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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Can high-performing academies overcome family background and improve social mobility?Hoskins, K
8-Jan-2019Enacting Froebelian principles in practice: summary reportHoskins, K; Smedley, S
2019Exploring the role of Froebelian theory in constructing early years practitioners’ sense of professionalismSmedley, S; Hoskins, K
2018Finding a place for Froebel’s theories: early years practitioners’ understanding and enactment of learning through playSmedley, S; Hoskins, K
2020A frontline service? Nursery Schools as local community hubs in an era of austerityHoskins, K; Bradbury, A; Fogarty, L
2018Higher education provision and access for early years educators: localised challenges arising from national policy in EnglandHoskins, K; Smedley, S
2020Inequality and Social Mobility Key findings from three case studies of the varied aspirations and progression pathways followed by school and university students; and the implications for social mobility policy.Barker, B; Hoskins, K
2017Learning to be Froebelian: student teachers’ life histories 1952–1965Hoskins, K
2015Life history insights into the early childhood and education experiences of Froebel trainee teachers 1952–1967Hoskins, K; Smedley, S
14-Sep-2020Post qualification 'now you're a doctor, what next?Roffey-Barentsen, J; Creaton, J; Hoskins, K; Taylor, S; Watts, M; Wisker, G
2010The price of success? The experiences of three senior working class female academics in the UKHoskins, K
14-Nov-2018Protecting and extending Froebelian principles in practice: exploring the importance of learning through playHoskins, K; Smedley, S
29-Apr-2020The re/constructed role of nursery schools as local community hubs in the current context of austerityHoskins, K; Bradbury, A; Fogarty, L
Sep-2020Research design and methodological approachesHoskins, K
8Researching Transgression: Ana as a Youth Subculture in the Age of Digital EthnographyCrowe, N; Hoskins, K
2018Social Mobility: the potential of a genealogical approachHoskins, K; Barker, B
2020STEM, Social Mobility and Equality: Avenues for Widening AccessHoskins, K; Barker, B
6-Jul-2020Tina Bruce: advocating and practising Froebelian principlesHoskins, K; Smedley, S
2019We need to play for more timeHoskins, K; Smedley, S