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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Is Corporate Communications A Strategic Function?Dolphin, R; Fan, Y
2008Key perspectives in nation image: a conceptual framework for nation brandingFan, Y
2005Made in ChinaFan, Y
2007Marque in the makingFan, Y
1-Nov-2022A Mixed-Level Factorial Inference Approach for Ensemble Long-Term Hydrological Projections over the Jing River BasinZhou, X; Huang, G; Fan, Y; Wang, X; Li, Y
10-Jan-2020Multi-indicator evaluation for extreme precipitation events in the past 60 years over the Loess PlateauSun, C; Huang, G; Fan, Y
3-Jul-2020Multi-preference based interval fuzzy-credibility optimization for planning the management of multiple water resources with multiple water-receiving cities under uncertaintyMa, X; Wang, H; Yu, L; Li, Y; Fan, Y; Zhang, J; Zhang, J
12-Sep-2018A Multistage Distribution-Generation Planning Model for Clean Power Generation under Multiple UncertaintiesA Case Study of Urumqi, ChinaWang, S; Huang, G; Fan, Y
27-Jan-2022Multivariate Hydrologic Risk Analysis for River ThamesFan, Y; Gariel, RK
23-Nov-2022A Mutual Information Theory-Based Approach for Assessing Uncertainties in Deterministic Multi-Category Precipitation ForecastsNing, Y; Liang, G; Ding, W; Shi, X; Fan, Y; Chang, J; Wang, Y; He, B; Zhou, H
2006Nation branding: what is being branded?Fan, Y
2002The national image of global brandsFan, Y
26-Dec-2019A Nested Ensemble Filtering Approach for Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification of Traffic Noise ModelsFan, Y; Huang, K; Liming, D
2010No short cut in internationalisationFan, Y
4-May-2021Optimization of uncertain agricultural management considering the framework of water, energy and foodZuo, Q; Wu, Q; Yu, L; Li, Y; Fan, Y
7-Mar-2022Planning regional-scale water-energy-food nexus system management under uncertainty: An inexact fractional programming methodHuang, K; Dai, L; Yu, L; Fan, Y; Huang, G; Xiao, Y; Wu, Q
9-Oct-2014Planning Water Resources Allocation Under Multiple Uncertainties Through a Generalized Fuzzy Two-Stage Stochastic Programming MethodFan, Y; Huang, G; Huang, K; Baetz, BW
29-Jul-2023Potential benefits of limiting global warming for the mitigation of temperature extremes in ChinaGuo, J; Liang, X; Wang, X; Fan, Y; Liu, L
2006Promoting business with corporate gifts: major issues and empirical evidenceFan, Y
2002Questioning Guanxi: Definition, classification and implicationsFan, Y