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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-May-2019Analysis of a customized clutch joint designed for the safety management of an ultrasound robotWang, S; Housden, RJ; Noh, Y; Singh, A; Lindenroth, L; Liu, H; Althoefer, K; Hajnal, J; Singh, D; Rhode, K
25-Oct-2017Anchoring like octopus: Biologically inspired soft artificial suckerSareh, S; Althoefer, K; Li, M; Noh, Y; Tramacere, F; Sareh, P; Mazzolai, B; Kovac, M
1-Jan-2019Design and implementation of a bespoke robotic manipulator for extracorporeal ultrasoundWang, S; Housden, J; Noh, Y; Singh, A; Back, J; Lindenroth, L; Liu, H; Hajnal, J; Althoefer, K; Singh, D; Rhode, K
31-Jan-2019Elasticity versus hyperelasticity considerations in quasistatic modeling of a soft finger-like robotic appendage for real-time position and force estimationShiva, A; Sadati, SMH; Noh, Y; Fraś, J; Ataka, A; Würdemann, H; Hauser, H; Walker, ID; Nanayakkara, T; Althoefer, K
25-Oct-2020F-TOUCH Sensor for Three-Axis Forces Measurement and Geometry ObservationLi, W; Noh, Y; Alomainy, A; Vitanov, I; Zheng, Y; Qi, P; Althoefer, K
13-Oct-2020F-TOUCH Sensor: Concurrent Geometry Perception and Multi-axis Force MeasurementLi, W; Alomainy, A; Vitanov, I; Noh, Y; Qi, P; Althoefer, K
2017A geometry deformation model for braided continuum manipulatorsSadati, SMH; Naghibi, SE; Shiva, A; Noh, Y; Gupta, A; Walker, ID; Althoefer, K; Nanayakkara, T
17-Nov-2016Multi-Axis force/torque sensor based on Simply-Supported beam and optoelectronicsNoh, Y; Bimbo, J; Sareh, S; Wurdemann, H; Fraś, J; Chathuranga, DS; Liu, H; Housden, J; Althoefer, K; Rhode, K
2018Optical Force and Torque Sensor for Flexible Robotic ManipulatorsNoh, Y; Sareh, S; Secco, LE; Althoefer, K
23-Jun-2016Total mesorectal excision using a soft and flexible robotic arm: a feasibility study in cadaver modelsArezzo, A; Mintz, Y; Allaix, ME; Arolfo, S; Bonino, M; Gerboni, G; Brancadoro, M; Cianchetti, M; Menciassi, A; Wurdemann, H; Noh, Y; Althoefer, K; Fras, J; Glowka, J; Nawrat, Z; Cassidy, G; Walker, R; Morino, M