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Title: The radial arrangement of the human chromosome 7 in the lymphocyte cell nucleus is associated with chromosomal band gene density
Authors: Federico, C
Cantarella, CD
Di Mare, P
Tosi, S
Saccone, S
Keywords: Chromosomes;Lymphocytes;Chromatin organisation;DNA
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Chromosoma, 117(4), 399 - 410, 2008
Abstract: In the nuclei of human lymphocytes, chromosome territories are distributed according to the average gene density of each chromosome. However, chromosomes are very heterogeneous in size and base composition, and can contain both very gene-dense and very gene-poor regions. Thus, a precise analysis of chromosome organisation in the nuclei should consider also the distribution of DNA belonging to the chromosomal bands in each chromosome. To improve our understanding of the chromatin organisation, we localised chromosome 7 DNA regions, endowed with different gene densities, in the nuclei of human lymphocytes. Our results showed that this chromosome in cell nuclei is arranged radially with the gene-dense/GC-richest regions exposed towards the nuclear interior and the gene-poorest/GC-poorest ones located at the nuclear periphery. Moreover, we found that chromatin fibres from the 7p22.3 and the 7q22.1 bands are not confined to the territory of the bulk of this chromosome, protruding towards the inner part of the nucleus. Overall, our work demonstrates the radial arrangement of the territory of chromosome 7 in the lymphocyte nucleus and confirms that human genes occupy specific radial positions, presumably to enhance intra- and inter-chromosomal interaction among loci displaying a similar expression pattern, and/or similar replication timing.
Description: This is the author's accepted manuscript. The final published article is available from the link below. Copyright @ Springer-Verlag 2008.
ISSN: 0009-5915
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