C; Dupont-Sagorin, N; Bilmis, S; Squillacioti, P; Qazi, S; Robmann, P; Schleper, P; Flacher, H; Safdi, B; Tuominiemi, J; Heo, SG; Tsamalaidze, Z; Merlo, J-P; Ille, B; Blobel, V; Alda Junior, WL; Green, D; Kwon, E; Vilar Cortabitarte, R; Miceli, T; Montanari, A; Fulcher, J; Peltola, T; Yazgan, E; Veszpremi, V; Barbone, L; Kamon, T; Kim, H; Nef, P; Lazic, D; Zuranski, A; Gulmez, E; Kokkas, P; Würthwein, F; Pin, A; Kadija, K; Schizzi, A; Kodolova, O; Mavrommatis, C; Norbeck, E; Bolognesi, S; Qian, SJ; Kreuzer, P; Dominguez, A; Sinthuprasith, T; Yagil, A; Böser, C; Bose, S; Ivanov, A; Searle, M; Hesari, H; Deiters, K; Lacroix, F; Pioppi, M; Albergo, S; Kalogeropoulos, A; Christiansen, T; Rahbaran, B; Kim, JH; Mucia, N; Paramatti, R; Choi, Y; Katsas, P; Vutova, M; Sanchez, AK; Colafranceschi, S; Mahmoud, MA; Klukas, J; Szleper, M; Arora, S; Selvaggi, M; Naumann-Emme, S; Hauser, J; Kurca, T; Lethuillier, M; Wittmer, B; Pierini, M; Schlieckau, E; Gavrilov, V; Freeman, J; Ribeiro Cipriano, PM; Rusakov, SV; Bornheim, A; Kim, TJ; Hohlmann, M; Mirabito, L; Arneodo, M; Merz, J; Roland, C; Wulz, C-E; Solano, A; Hollar, J; Pieri, M; Raymond, DM; Eshaq, Y; Gary, JW; Benhabib, L; Beri, SB; Isildak, B; Perries, S; Chertok, M; Tatarinov, A; Mermerkaya, H; Lowette, S; Frosali, S; Florez, C; Hu, Z; Rogerson, S; Singovsky, A; Makouski, M; Sgandurra, L; Staykova, Z; Xiao, H; Varela, J; Vander Marcken, G; Chang, P; Breto, G; Mariotti, C; Lee, J; Futyan, D; Migliore, E; Calderon, A; Rakness, G; Park, H; Kovalskyi, D; Khakzad, M; Zanetti, M; Jabeen, S; Grogg, KS; Wayne, M; Renker, D; Coughlan, JA; Chwalek, T; Belotelov, I; Tao, J; Redaelli, N; Belknap, D; Auzinger, G; Ahuja, S; Candelise, V; Vartak, A; Rossi, AM; Schwick, C; Vilela Pereira, A; Musienko, Y; Nandi, R; Bilei, GM; Chen, KF; Karaman, T; Miné, P; Daubie, E; Sunar Cerci, D; Gokieli, R; De Boer, W; Demina, R; Pauss, F; Grimes, M; Zhokin, A; Giordano, F; Weiler, T; Calderon De La Barca Sanchez, M; Zito, G; Park, SK; Fouz, MC; Ball, G; Iorio, AOM; Descroix, A; Dierlamm, A; Prokofyev, O; Caudron, J; Feindt, M; Hartl, C; Zakaria, M; Martinez Rivero, C; Strauss, J; Rose, A; Marinelli, N; Meola, S; Givernaud, A; Klima, B; Jindal, P; Zhang, Z; Ungaro, D; Marinho, F; Safonov, A; Wehrli, L; Dell'Orso, R; Azhgirey, I; Khotilovich, V; Yun, JC; Guthoff, M; Smith, WH; Cittolin, S; De Benedetti, A; Salazar Ibarguen, HA; Draeger, J; Guiducci, L; Smith, J; Perrotta, A; Santaolalla, J; Rohe, T; Ryan, MJ; Tuve, C; Paramesvaran, S; Padula, SS; Herndon, M; Aldaya Martin, M; Gigi, D; Niegel, M; Goulianos, K; Dorney, B; Hackstein, C; Dallavalle, GM; Hatherell, Z; Pastika, N; Palencia Cortezon, E; Soffi, L; Zhukov, V; Whitmore, J; Hoorani, HR; Stuart, D; Sauerland, P; Velasco, M; Takahashi, M; Bernardini, J; Hong, B; Nayak, A; Boccali, T; Lecoq, P; Beuselinck, R; Chetluru, V; Stoykova, S; Schlein, P; Lariccia, P; Dermenev, A; Gerber, CE; Hartmann, F; Sanabria, JC; Sexton-Kennedy, E; Georgiou, G; Chanon, N; Zotto, P; Ferencek, D; Seitz, C; Sharma, M; Manthos, N; Arcidiacono, R; Van Mechelen, P; Lincoln, D; Parashar, N; Ghete, VM; Hofman, DJ; Fabbricatore, P; Rougny, R; Jeong, C; Acosta, D; Kong, DJ; Kaya, O; de Barbaro, P; Skhirtladze, N; Iiyama, Y; De Palma, M; Gorski, M; Spagnolo, P; Kumar, A; Pooth, O; Mannelli, M; Vanlaer, P; Gomez, G; Mulders, M; Etesami, SM; Beretvas, A; Tinti, G; Nachtman, J; Gilbert, A; Bunin, P; Merschmeyer, M; Sammet, J; Grab, C; Fedi, G; Primavera, F; Lusito, L; Gartner, J; Taurok, A; Colaleo, A; Hauth, T; Heinrich, M; Kesisoglou, S; Hou, W-S; Barbagli, G; Bakirci, MN; Klapoetke, K; Selvaggi, G; Vasquez Sierra, R; Snow, GR; Fehling, D; Peiffer, T; Lee, YJ; Shipsey, I; Held, H; Munoz Sanchez, FJ; Simonis, HJ; Loveless, R; Hoffmann, KH; Breuker, H; Piroué, P; Malbouisson, H; Anghel, IM; Bertl, W; Jang, DW; Mavromanolakis, G; Rinkevicius, A; Marfin, I; Palla, F; Traczyk, P; Husemann, U; Di Guida, S; Mishra, K; Dalchenko, M; Lungu, G; Bourilkov, D; Newsom, CR; Bargassa, P; Bloch, D; Liang, D; Liu, YF; Mossolov, V; Jafari, A; Kovitanggoon, K; Katkov, I; Ciulli, V; Brownson, E; Daskalakis, G; Tauscher, L; Boos, E; Symonds, P; Maruyama, S; Vila, I; Dünser, M; Perrozzi, L; To, W; Auffray, E; Castello, R; Kypreos, T; Adler, V; Gowdy, S; Mestvirishvili, A; Son, DC; Kiesenhofer, W; Snoek, H; Hooberman, B; Heracleous, N; Militaru, O; Heath, GP; Sudano, E; Musenich, R; Vazquez Valencia, F; Theofilatos, K; Wolf, M; Uvarov, L; Gerbaudo, D; Harkonen, J; Verdier, P; Behrens, U; Fanelli, C; D'Enterria, D; Evdokimov, O; Bialkowska, H; Vergili, M; Le Bihan, AC; Cerminara, G; Chasco, M; Ruchti, R; Wilkinson, R; Sobol, A; Hatakeyama, K; Chauhan, S; Riedl, C; Deisher, A; Ko, W; Dissertori, G; Krolikowski, J; Tosi, S; Vitulo, P; Galanti, M; Davies, G; Wilken, R; Hindrichs, O; Snowball, M; Lacaprara, S; Mason, D; Janulis, M; Malberti, M; Demortier, L; Chen, HS; Kolb, J; Geffert, P; Tlisov, D; Benaglia, A; De Guio, F; Wood, D; Manolakos, I; Di Matteo, L; Lee, S; Quan, X; Karmgard, DJ; Anjos, TS; Rander, J; Olzem, J; Paulini, M; Delaere, C; Erofeeva, M; Glushkov, I; Bloom, K; Prado Da Silva, WL; Roberts, J; Thompson, J; Behrenhoff, W; Polatoz, A; Berryhill, J; Broutin, C; Nash, J; Fernandez Bedoya, C; Hanson, G; Rosowsky, A; Jessop, C; Fiorendi, S; Cline, D; Hebbeker, T; Haas, J; Jones, M; Krätschmer, I; Simon, M; Fabbri, F; Silverwood, H; Avery, P; Shah, MA; Spanier, S; Sung, K; Heath, HF; Vogel, H; Bunkowski, K; Schmitt, M; Linn, S; Mrenna, S; Ostapchuk, A; Sharma, V; Paolucci, P; De Cosa, A; Sznajder, A; Rebane, L; Neumeister, N; Gennai, S; Casimiro Linares, E; Benussi, L; Chen, Y; Waltenberger, W; Marini, AC; Jorda, C; Kyriakis, A; Tsirou, A; Berry, D; Kaestli, HC; Yetkin, T; Naimuddin, M; Lellouch, J; Kopecky, A; Iles, G; Calvo, E; Karavakis, E; Kluge, H; Murzin, V; Sonmez, N; Chamizo Llatas, M; Semenov, S; Incandela, J; Cooper, SI; Askew, A; Low, JF; Vodopiyanov, I; Troshin, S; Kao, KY; Betchart, B; Bruno, G; Ghezzi, A; Mohammadi, A; Zhang, J; Malvezzi, S; Smith, VJ; Vinogradov, A; Lehti, S; Sumorok, K; Choudhury, S; Fontaine, J-C; Sharp, P; Mantovani, G; Marco, R; Manzoni, RA; Keller, J; Gomez, JP; Akin, IV; Bodek, A; Kamenev, A; Eckstein, D; Fanfani, A; Kreczko, L; Nguyen, M; Lannon, K; Govoni, P; Babb, J; Attikis, A; Mooney, M; Svintradze, I; Choi, M; Dittmar, M; Nahn, S; Gunnellini, P; Romero, L; Diemoz, M; Malhotra, S; Cabrillo, IJ; Bayshev, I; Chen, GM; Musella, P; Nam, SK; Wenger, EA; Suarez, I; Güth, A; Montanino, D; Contreras-Campana, E; West, C; Treille, D; Papadopoulos, I; Wayand, S; Harper, S; Weber, M; Shoaib, M; Park, S; Chen, J; Kotov, K; Kalakhety, H; Sen, N; Lee, KS; Martelli, A; Massironi, A; 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2004ICT in primary education: A perspective study into the use and selection procedures of software designed to support the development of basic literacy skills for able and less able pupils (KS1)Papadimitriou, Evangelia
2009Working through change: An insider's analysis of FE teachers and tutors lived experience in a time of initiative overloadTaylor, Clare
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