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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2024Museums for Older Adults and Mobility-Impaired People: Applying Inclusive Design Principles and Digital Storytelling Guidelines—A ReviewKasemsarn, K; Sawadsri, A; Harrison, D; Nickpour, F
13-Mar-2024A literature and practice review to develop archetypes of upstream packaging strategies for a circular economyTerzioglu, N; Ceschin, F; Jobling, S; Tarverdi, K
18-Jun-2023Inclusivity in Jordan’s Cultural Historic Sites: Examining Policy and PracticesAlJaafreh, A; Garaj, V; Choi, Y
20-Sep-2023Using a digital participatory approach to facilitate inclusivity in Jordanian heritage sites: Stakeholders’ requirements and a proposed systemAljaafreh, A; Garaj, V; Choi, Y
-Social Enterprise Growth by Design: Using design to incubate and accelerate social enterprisesKwon, H; Choi, Y; Hazenberg, R
30-May-2023Pointhuman: Reconstructing Clothed Human From Point Cloud Of Parametric ModelMo, Z; Wang, Q; Shi, H; Zhang, B; Sui, W
19-Jun-2023Message from the General ChairsLloret, J; Angelides, MC
1-Dec-2023Enhancing thermal energy storage in buildings with novel functionalised MWCNTs-enhanced phase change materials: Towards efficient and stable solutionsHayat, MA; Chen, Y; Yang, Y; Li, L; Bevilacqua, M
23-Jul-2023Perceived Affective Qualities in Flight Deck DesignGüneş, Ç; Töre Yargın, G
1-Nov-2023Remote UX Research in Unpredictable Times: Takeaways from Early Pandemic PracticesDanis, S; Töre Yargin, G; Süner-Pla-Cerdà, S
11-Mar-2023Acute and chronic stress alter behavioral laterality in dogsDemirbas, YS; Isparta, S; Saral, B; Yilmaz, NK; Adiay, D; Matsui, H; Töre Yargin, G; Musa, SA; Atilgan, D; Ozturk, H; Kul, BC; Safak, CE; Ocklenburg, S; Onur, G
4-Oct-2023Elderly’s Perceptions of a Meaningful Interaction with Voice-Based Conversational Agents: Integrate into daily routines, Support relatedness, But do not hamper autonomyŞahin, H; Günay, A; Töre Yargin, G
30-Oct-2019Design for the Well-Being of Domestic Animals: Implementation of a Three-Stage User Research ModelKaygan, P; Töre Yargin, G
6-Jun-2022Study on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 in Real Seawater Rich containing MoldRan, Q; Guo, J; Zhao, Z; Duan, B; Fang, L; Li, L
7-Aug-2022Surface characterization of X80 Steel and Its Aspergillus terreus induced corrosion behavior in marine environmentHuang, H; Guo, J; Li, J; Li, L; Zhao, Z
17-Nov-2022Review of Renewable Energy Curtailment in China: Current Situation and SolutionsJin, Y; Zhang, Y; Jiang, N; Lv, M; Yin, H; Sun, W; Li, L
31-Jan-2021Preparation and Properties of Graphene Doped TiO<inf>2</inf> Mesoporous Materials for Photocathode ProtectionZhao, Z; Lai, HS; Li, H; Li, L
4-Jan-2021Recent Progress in Anodic Oxidation of TiO<inf>2</inf> Nanotubes and Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance: A Short ReviewNie, X; Yin, S; Duan, W; Zhao, Z; Li, L; Zhang, Z
21-Jan-2022Microstructure Characterization and Battery Performance Comparison of MOF-235 and TiO<inf>2</inf>-P25 MaterialsZhao, Z; Jiang, X; Li, S; Li, L; Feng, Z; Lai, H
16-Aug-2022Editorial: CO2-based energy systems for cooling, heating, and powerLi, X; Su, W; Xu, W; Dai, B; Li, J; Li, L
14-Feb-2023Preparation and thermophysical characterisation analysis of potential nano-phase transition materials for thermal energy storage applicationsHayat, MA; Yang, Y; Li, L; Bevilacqua, M; Chen, Y
17-Nov-2023Standardisation efforts of ISO/TC 261 “additive manufacturing” 22nd plenary meeting of ISO/TC 261 “additive manufacturing”Pei, E; Lakomiec, M
16-Jul-2022Investigating impacts of Interior design variables on employee’s wellbeing in the UK workplaceFayyad, N; Lam, B; Choi, Y
26-Nov-2021Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0: Current ThemesSahli, A; Evans, R; Manohar, A
9-Oct-2023Value Co-creation for Strategic Development in Public Service: A Study of the OTOP Programme in ThailandBejrananda, M; Lam, B; Choi, Y
4-Apr-2023Digital Storytelling Guideline Applied with Inclusive Design for Museum Presentation from Experts’ and Audiences’ Perspectives for YouthKasemsarn, K; Harrison, D; Nickpour, F
31-May-2023Co-creating sociotechnical visions for a circular metal economy transition in the UKFranconi, A; Ceschin, F; Godsell, J; Harrison, D; Mate, O-A; Konteh, T
31-May-2023Defining alternative recovery strategies for reuse: An analysis of multiple case studies under the reuse umbrellaFranconi, A; Ceschin, F; Terzioglu, N; Corsini, L; Ghoreishi, M
31-May-2023Towards a shared design research agenda for reusable packaging systemsBradley, CG; TerziogluTerzioglu, N; Franconi, A; Wilson, GT; Clark, N; Greenwood, SC; Fleet, K; Salvia, G; Ceschin, F; Iacovidou, E; Corsini, L
3-Dec-2013Improving undergraduate visual communication design education in South KoreaKim, J; Choi, Y
30-Jun-2022Why automation puts an even bigger emphasis on humansGiacomin, J
9-Jul-2023Should the speed limit be lower for autonomous vehicles?Giacomin, J
-Standardisation efforts of ISO/TC 261 “additive manufacturing” 20th plenary meeting of ISO/TC 261 “additive manufacturing”Pei, E; Seidel, C
26-Mar-2023Standardisation efforts of ISO/TC 261 “additive manufacturing” 21st plenary meeting of ISO/TC 261 “additive manufacturing”Pei, E; Seidel, C
9-Feb-2023Standardisation efforts of ISO/TC 261 “Additive Manufacturing” 19th Plenary Meeting of ISO/TC 261 “Additive Manufacturing”Pei, E; Seidel, C
22-Jun-2023Intelligent Resource Management for eMBB and URLLC in 5G and beyond Wireless NetworksSohaib, RM; Onireti, O; Sambo, Y; Swash, R; Ansari, S; Imran, MA
31-Oct-2022Numerical Investigation on the Impact of Exergy Analysis and Structural Improvement in Power Plant Boiler through Co-SimulationYin, H; Jin, Y; Li, L; Lv, W
11-Jan-2023One-Step Preparation of High Performance TiO<inf>2</inf>/CNT/CQD Nanocomposites Bactericidal Coating with Ultrasonic RadiationXiang, J; Wang, S; Cao, Y; Fang, L; Ke, W; Guo, H; Duan, B; Yu, W; Li, L; Zhao, Z
1-Dec-2022Prototyping to elicit user requirements for product development: Using head-mounted augmented reality when designing interactive devicesKang, B; Crilly, N; Ning, W; Kristensson, PO
24-Mar-2023A Solid-State Wire-Shaped Supercapacitor Based on Nylon/Ag/Polypyrrole and Nylon/Ag/MnO2 ElectrodesZhang, R; Wang, X; Cai, S; Tao, K; Xu, Y
26-Jun-2021Performance investigation of a loop heat pipe integrated with thermoelectric cooler under acceleration fieldFang, Z; Xie, Y; Xu, Y; Wu, H; Zhang, H; Han, L
17-Oct-2022Materials analysis and image-based modelling of transmissibility and strain behaviour in approved face mask microstructuresRasekh, M; Pisapia, F; Howkins, A; Rees, D
8-Feb-2023A Framework for Effective Design Thinking Based Smart Cities Projects in QatarAlAli, D; Manivannan, N; Xu, Y
1-Jun-2022Co-Innovate @ Brunel: Design Innovation Support as a Driver of Business CapacityGaraj, V
12-Sep-2023Inclusive Immersion: a review of efforts to improve accessibility in virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverseDudley, J; Yin, L; Garaj, V; Kristensson, PO
24-Mar-2023Inclusivity Requirements for Immersive Content Consumption in Virtual and Augmented RealityYin, L; Dudley, J; Garaj, V; Kristensson, PO
19-Jun-2023Understanding audiences for immersive and interactive museum and gallery experiences and cultural exchangesKwon, H; Choi, Y; Hua, M; Garaj, V; Lam, B; Wang, W; Zhao, X
7-Sep-2022Flourishing the Biophilic Workplaces: A Co-Design ToolkitAl-Dmour, Y; Garaj, V
20-Feb-2023A literature review and analytical framework of the sustainability of reusable packagingBradley, C; Corsini, L
30-Dec-2020Critical Factors for Implementing Open Source Hardware in a Crisis: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 PandemicCorsini, L; Dammicco, V; Moultrie, J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 744