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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Towards unsupervised ontology learning from dataKlarman, S; Britz, K
2007TQM and CSR nexusGhobadian, A; Gallear, D; Hopkins, M
2001TQM implementation: An empirical examination and proposed generic modelGallear, D; Ghobadian, A
1996Trace element contaminants in the Kuwait water production systemAl-Anqah, Laila
2011Traces, extensions and co-normal derivatives for elliptic systems on Lipschitz domainsMikhailov, SE
2009Traces, extensions, co-normal derivatives and solution regularity of elliptic systems with smooth and non-smooth coefficientsMikhailov, SE
2016Tracing the indirect societal impacts of biomedical research: Development and piloting of a technique based on citationsJones, TH; Hanney, S
2012Tracing the wider impacts of biomedical research: A literature search to develop a novel citation categorisation techniqueJones, TH; Donovan, C; Hanney, S
2009Track quality monitoring for the compact muon solenoid silicon strip trackerGoitom, Israel
2010Trade association strategies for providing technology intelligence to small and medium sized enterprises - A study of UK technology foresight processesPhillips, Scott Ashley
2015Trade flows and trade specialisation: The Case of ChinaCaporale, GM; Sova, A; Sova, R
2009The trade in water services: How does GATS apply to the water and sanitation services sector ?Bates, R
2014Trade intensity and output synchronisation: on the endogeneity properties of EMUCaporale, GM; De Santis, R; Girardi, A
2013Trade intensity and output synchronisation: On the endogeneity properties of the EMUCaporale, GM; De Santis, R; Girardi, A
2008Trade specialisation, and economic convergence: Evidence from two eastern european countriesCaporale, GM; Rault, C; Sova, R; Sova, A
30-Mar-2018Trade-off on fuel economy, knock, and combustion stability for a stratified flame-ignited gasoline engineSong, K; Wang, X; Xie, H
2015Trademark and patent disputes in Saudi Arabia: an analysis of private international lawAlharbi, Meshal Nayef
2015Trading energy yield for frequency regulation: Optimal control of kinetic energy in wind farmsDe Rijcke, S; Tielens, P; Rawn, B; Van Hertem, D; Driesen, J
2017Tradition and Modernity in Chinua Achebe's African TrilogyMorrison, J