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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Angle-Based Crowding Degree Estimation for Many-Objective OptimizationXue, Y; Li, M; Liu, X
25-Sep-2020Can Open Science Change the World?Anagnostou, A; Taylor, S
2020Higher resolution input image of convolutional neural network of reinforced concrete earthquake-generated crack classification and localizationSadrawi, M; Husaini; Yunus, J; Irwansyah; Abbod, MF; Shieh, JS
15-Jun-2020Building Confidence in Simulation: Applications of EasyVVUQWright, DW; Richardson, RA; Edeling, W; Lakhlili, J; Sinclair, RC; Jancauskas, V; Suleimenova, D; Bosak, B; Kulczewski, M; Piontek, T; Kopta, P; Chirca, I; Arabnejad, H; Luk, OO; Hoenen, O; Węglarz, J; Crommelin, D; Groen, D; Coveney, PV
2020A New Teaching Pattern and Evaluation System of Knowledge Point Puzzle in Massive Online Computer CoursesGao, P; Zhao, Y; Wang, F; Lu, M
2020Overview of the 3rd DECOR WorkshopAndres, F; Ghinea, G; Grosky, W; Leite, MCA
15-Apr-2020Assessing software defection prediction performance: why using the Matthews correlation coefficient mattersYao, J; Shepperd, M
29-Sep-2020Dynamic Modeling and Heat Flow Study of a Thermal Power Plant Using OpenModelicaAnjum, H; Ul-Haq, A; Mahmood, I
13-Dec-2020Innovations in Simulation: Experiences with Cloud-based Simulation ExperimentationTaylor, SJE; Anagnostou, A; Abubakar, N; Kiss, T; DesLauriers, J; Terstyanszky, G; Kacsuk, P; Kovacs, J; Kite, S; Pattison, G; Petry, J
9-Dec-2020Distributed Auxiliary Particle Filtering with Diffusion Strategy for Target Tracking: A Dynamic Event-Triggered ApproachSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J