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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Design for Invention: A framework for identifying emerging design-prior art conflictJiang, P; Atherton, M; Sorce, S; Harrison, D; Malizia, A
2017Design for invention: annotation of Functional Geometry Interaction for representing novel working principlesAtherton, M; Jiang, P; Harrison, D; Malizia, A
2017Designing individualisation of eco information via a user centred design approachKwok, Sze Yin
Nov-2017Designing individualisation of eco information: A conceptual framework and design toolkitKwok, SY; Harrison, DJ; Malizia, A
Jul-2019Evaluation of a Visual Tool for Early Patent Infringement Detection During DesignSorce, S; Malizia, A; Gentile, V; Jiang, P; Atherton, M; Harrison, D
2017An exploratory design workshop to elicit what feels natural when interacting with an automobile’s secondary controlsRamm, S; Malizia, A; Anyasodo, B
2014A first approach to understanding and measuring naturalness in driver-car interactionRamm, S; Giacomin, J; Robertson, D; Malizia, A
2016Fostering computational thinking skills with a tangible blocks programming environmentTurchi, T; Malizia, A
2019Fostering computational thinking skills with tangible user interfacesTurchi, Tommaso
4-Feb-2019Fostering computational thinking through collaborative game-based learningTurchi, T; Fogli, D; Malizia, A
2017Framework of mechanical design knowledge representations for avoiding patent infringementJiang, P; Atherton, M; Harrison, D; Malizia, A
2010Generating collaborative systems for digital libraries: A model-driven approachMalizia, A; Bottoni, P; Levialdi, S
2016Gesture recognition using low-cost devices: Techniques, applications, perspectivesGentile, V; Sorce, S; Malizia, A; Gentile, A
2016HCI and the Educational Technology Revolution.Dix, AJ; Malizia, A; Gabrielli, S
2010Human-display interaction technology: Emerging remote interfaces for pervasive display environmentsBellucci, A; Malizia, A; Diaz, P; Aedo, I
2012Interfaces for the ordinary user: Can we hide too much?Olsen, KA; Malizia, A
1-Aug-2019Investigation of the dependency of the drivers’ emotional experience on different road types and driving conditionsWeber, M; Giacomin, J; Malizia, A; Skrypchuk, L; Gkatzidou, V; Mouzakitis, A
2014Modeling an ontology on accessible evacuation routes for emergenciesOnorati, T; Malizia, A; Diaz, P; Aedo, I
2018Naturalness framework for driver-car interactionRamm, Simon Alexander
2018A Novel Visual Interface to Foster Innovation in Mechanical Engineering and Protect from Patent InfringementSorce, S; Malizia, A; Jiang, P; Atherton, M; Harrison, D