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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Proprioceptive changes impair balance control in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseJanssens, L; Brumagne, S; McConnell, AK; Claeys, K; Pijnenburg, M; Burtin, C; Janssens, W; Decramer, M; Troosters, T
2012Prosecutions for death by drivingCunningham, S; Achieving Compliance with Road Traffic Law Conference
2016The prosecution’s duty of disclosure before international criminal tribunalsAlice Chang-Jung, Yang
2016Prospect theory based portfolio optimisation: An empirical study and analysis using intelligent algorithmsDate, P; Grishina, N; Lucas, C
2014Prospective evaluation of a complex public health intervention: Lessons from an initial and follow-up cross-sectional survey of the tuberculosis strain typing service in EnglandMears, J; Abubakar, I; Crisp, D; Maguire, H; Innes, JA; Lilley, M; Lord, J; Cohen, T; Borgdorff, MW; Vynnycky, E; McHugh, TD; Sonnenberg, P
2016Prospects and problems for European legal cooperation concerning prisonersConway, G
2017Prospects of in-situ α-Al2O3 as an inoculant in Aluminium- a feasibility studyNadendla, HB; Eskin, D
-Prospects of in-situ α-Al2O3 as an inoculant in Aluminium- a feasibility studySreekumar, VM; Nadendla, HB; Eskin, D
2017Prosumer culture and the question of fetishismRoberts, JM; Cremin, C
2018Protecting and extending Froebelian principles in practice: exploring the importance of learning through playHoskins, K; Smedley, S
2011Protecting divorced women's rights by the application of Islamic principle of Mata'a: A case study of India, Pakistan and BangladeshShahid, A; Islamic Law and International Law Conference 2011
2018Protecting or undermining the integrity of sport? The science and politics of the McLaren reportGirginov, V; Jim Parry
2013Protecting Prisoners: the impact of international human rights law on the treatment of prisoners in the United KingdomEaston, SM
2007Protecting the flight test programmeGratton, GB; Porteous, TC
2012Protecting the Northern Flank, or keeping the Cold War out of Scandinavia’? British planning and the debate on the place of Norway and Denmark in a North Atlantic pact, 1947-49Folly, MH
2017Protecting the rights of temporary foreign ‘low-skilled’ workers in the Saudi construction industry: a case for legal reformAlmutairi, Abdullah Moied S
2016The Protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the African CharterSsenyonjo, M
2015The protective and detrimental effects of self-construal on perceived rejection from heritage culture membersFerenczi, N; Marshall, TC; Bejanyan, K
1972Protein fluorescence of nicotinamide nucleotide-dependent dehydrogenasesHolbrook, BJJ; Yates, DW; Reynolds, SJ; Evans, RW; Greenwood, C; Gore, MG
2017Protein Phosphatases at the Nuclear EnvelopeVagnarelli, P; Castro, IJ; Sales Gil, R; Berihun, J