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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2019Acoustic emission monitoring of fatigue crack growth in mooring chainsAngulo, Á; Tang, J; Khadimallah, A; Soua, S; Mares, C; Gan, TH
20-Aug-2018Adaptable legged-magnetic adhesion tracked wheel robotic platform for misaligned mooring chain climbing and inspectionDissanayake, M; Sattar, TP; Lowe, S; Pinson, I; Gan, TH
1-Jan-2023Analytical simulation of the microbubble collapsing in a welding fusion poolTeyeb, A; Salimi, M; El Masri, E; Balachandran, W; Gan, TH
3-Jun-2020Application of ultrasonic guided waves for inspection of high density polyethylene pipe systemsLowe, PS; Lais, H; Paruchuri, V; Gan, TH
25-Mar-2022An Artificial Intelligence Neural Network Predictive Model for Anomaly Detection and Monitoring of Wind Turbines Using SCADA DataAmini, A; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH
2017Automated defect recognition as a critical element of a three dimensional X-ray computed tomography imaging-based smart non-destructive testing technique in additive manufacturing of near net-shape partsSzabo, I; Sun, J; Feng, G; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH; Selcuk, C
12-Apr-2018Automated Quality Characterization for Composites Using Hybrid Ultrasonic Imaging TechniquesSun, J; Chong, AYB; Tavakoli, S; Feng, G; Kanfoud, J; Selcuk, C; Gan, TH
10-Sep-2018Autonomous ice protection combining ultrasonic guided waves and electrothermal systemsKostan, M; Dhutti, A; Niu, X; Duan, W; Kourmpetis, M; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH
2016The benefits of long range ultrasonic sensors for the efficient InLine inspection and corrosion monitoring of previously Non-piggable or hard to reach pipelinesAngulo, Á; Soua, S; Gan, TH; Thoma, A; Kosmidis, E
15-Mar-2023Biofouling Removal Using a Novel Electronic System for Driving an Array of High Power Marinised TransducersSalimi, M; Livadas, M; Teyeb, A; El Masri, E; Gan, TH
7-Sep-2020Bolt looseness detection using Spectral Kurtosis analysis for structural health monitoringHo, SK; Nedunuri, HC; Balachandran, W; Gan, TH
13-Jan-2023A Computer Vision-Based Quality Assessment Technique for R2R Printed Silver Conductors on Flexible Plastic SubstratesAmini, A; Gan, TH
26-Apr-2023Correction: Dimopoulos et al. Multi-Response Optimization of Ti6Al4V Support Structures for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Systems. J. Manuf. Mater. Process. 2023, 7, 22Dimopoulos, A; Zournatzis, I; Gan, TH; Chatzakos, P
2017Crack characterisation using invariable feature extraction in stainless steel specimen used for absorber tubes of CSP applications via EMATCheng, L; Kogia, M; Mohimi, A; Kappatos, V; Selcuk, C; Gan, TH
21-May-2018Design and prototype of a magnetic adhesion tracked-wheel robotic platform for mooring chain inspectionDissanayake, M; Sattar, T; Gan, TH; Pinson, I; Lowe, S
19-Jan-2022Detection and Analysis of Corrosion and Contact Resistance Faults of TiN and CrN Coatings on 410 Stainless Steel as Bipolar Plates in PEM Fuel CellsForouzanmehr, M; Kashyzadeh, KR; Borjali, A; Ivanov, A; Jafarnode, M; Gan, TH; Wang, B; Chizari, M
2016Development of low frequency high temperature ultrasonic transducers for in-service monitoring of pipework in power plantsDhutti, A; Tumin, SA; Mohimi, A; Kostan, M; Gan, TH; Balachandran, W; Selcuk, C
2015Development of phased array probes to operate in time-of-flight diffraction configuration to continuously monitor defect growth in thermal power plantsKostan, M; Cheng, L; Carpentier, C; Nageswaran, C; Mohimi, A; Kappatos, V; Gan, TH; Wrobel, L; Selcuk, C
10-Dec-2019Development of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Transducer for Monitoring of High Temperature PipelinesDhutti, A; Tumin, SA; Balachandran, W; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH
24-Jul-2021Diagnostic feature extraction and filtering criterion for fatigue crack growth using high frequency parametrical analysisAngulo, Á; Mares, C; Gan, TH