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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2019Retinal Layer Segmentation in Optical Coherence Tomography ImagesDodo, BI; Li, Y; Kaba, D; Liu, X
2016Activity testing model for automatic correction of hand pointingSong, Y; Sun, Y; Zhang, H; Wang, F
2017A fuzzy load balancer for adaptive fault tolerance management in cloud platformsArabnejad, H; Pahl, C; Estrada, G; Samir, A; Fowley, F
2019Multi-task learning with a natural metric for quantitative structure activity relationship learningSadawi, N; Olier, I; Vanschoren, J; van Rijn, J; Besnard, J; Bickerton, R; Grosan, C; Soldatova, L; King, R
28-Oct-2018Dynamic implicit muscles for character skinningRoussellet, V; Abu Rumman, N; Canezin, F; Mellado, N; Kavan, L; Barthe, L
3-Oct-2019Locating bug IDs and development logs in open source software (OSS) projects: An experience reportRomo, BA; Capiluppi, A; Ali, A
22-Aug-2019Reducing procrastination while improving performance: A Wiki-powered Experiment with StudentsBalderas, A; Capiluppi, A; Palomo-Duarte, M; Malizia, A; Dodero, JM
5-Jul-2018Event-Based Distributed Filtering over Markovian Switching TopologiesLiu, Q; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, D
13-Nov-2019Automatic Annotation of Retinal Layers in Optical Coherence Tomography ImagesDodo, B; Li, Y; Eltayef, K; Liu, X
2018Modelling air pollution, climate and health data using Bayesian Networks: a case study of the English regionsVitolo, C; Scutari, M; Ghalaieny, M; Tucker, A; Russell, A