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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Quantile autoregression neural network model with applications to evaluating value at riskXu, Q; Liu, X; Jiang, C; Yu, K
2015Quantile regression with group lasso for classificationHashem, H; Vinciotti, V; Alhamzawi, R; Yu, K
2010Quantile-based methods for prediction, risk measurement and inferenceAlly, Abdallah K
2014Regularized and robust regression methods for high dimensional dataHashem, Hussein Abdulahman
2022Renewable quantile regression for streaming data setsYu, K; Jiang, R
2014Robust variable selection for nonlinear models with diverging number of parametersLv, Z; Zhu, H; Yu, K
2015Robust variable selection in partially varying coefficient single-index modelZhu, H; Lv, Z; Yu, K; Deng, C
2009Semiparametric estimation for a class of time-inhomogenous diffusion processesYu, Y; Yu, K; Wang, H; Li, M
2018A Simple and Adaptive Dispersion Regression Model for Count DataYu, K; Vinciotti, V; Klakattawi, H
2020Single-index composite quantile regression for massive dataYu, K; Jiang, R
2020Single-index expectile models for estimating conditional value at risk and expected shortfallYu, K; Jiang, R; Hu, X
2010Single-index quantile regressionWu, TZ; Yu, K; Yu, Y
27-Aug-2021Smoothing quantile regression for a distributed systemYu, K; Jiang, R
2018Some new developments for quantile regressionLiu, Xi
2013Some statistical methods for dimension reductionAl-Kenani, Ali J Kadhim
2016Statistical methods for body mass index: a selective reviewYu, K; Liu, X; Alhamzawi, R; Becker, F; Lord, J
2017Statistical methods for the analysis of corrosion data for integrity assessmentsTan, Hwei-Yang
2017Statistical modelling of ECDA data for the prioritisation of defects on buried pipelinesBin Muhd Noor, Nik Nooruhafidzi
25-Jul-2022Tuning homogenization of high-strength aluminum alloys through thermodynamic alloying approachWang, Y; Hou, L; Su, H; Tian, Q; Yu, K; Eskin, D; Katgerman, L; Zhuang, L
28-Jul-2018Uniformly asymptotic normality of sample quantiles estimator for linearly negative quadrant dependent samplesJiang, R; Yu, K; Zhang, T