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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Second order elastic metrics on the shape space of curvesBauer, M; Bruveris, M; Harms, P; Møller-Andersen, J
2016Analysis of ChIP-seq data via Bayesian finite mixture models with a non-parametric componentAlhaji, BB; Dai, H; Hayashi, Y; Vinciotti, V; Harrison, A; Lausen, B
2016Stable spike clusters for the one-dimensional Gierer-Meinhardt systemWinter, M; Wei, J
2016NEAT: An efficient network enrichment analysis testSignorelli, M; Vinciotti, V; Wit, EC
2016A minimum variance filter for discrete time linear systems with parametric uncertaintyAllahyani, S; Date, P
2016Thermodynamics of quantum heat bathBrody, DC; Hughston, LP
2015Smallest disentangling state spaces for general entangled bipartite quantum statesVirmani, S; Anwar, H; Jevtic, S
2015A new family of boundary-domain Integral equations for a mixed elliptic BVP with variable coefficientMikhailov, S; Portillo, CF
2016Quantile autoregression neural network model with applications to evaluating value at riskXu, Q; Liu, X; Jiang, C; Yu, K
2016Integral potential method for a transmission problem with Lipschitz interface in R^3 for the Stokes and Darcy–Forchheimer–Brinkman PDE systemsKohr, M; Lanza de Cristoforis, M; Mikhailov, S; Wendland, W
2016Transmission Problems for the Navier–Stokes and Darcy–Forchheimer–Brinkman Systems in Lipschitz Domains on Compact Riemannian ManifoldsKohr, M; Mikhailov, SE; Wendland, WL
2016A new algorithm for continuous-discrete filtering with randomly delayed measurementsDate, P; Singh, A; Bhaumik, S
2016The effects of FDI, economic growth and energy consumption on carbon emissions in ASEAN-5: Evidence from panel quantile regressionZhu, H; Duan, L; Guo, Y; Yu, K
2016Do maternal health problems influence child's worrying status? Evidence from the British Cohort StudyDai, X; Karl Härdle, W; Yu, K
2016Weak dual pairs and Jetlet methods for ideal incompressible fluid models in n≥2 dimensionsCotter, CJ; Eldering, J; Holm, DD; Jacobs, HO; Meier, DM
2015Study on a twice transfer alignment based on dual modelChen, S; Zhong, R; Liu, X; Alsaedi, A
2015Kalman filtering for discrete stochastic systems with multiplicative noises and random two-step sensor delaysChen, D; Yu, Y; Xu, L; Liu, X
2016Consistency of biological networks inferred from microarray and sequencing dataVinciotti, V; Wit, EC; Jansen, R; de Geus, EJCN; Penninx, BWJH; Boomsma, DI; 't Hoen, PAC
2016Localized boundary-domain singular integral equations of Dirichlet problem for self-adjoint second order strongly elliptic PDE systemsChkadua, O; Mikhailov, SE; Natroshvili, D
2016Model selection for factorial Gaussian graphical models with an application to dynamic regulatory networksVinciotti, V; Augugliaro, L; Abbruzzo, A; Wit, EC
2016Regularity of maps between sobolev spacesBruveris, M
2016A numerical framework for sobolev metrics on the space of curvesBauer, M; Bruveris, M; Harms, P; Møller-Andersen, J
2016Bayesian Selection of Graphical Regulatory ModelsLiverani, S; Smith, JQ
2016MT-HESS: An efficient Bayesian approach for simultaneous association detection in OMICS datasets, with application to eQTL mapping in multiple tissuesLewin, A; Saadi, H; Peters, JE; Moreno-Moral, A; Lee, JC; Smith, KGC; Petretto, E; Bottolo, L; Richardson, S
2015A comparative study of RNA-seq analysis strategiesJänes, J; Hu, F; Lewin, A; Turro, E
2010Bahadur representation of linear kernel quantile estimator of VaR under mixing assumptionsWei, X; Yang, S; Yu, K; Yang, X
2016Quadrature filters for one-step randomly delayed measurementsSingh, AK; Bhaumik, S; Date, P
2015Curve matching with applications in medical imagingBauer, M; Bruveris, M; Harms, P; Møller-Andersen, J
2016Flexible objective Bayesian linear regression with applications in survival analysisYu, K; Rubio, F
2015Resonance width distribution in RMT: Weak-coupling regime beyond Porter-ThomasFyodorov, YV; Savin, DV
2014Experimental width shift distribution: A test of nonorthogonality for local and global perturbationsGros, JB; Kuhl, U; Legrand, O; Mortessagne, F; Richalot, E; Savin, DV
2014Efficient semiclassical approach for time delaysKuipers, J; Savin, DV; Sieber, M
2013Probing eigenfunction nonorthogonality by parametric shifts of resonance widthsSavin, DV; De Vaulx, J-B
2014Bayesian Lasso-mixed quantile regressionAlhamzawi, R; Yu, K
2014Fitness-based network growth with dynamic feedbackSmolyarenko, I
2015Stable-1/2 bridges and insuranceHoyle, E; Hughston, LP; Macrina, A
2001Martingale models for quantum state reductionAdler, SL; Brody, DC; Brun, TA; Hughston, LP
2016Geometric aspects of space-time reflection symmetry in quantum mechanicsBrody, DC; Bender, CM; Hughston, LP; Meister, BK
2016Modelling collinear and spatially correlated dataLiverani, S; Lavigne, A; Blangiardo, M
2011Linear and non-linear filtering in mathematical finance: A reviewDate, P; Ponomareva, K
2011Two methods for optimal investment with trading strategies of finite variationGashi, B; Date, P
2013Risk-sensitive control for a class of nonlinear systems with multiplicative noiseDate, P; Gashi, B
2016A Riemannian approach to randers geodesicsBrody, DC; Gibbons, GW; Meier, DM
2014On the Bessel function Jv(x) in the transition regionKrasikov, I
2015Non-rigid quartic 3-foldsAhmadinezhad, H; Kaloghiros, A-S
2016Multi-pollutant exposure profiles associated with term low birth weight in Los Angeles CountyCoker, E; Liverani, S; Ghosh, JK; Jerrett, M; Beckerman, B; Li, A; Ritz, B; Molitor, J
2015Value-at-Risk for fixed-income portfolios: a Kalman filtering approachDate, P; Bustreo, R
2015A modified bayesian filter for randomly delayed measurementsDate, P; Singh, AK; Bhoumik, S
2016A multidimensional analysis of the effect of occupational exposure to organic solvents on lung cancer risk: The ICARE studyMattei, F; Liverani, S; Guida, F; Matrat, M; Cenee, S; Sanchez, M; Luce, D; Richardson, S; Stucker, I; Icare Study Group
2016Prospect theory based portfolio optimisation: An empirical study and analysis using intelligent algorithmsDate, P; Grishina, N; Lucas, C
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 890