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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2021Mode coalescence and the Green’s function in a two-dimensional waveguide with arbitrary admittance boundary conditionsPerrey-Debain, E; Nennig, B; Lawrie, JB
19-Nov-2018Using a Bayesian approach and external validation to predict persistent asthma at the age of 10 and 20 years in general and high-risk populationsColicino, S; Minelli, C; Lewin, A; Turner, S; Simpson, A; Arshad, H; Roberts, G; Henderson, J; Custovic, A; Cullinan, P
25-Apr-2019The criterion validity of willingness to pay methods: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the evidenceKanya, L; Sanghera, S; Lewin, A; Fox-Rushby, J
17-Aug-2018Understanding the complexity of glycaemic health: systematic bio-psychosocial modelling of fasting glucose in middle-age adults; a DynaHEALTH studyLowry, E; Rautio, N; Karhunen, V; Miettunen, J; Ala-Mursula, L; Auvinen, J; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S; Puukka, K; Prokopenko, I; Herzig, KH; Lewin, A; Sebert, S; Järvelin, MR
13-May-2021A two-phase dynamic contagion model for COVID-19Chen, Z; Dassios, A; Kuan, V; Lim, JW; Qu, Y; Surya, B; Zhao, H
15-Jul-2021A Discrete Density Approach to Bayesian Quantile and Expectile Regression with Discrete ResponsesLiu, X; Hu, X; Yu, K
30-Jun-2020A haze feature extraction and pollution level identification pre-warning algorithmZhang, Y; Ma, J; Hu, L; Yu, K; Song, L; Chen, H
14-Apr-2021Extended Kalman Filter using Orthogonal PolynomialsDate, P; Bhaumik, S; Kumar, K
5-Feb-2016Modelling of thermoforming processes for bio-degradable thermoplastic materialsWarby, MK; Whiteman, JR
1-Mar-2021Optimal block designs for experiments on networksKoutra, V; Gilmour, SG; Parker, BM
25-Jun-2019Bayesian Optimal Design for Ordinary Differential Equation Models With Application in Biological ScienceOverstall, AM; Woods, DC; Parker, BM
13-Mar-2016Likelihood-based assessment of dynamic networksClegg, RG; Parker, B; Rio, M
1-Jan-2015Utility based framework for optimal network measurementParker, BM; Gilmour, SG; Schormans, J
1-Jan-2015Increasing throughput in IEEE 802.11 by optimal selection of backoff parametersParker, BM; Gilmour, SG; Schormans, JA
1-Apr-2015Optimal design of measurements on queueing systemsParker, BM; Gilmour, S; Schormans, J; Maruri-Aguilar, H
2021A Machine Learning Approach for Micro-Credit ScoringDate, P; Ampountolas, A; Constantinescu, C; Nyarko Nde, T
4-Sep-2020On toric geometry and K-stability of Fano varietiesKaloghiros, A-S; Petracci, A
7-May-2021Layer potential theory for the anisotropic Stokes system with variable $L_\infty$ symmetrically elliptic tensor coefficientKohr, M; Mikhailov, SE; Wendland, WL
28-May-2018Lévy-Vasicek models and the long-bond return processBrody, DC; Hughston, LP; Meier, DM
6-May-2015Spatial-temporal modelling and analysis of bacterial colonies with phase variable genesPârvu, O; Gilbert, D; Heiner, M; Liu, F; Saunders, N; Shaw, S
Oct-2020Particle filter for randomly delayed measurements with unknown latency probabilityTiwari, RK; Bhaumik, S; Date, P; Kirubarajan, T
16-Sep-2020How rare are power-law networks really?Smolyarenko, I; Artico, I; Vinciotti, V; Wit, EC
2020Optimal Dispatch in a Balancing Market with Intermittent Renewable GenerationDate, P; Shinde, P; Hesamzadeh, M; Bunn, D
10-Apr-2020Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of the Health of Residents in the City Clusters along the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze RiverDeng, Q; Yi, Y; Yu, K
10-Jun-2020Implementing Non-Universal Features with a Random Matrix Theory Approach: Application to Space-to-Configuration MultiplexingHougne, PD; Savin, DV; Legrand, O; Kuhl, U
26-Feb-2018A graph-theoretic framework for algorithmic design of experimentsParker, BM; Gilmour, SG; Koutra, V
2019Does hospital cooperation increase the quality of healthcare?Berta, P; Vinciotti, V; Moscone, F
22-Mar-2019An a priori error estimate for a temporally discontinuous Galerkin space-time finite element method for linear elasto- and visco-dynamicsShaw, S
31-Jul-2018Birational geometry and mirror symmetry of Calabi-Yau pairsKaloghiros, A
2020Risk Minimisation Using Options and Risky AssetsRoman, D; Maasar, M; Date, P
7-Oct-2016A New Bayesian Test to Test for the Intractability-Countering HypothesisChakrabarty, D
2015Bayesian nonparametric estimation of Milky Way parameters using matrix-variate data, in a new Gaussian Process based methodChakrabarty, D; Biswas, M; Bhattacharya, S
14-Mar-2020Magnetisation processes in geometrically frustrated spin networks with self-assembled cliquesTadic, B; Andjelkovic, M; Suvakov, M; Rodgers, G
2020Soft Random Graphs in Probabilistic Metric Spaces & Inter-graph DistanceWang, K; Chakrabarty, D
2016Finite generation and geography of modelsKaloghiros, A-S; Küronya, A; Lazić, V
30-Aug-2018Differential DNA methylation of potassium channel KCa3.1 and immune signalling pathways is associated with infant immune responses following BCG vaccinationHasso-Agopsowicz, M; Scriba, TJ; Hanekom, WA; Dockrell, HM; Smith, SG
6-Nov-2018Correlation between Multivariate Datasets, from Inter-Graph Distance computed using Graphical Models Learnt With UncertaintiesWang, K; Chakrabarty, D
11-Mar-2015Uncertainty in Test Score Data and Classically Defined Reliability of Tests and Test Batteries, using a New Method for Test DichotomisationChakrabarty, SN; Wang, K; Chakrabarty, D
16-Mar-2018Deep Bayesian Supervised Learning given Hypercuboidally-shaped, Discontinuous Data, using Compound Tensor-Variate & Scalar-Variate Gaussian ProcessesWang, K; Chakrabarty, D
1-Feb-2014Inverse Bayesian Estimation of Gravitational Mass Density in Galaxies from Missing Kinematic DataChakrabarty, D; Saha, P
13-Jul-2015Bayesian Estimation of Density via Multiple Sequential Inversions of Two-Dimensional Images With Application to Electron MicroscopyChakrabarty, D; Rigat, F; Gabrielyan, N; Beanland, R; Paul, S
2019Learning in the absence of training data—A galactic applicationSpire, C; Chakrabarty, D
14-Aug-2014A jetlet hierarchy for ideal fluid dynamicsCotter, CJ; Holm, DD; Jacobs, HO; Meier, DM
15-May-2019extended report for: An a priori error estimate for a temporally discontinuous Galerkin space-time finite element method for linear elasto- and visco-dynamicsShaw, S
13-Aug-2016Optimal design of experiments on connected units with application to social networksParker, BM; Gilmour, SG; Schormans, J
27-Jun-2019Variable neighbourhood search for financial derivative problemLawrance Amaldass, N; Lucas, C; Mladenovic, N
29-Dec-2018Some examples of Calabi-Yau pairs with maximal intersection and no toric modelKaloghiros, A-S
2019Analysis of Boundary-Domain Integral Equations for Variable-Coefficient Mixed BVP in 2DAyele, TG; Dufera, TT; Mikhailov, S
1-Apr-2015A finite difference moving mesh method based on conservation for moving boundary problemsLee, TE; Baines, MJ; Langdon, S
21-Jun-2014A high frequency boundary element method for scattering by a class of nonconvex obstaclesChandler-Wilde, SN; Hewett, DP; Langdon, S; Twigger, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 983