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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2023Techno-economic Assessment of Wireless Charging Systems for Airport Electric Shuttle BusesGuo, Z; Lai, CS; Luk, P; Zhang, X
1-May-2022Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis and Levelized Cost of Solar Photovoltaic ElectricityLai, CS
4-Nov-2020Thermal Propagation Modelling of Abnormal Heat Generation in Various Battery Cell LocationsLi, A; Yuen, ACY; Wang, W; Weng, J; Lai, CS; Kook, S; Yeoh, GH
2022Transient extraction transform based fault location method with enhanced accuracyLai, CS; Tong, N; Tang, Z; Zobaa, AF; Li, Z; Lai, LL
25-Aug-2021Transmission line fault-cause identification based on hierarchical multiview feature selectionJian, S; Peng, X; Yuan, H; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
15-Jun-2021TSSM: Three-State Switchable Memristor Model Based on Ag/TiOx Nanobelt/Ti ConfigurationJi, X; Qi, D; Dong, Z; Lai, CS; Zhou, G; Hu, X
12-May-2023Two-Layer Optimization Planning Model for Integrated Energy Systems in Hydrogen Refueling Original StationYan, M; Peng, S-E; Lai, CS; Chen, S-Z; Liu, J; Xu, J; Xu, F; Lai, LL; Chen, G
14-Apr-2020A Two-stage Game-theoretic Method for Residential PV Panels Planning Considering Energy Sharing MechanismXu, X; Li, J; Xu, Y; Xu, Z; Lai, CS
20-Dec-2021Two-Stage Minimax Regret-Based Self-Scheduling Strategy for Virtual Power PlantsWang, H; Jia, Y; Lai, CS; Xie, P; Shi, M
12-Sep-2019Two-stage optimal scheduling of air conditioning resources with high photovoltaic penetrationsWang, D; Wu, R; Li, X; Lai, CS; Wu, X; Wei, J; Xu, Y; Wu, W; Lai, LL
12-Feb-2023A Two-Terminal Fault Location Fusion Model of Transmission Line Based on CNN-Multi-Head-LSTM with an Attention ModuleSu, C; Yang, Q; Wu, X; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
6-Jan-2022An unsupervised data-driven approach for behind-the-meter photovoltaic power generation disaggregationPan, K; Chen, Z; Lai, CS; Xie, C; Wang, D; Li, X; Zhao, Z; Tong, N; Lai, LL
19-Nov-2020Valuing the option to prototype: A case study with Generation Integrated Energy StorageLai, CS; Locatelli, G
11-Sep-2023Vehicle-Mounted Adaptive Traffic Sign Detector for Small-Sized Signs in Multiple Working ConditionsWang, J; Chen, Y; Ji, X; Dong, Z; Gao, M; Lai, CS
15-Jun-2023Vision Transformer-Based Photovoltaic Prediction ModelKang, Z; Xue, J; Lai, CS; Wang, Y; Yuan, H; Xu, F
1-Feb-2021Voltage-source control of DFIG in standalone wind power-based microgridsXiao, H; Zhao, Z; Zhou, K; Guo, J; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
30-Aug-2023Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Charging with Frequency Hopping - A Concept and Circuit DesignBlankson, G; Darwish, M; Lai, CS
15-Apr-2021Written evidence (BAT0009)Lai, CS; Taylor, G; Darwish, M; Locatelli, G