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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019E-Government Systems Success and User Acceptance in Developing Countries: The Role of Perceived Support QualityAl-Khatib, H; Lee, H; Suh, C; Weerakkody, V
4-Mar-2018Supply chain risk management research agenda: From a literature review to a call for future research directionsBak, O
2018Purpose and benefits of hybrid simulation: Contributing to the convergence of its definitionMustafee, N; Brailsford, S; Djanatliev, A; Eldabi, T; Kunc, M; Tolk, A
2016Towards a framework for conceptual model hybridization in healthcareZulkepli, J; Eldabi, T
2015Gender as Symbolic Capital and Violence: The Case of Corporate Elites in TurkeyYamak, S; Ergur, A; Özbilgin, MF; Alakavuklar, ON
2018The impact of multinational and domestic enterprises on regional productivity: evidence from the UKBournakis, I; Papanastassiou, M; Pitelis, C
2016Third-mission policy goals and incentives from performance-based funding: Are they aligned?Rosli, A; Rossi, F
2016The growing scale and scope of the supply chain: a reflection on supply chain graduate skillsJordan, C; Bak, O
18-Mar-2015A competitive solution for cooperative truckload deliveryHezarkhani, B; Slikker, M; Van Woensel, T
9-Jul-2018A place-based developmental regional industrial strategy for sustainable capture of co-created valueBailey, D; Pitelis, C; Tomlinson, PR
27-Jul-2017Academic engagement as knowledge co-production and implications for impact: Evidence from Knowledge Transfer PartnershipsRossi, F; Rosli, A; Yip, N
2015Determinants and barriers to lean implementation in food-processing SMEs - A multiple case analysisDora, M; Kumar, M; Gellynck, X
2019Appropriate location for remanufacturing plant towards sustainable supply chainManjot Singh, B; Dora, M; Suresh, J
2017Organisational culture and TQM implementation: investigating the mediating influences of multidimensional employee readiness for changeHaffar, M; Al-Karaghouli, W; Djebarni, R; Gbadamosi, G
2019Investigating the relationship between managerialist employment relations and employee turnover intention: The case of NigeriaMordi, C
2016Optimal design of uptime-guarantee contracts under IGFR valuations and convex costsHezarkhani, B
2017Hybrid simulation: Historical lessons, present challenges and futuresEldabi, T; Balaban, M; Brailsford, S; Mustafee, N; Nance, RE; Onggo, BS; Sargent, RG
2016Predicting movie success with machine learning techniques: ways to improve accuracyLee, K; Park, J; Kim, I; Choi, Y
11-Apr-2016"Outposts of Britain" the General Post Office and the birth of a corporate iconic brand, 1930-1939Heller, M
14-Mar-2016The development of integrated marketing communications at the British General Post Office, 1931-39Heller, M
14-Jun-2016Foucault, Discourse, and the Birth of British Public RelationsHeller, M
15-Dec-2014Coordinating a Supply Chain under Demand and Cost DisruptionsErbao Cao; Zhou, X; Lu, KJ
12-Feb-2018An empirical investigation of customer intentions influenced by service quality using the mediation of emotional and cognitive responsesAlsaggaf, MA; Althonayan, A
2014Corporate Heritage Stewardship: A Corporate Marketing PerspectiveBurghausen, M; Balmer, JMT
Aug-2019Mind the gap: institutions and strategic choices in internationalization.Li, X; Wang, C; Wei, Y
2019Strategic Capabilities, Middle Managers and Organizational AmbidexterityMorikuni, B; Wang, C; Dyerson, R
5-Sep-2019Regulatory Focus, Ambidextrous Learning and Opportunity Recognition.Tao, X; Robson, P; Wang, C
1-Apr-2019The Strategic Capabilities of Middle Managers in Achieving Organizational Ambidexterity.Morikuni, B; Dyerson, R; Wang, C
2019Workplace compassion, psychological safety and bullying: A correlational study within the healthcare contextSimpson, AV; Farr-Wharton, B; Reddy, P
-Higher Education: a once-in-lifetime purchaseYang, H-P; Yen, D; Balmer, JMT
2019In Search of Perfect Boundaries? Entrepreneurs’ Work-Life BalanceMordi, C
2019Constraints on the applicability performance management systems frameworkUadiale, OM; Adhikari, P; Guven-Uslu, P
18-Jul-2016Gemeinschaft in the midst of Gesellschaft? Love as an organizational virtuePina e Cunha, M; Clegg, SR; Costa, C; Leite, AP; Rego, A; Simpson, AV; Sousa, MOD; Sousa, M
2010The ethics of tax evasion: Perceptual evidence from NigeriaFagbemi, TO; Uadiale, OM; Noah, AO
2019Acculturation in the Social Media: myth or reality? Analysing social-media-led integration and polarisationYen, DA; Dey, B
2-Jan-2019Transcending Organizational Compassion Paradoxes by Enacting Wise Compassion CourageouslySimpson, AV; Berti, M
2018Corporate boards, ownership structures and corporate disclosures: Evidence from a developing countryAlnabsha, A; Abdou, HA; Ntim, CG; Elamer, AA
21-Nov-2019Making a place out of space: The social imaginaries and realities of a Business School as a designed spaceBerti, M; Simpson, AV; Clegg, SR
2017Leader Humility and Team Performance: Exploring the Mediating Mechanisms of Team PsyCap and Task Allocation EffectivenessRego, A; Owens, B; Yam, KC; Bluhm, D; Pina e Cunha, M; Silard, A; Gonçalves, L; Martins, M; Simpson, AV; Liu, W
9-Dec-2017Islamic Governance, National Governance, and Bank Risk Management and Disclosure in MENA CountriesElamer, AA; Ntim, CG; Abdou, HA
22-Dec-2016Developing Frameworks to Understand Disaster Causation: From Forensic Disaster Investigation to Risk Root Cause AnalysisFraser, A; Paterson, S; Pelling, M
2019The impact of multi-layer governance on bank risk disclosure in emerging markets: The case of Middle East and North AfricaElamer, A; Ntim, CG; Abdou, HA; Zalata, A; Elmagrhi, M
2017An Integrated Framework to Analyze Local Decision Making and Adaptation to Sea Level Rise in Coastal Regions in Selsey (UK), Broward County (USA), and Santos (Brazil)Marengo, J; Muller-Karger, F; Pelling, M; Reynolds, CJ; Merrill, SB; Nunes, LH; Paterson, S; Gray, AJ; Lockman, JT; Kartez, J; Moreira, FA; Greco, R; Harari, J; Souza, CRG; Alves, LM; Hosokawa, EK; Tabuchi, EK
6-Mar-2017Size does matter: City scale and the asymmetries of climate change adaptation in three coastal townsPaterson, SK; Pelling, M; Nunes, LH; de Araújo Moreira, F; Guida, K; Marengo, JA
2019Ownership types, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility disclosures: Empirical evidence from a developing countryAlshbili, I; Elamer, A; Beddewela, E
18-Mar-2019Moral entrepreneurship, the power-knowledge nexus, and the Cochrane "crisis".Greenhalgh, T; Ozbilgin, MF; Prainsack, B; Shaw, S
8-Jul-2017Big data analytics in supply chain management in supply-chain management: A state-of-the-art literature reviewNguyen, TV; ZHOU, L; Spiegler, V; Ieromonachou, P; Lin, Y
28-Mar-2019Added distance, entry mode choice, and the moderating effect of experience: The case of British MNEs in emerging marketsBatsakis, G; Singh, S
25-Jul-2017Ownership concentration and bank profitabilityOzili, PK; Uadiale, O
19-Jan-2019The problematics of accountability: Internal responses to external pressures in exposed organisationsYasmin, S; Ghafran, C
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 1028