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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Change and continuity among minority communities in BritainGeorgiadis, A; Manning, A
2017Child undernutrition: opportunities beyond the first 1000 daysGeorgiadis, A; Penny, ME
2017Disparities in Children’s Vocabulary and Height in Relation to Household Wealth and Parental Schooling: A Longitudinal Study in Four Low- and Middle-Income CountriesGeorgiadis, A; Reynolds, S; Behrman, J; Benny, L; Crookston, B
2011Does media attention drive corporate social responsibility?Georgiadis, A; Zyglidopoulos, S; Carroll, C; Siegel, D
2013Efficiency wages and the economic effects of the minimum wage: Evidence from a low-wage labour marketGeorgiadis, A
2014Factors associated with cognitive achievement in late childhood and adolescence: The Young Lives cohort study of children in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and VietnamCrookston, BT; Forste, R; McClellan, C; Georgiadis, A; Heaton, TB
2013Growth Faltering and Recovery in Children Ages 1 to 8 Years in Four Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Young LivesGeorgiadis, A; Lundeen, E; Behrman, JR; Crookston, B; Dearden, K; Engle, P; Penny, M; Stein, A
2017Growth Recovery and Faltering through Early Adolescence in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Determinants and Implications for Cognitive DevelopmentGeorgiadis, A; Benny, L; Duc, LT; Galab, S; Reddy, P; Woldehanna, T
2016Growth trajectories from conception to middle childhood and cognitive achievement at age 8 years: Evidence from four low- and middle-income countriesGeorgiadis, A; Benny, L; Crookston, B; Duc, LT; Hermida, P; Mani, S; Woldehanna, T; Stein, AD; Behrman, JR
2011Human resources and firm performance in service SMEs: Empirical evidence from the UKGeorgiadis, A
2014The impact of employees' and managers' training on the performance of small- and medium-sized enterprises: Evidence from a randomized natural experiment in the UK service sectorGeorgiadis, A; Pitelis, CN
2013One nation under a groove? Understanding national identityGeorgiadis, A; Manning, A
2013One nation under a groove? Understanding national identityGeorgiadis, A; Manning, A
2010Spend it like Beckham? Inequality and redistribution in the UK, 1983–2004Georgiadis, A; Manning, A