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Title: Healthy sport for healthy girls? The role of parents in preventing sexual abuse in sport.
Authors: Brackenridge, CH
Keywords: sport, sexual abuse, child protection, parents
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Citation: Sport, Education and Society 3(1): 59-78
Abstract: Sexual abuse has only recently been recognised as a problem within sport (Brackenridge 1994) and, as yet, little is known about the contexts in which girls might be at greater or lesser risk of experiencing such crimes. This papers explores the assumptions which parents make about their daughters’ health and safety in the sports coaching context in relation to Hellestedt’s (1987) Parentlal Involvement Continuum. Data from a study of 93 sets of parents of elite young sportswomen are presented which show what much mothers and fathers know about their daughters’ coaching setting. The results are used to evaluate the extent to which parents’ assumptions about sport as a healthy place for healthy girls are warranted. Research on sexual abuse prevention in day care settings (Finkelhor & Williams 1988) is explored as a possible template for parents who wish to contribute to the prevention of sexual abuse of girls in sport.
ISSN: 1357-3322
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