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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2020Analysis of Barriers to Closed-Loop Supply Chain: A Case of the Indian Automotive IndustryBhatia, MS; Jakhar, SK; Dora, M
14-Oct-2020Antecedents for enhanced level of cyber-security in organisationsKumar, S; Biswas, B; Bhatia, M; Dora, M
2016Applying Value Stream Mapping to reduce food losses and wastes in supply chains: a systematic reviewDe Steur, H; Wesan, J; Dora, M; Pearce, D; Gellynck, X
24-Jun-2019Appropriate location for remanufacturing plant towards sustainable supply chainBhatia, MS; Dora, M; Suresh, J
21-Jun-2022Artificial intelligence and blockchain implementation in supply chains: a pathway to sustainability and data monetisation?Tsolakis, N; Schumacher, R; Dora, M; Kumar, M
2017Barriers to effective circular supply chain management in a developing country contextMangla, S; Luthra, S; Mishra, N; Singh, A; Rana, N; Dora, M; Dwivedi, Y
14-Dec-2020Big Data Analytics as a mediator in Lean, Agile, Resilient, and Green (LARG) practices effects on sustainable supply chainsRaut, R; Mangla, SK; Narwane, V; Dora, M; Liu, M
20-Jan-2023Can “ugly veg” supply chains reduce food loss?Hezarkhani, B; Demirel, G; Bouchery, Y; Dora, M
28-Dec-2021Circular economy and digital capabilities of SMEs for providing value to customers: Combined Resource-Based View and ambidexterity perspectiveChaudhuri, A; Subramanian, N; Dora, M
14-Nov-2019Collaboration in a circular economy: Learning from the farmers to reduce food wasteDora, M
9-Feb-2021Covering Vehicle Routing Problem: Application for Mobile Child Friendly Spaces for RefugeesBuluc, E; Peker, M; Kara, BY; Dora, M
10-Aug-2021Critical Success Factors Influencing Artificial Intelligence Adoption in the Food Supply ChainsDora, M; Kumar, A; Mangla, SK; Pant, A; Kamal, MM
2015Determinants and barriers to lean implementation in food-processing SMEs - A multiple case analysisDora, M; Kumar, M; Gellynck, X
2018Determining factors driving sustainable performance through the application of lean management practices in horticultural primary productionPearce, D; Dora, M; Wesana, J; Gellynck, X
21-Jan-2021A Digital Strategy Development Framework for Supply ChainsHo, WR; Tsolakis, N; Dawes, T; Dora, M; Kumar, M
26-Feb-2021Exploring barriers and drivers to the implementation of circular economy practices in the mining industryUpadhyay, A; Laing, T; Kumar, V; Dora, M
2-Sep-2020Food supply chain in the era of Industry 4.0: Blockchain technology implementation opportunities and impediments from the perspective of people, process, performance and technologyKayikci, Y; Subramanian, N; Dora, M; Singh Bhatia, M
29-Sep-2021Framework for a Sustainable Supply Chain to Overcome Risks in Transition to a Circular Economy Through Industry 4.0Kazancoglu, Y; Ozkan-Ozen, YD; Sagnak, M; Kazancoglu, I; Dora, M
2016A global perspective of food market integration: A ReviewDora, M
8-Feb-2020How to transition to reduced-meat diets that benefit people and the planetRust, N; Ridding, L; Ward, C; Clark, B; Kehoe, L; Dora, M; Whittingham, MJ; McGowan, P; Chaudhary, A; Reynolds, CJ; Trivedy, C; West, N