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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Immune surveillance of activated immune and tumour cells by surfactant protein DMarri, Eswari
2015Evolution of the Sefidrud Delta (South West Caspian Sea) during the last millenniumHaghani, Safiyeh
2015Homeless football: An exploration of theory and practiceHorsfield, Lindsey Claire
2016The effectiveness of a counselling programme in relaxing social anxiety related to irrational thinking among saudi college studentsAl-Moteri, Jahaz Fahad
2016A novel whole system integrated genomics approach to identify key genetic components which facilitate synthetic design of a genetically engineered strain of Escherichia coli K12 with enhanced isobutanol toleranceBasu, Piyali
2016Cognitive and decoding correlates of reading comprehension in Nigerian childrenMangvwat, Solomon Elisha
2015The role of BRCA1 in telomere maintenanceKargaran, Kobra
2016The effects of advanced treatment on the biological activity of recycled waterLawton, Elizabeth Joan
2015Interaction of human properdin with Mycobacteria and influenza A virusKouser, Lobna
2016Studies on the interaction of surfactant protein SP-D with Inflenza A virus, Aspergillus fumigatus and dendritic cellsAbozaid, Suhair Mohamed
2016Quality of life and stigma in people with epilepsy: and knowledge and stigma concerning people with epilepsy in the UK and Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.Sargalo, Nashmel
2016Early growth response gene (Egr) 2 and 3 control inflammatory responses of tolerant T cellsOmodho, Becky
2016Involvement of the matrix proteins SPARC and osteopontin in the dynamic interaction between tumour and host cellsJassim, Amir
2016Circulating microvesicles: responses to exercise and heat stress, and their impact upon human endothelial cellsWilhelm Neto, Eurico Nestor
2016The influence of social comparison on the perception of quality of life amongst people living with epilepsy in Iran and the United KingdomGhaemian Oskouei, Aisan
2009Opposing the 'system': ideology and action in the Italian football terracesTesta, Alberto
2015Frizzled receptor 6 and risk of metastatic recurrence in early triple negative breast cancerCorda, Gabriele
2015The EuroAction physical activity and fitness study: a paired, cluster-randomised controlled trial in 8 European countries in people with coronary heart disease and individualsJones, Jennifer
2015Lentivirus-meditated frataxin gene delivery reverses genome instability in Friedreich ataxia patient and mouse model fibroblastsKhonsari, Hassan
2015Pollution-induced immunomodulation in biomphalaria glabrata; implications for its relationship with obligate parasite schistosoma mansoniLynch, Adam
2016Innate immune molecules in preterm birth and diseaseSotiriadis, Georgios
2016Using drug treatments to control genome behaviour in normal and Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome fibroblasts, with and without hTERT immortalisationBikkul, Mehmet Ural
2015A comparison of aquatic species responses to anticancer drug exposureHarris, Graham
2016Telomere maintenance using cell lines from Dyskeratosis Congenita patientsSharma, Chetana Devi
2016Exploring mTOR signalling as a targeted approach against ovarian cancerRogers-Broadway, Karly-Rai
2015A real options game approach to health technology assessmentRemak, Edit
2015Identification and quantification of FXN antisense transcript 1 (FAST-1) in friedreich ataxiaSandi, Madhavi
2016Cross-cultural studies among Saudi students in the United KingdomAlyami, Adel
2015The influence of familial involvement and cultural values on mate preferences and romantic relationships: what do today’s emerging adults in India and America want?Bejanyan, Kathrine
2015Investigating telomerase regulation in human breast cancer cells: a search for telomerase repressor sequences localised to chromosome 3PLinne, Hannah Louise
2015Exercise induced bronchoconstriction in athletes: influence of airway dehydration on bronchial hyper-responsiveness, epithelial injury and mast cell activationSimpson, Andrew John
2015Health and industrial development in Oman: epidemiological analysis of the health effects in a population living near a major industrial park in OmanAl-Wahaibi, Adil Said
2015Study of position effect as a mechanism arising from chromosomal translocations in leukaemiaPapucci, Chiara
2015A studyof the association of cold weather and all-cause and cause-specific mortality on the island of Ireland between 1984 and 2007.Browne, Stephen
2014Respiratory mechanics during upper body exercise in healthy humansTiller, Nicholas
2008An exploration of the trauma histories, dissociative experiences and psychopathic features of murderersNewberry, Michelle T.
2015The extended acculturation model for locals: validation, outcomes, and antecedentsLefringhausen, Katharina
2014Strategy and strategising: an examination of sports clubs privatisation strategy in Saudi ArabiaAlhakami, Fawaz
2015The antecedents and psychological outcomes of perceived rejection from one’s heritage cultureFerenczi, Nelli
2011Power, emotions and embodied knowledges: doing PAR with poor young people in El SalvadorVan Wijnendaele, Barbara
2015Facial motion perception in autism spectrum disorder and neurotypical controlsGirges, Christine
2015Emotion recognition in the human face and voiceKuhn, Lisa Katharina
2015Early Growth Response genes 2 and 3 play a role in chronic inflammation pathology and are essential for the differentiation of T follicular helper cellsOgbe, Ane Theodora
2014The applicability of the "read-across hypothesis" for assessing the effects of human pharmaceuticals on fishPatel, Alpa
2015Bioavailability of organic contaminants in riversOnogbosele, Cyril Oziegbe
2015Transcriptional responses to ionising radiation for biological dosimetry purposesKabacik, Sylwia
2014Assessing the roles of anti-androgenic and oestrogenic mixtures on endocrine disruption in fishGreen, Christopher
2014Long-term effects of oestrogenic effluent exposure on wild fish populationsNicol, Elizabeth
2015Circulatory limitations to exercise capacity in humans: the impact of heat stress and dehydration on brain and muscle blood flow and metabolismTrangmar, Steven John
2014Mechanisms of senescence bypass in cells derived from the Syrian hamster embryo cell transformation assayPickles, Jessica Chiara
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 238