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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Fiscal policy and inequality in a model with endogenous positional concernsBorissov, K; Hashimzade, N
26-Jun-2022US policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and sectoral stock indices: a fractional integration approachCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, LA; Abakah, EJA
21-Apr-2022Corporate credit risk counter-cyclical interdependence: A systematic analysis of cross-border and cross-sector correlation dynamicsYfanti, S; Karanasos, M; Zopounidis, C; Christopoulos, A
30-Mar-2022Abnormal returns and stock price movements: some evidence from developed and emerging marketsCaporale, GM; Plastun, A
14-Oct-2021Ethnic identities, public spending and political regimesGhosh, S; Mitra, A
25-Oct-2021Sustainability reporting in banking and financial services sector: a regional analysisMohamed Buallay, A; Al Marri, M; Nasrallah, N; Hamdan, A; Barone, E; Zureigat, Q
27-Oct-2021Apocalypse Now, Apocalypse When? Economic Growth and Structural Breaks in Argentina (1886-2003)Karanasos, M; Campos, N; Koutroumpis, P; Karoglou, M; Zopounidis, C; Christopoulos, A
19-Jan-2022Jurisprudence and the Conceptual Framework project: The enduring ideas of Scott, Spacek and StampLakshminarayan, S
2021The impact of macroeconomic uncertainty on inequality: An empirical study for the UKTheophilopoulou, A
2018The visual disclosure of SASRs: A study of impression managementUsmani, M
2021Looking Ahead: Early Warning SystemsDavis, E; Karim, D
2021Internal capital budgeting and allocation in financial firmsKang, W-Y
13-Jan-2021On the Economic fundamentals behind the Dynamic Equicorrelations among Asset classes: Global evidence from Equities, Real estate, and CommoditiesKaranasos, M; Yfanti, S
2021Loss Sensitive Investors and Positively Biased Analysts in Hong Kong Stock MarketChoudhry, T; Dissanaike, G; Jayasekera, R; Kang, W-Y; Nnadi, M
29-Dec-2020Achieving a sustainable cost-efficient business model in banking: The case of European commercial banksBadunenko, O; Kumbhakar, SC; Lozano‐Vivas, A
31-Oct-2020Monetary policy and wealth inequality over the great recession in the UK. An empirical analysisMumtaz, H; Theophilopoulou, A
2-Nov-2020Regional integration and bilateral FDI stocks in the OECDBarrell, R; Nahhas, A
2020Household Tax EvasionHashimzade, N; Myles, G; Hana, Y
2020Gendered regulations and SME performance in transition economiesVershinina, N; Markman, G; Han, L; Rogers, P; Kitching, J; Hashimzade, N; Barrett, R
2020Do the macro-prudential policies jeopardise banking competition?Mirzaei, A; Moore, T
2020The face value of arguments with and without manipulationFelgenhauer, M; Xu, F
31-Mar-2020Transitions in the EU labour market before and after the crisis: The role of reformsMacchiarelli, C; Monastiriotis, V; Lampropoulou, N
2017Brexit and the Future of the EurozoneMacchiarelli, C; Campos, N
1-Apr-2020Are short-term effects of pollution important for growth and optimal fiscal policy?Ghosh, S; Ray Barman, T; Gupta, MR
3-Apr-2019Forecasting the volatility of the Australian dollar using high-frequency data: Does estimator accuracy improve forecast evaluation?Bailey, G; Steeley, JM
24-Jul-2020Cycles and long-range behaviour in the European stock marketsCaporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L; Poza, C
2020Endogenous preferences for parenting and macroeconomic outcomesHashimzade, Nigar
2020The effect of restructuring electricity distribution systems on firms' persistent and transient efficiency: The case of GermanyBadunenko, O; Cullmann, A; Kumbhakar, SC; Nieswand, M
5-Dec-2019Hedge fund strategies: A non-parametric analysisCanepa, A; de la O. González, M; Skinner, FS
3-Sep-2019Discretionary tone, annual earnings and market returns: Evidence from UK Interim Management StatementsRahman, S
2019The impact of business and political news on the GCC stock marketsAl-Maadid, A; Caporale, G; Spagnolo, F; Spagnolo, N
5-Jul-2019Can money buy EU love?Fidrmuc, J; Hulényi, M; Tunalı, ÇB
13-Jun-2019A New Approach to Optimal Capital Allocation for RORAC Maximization in BanksKang, W-Y; Poshakwale, S
2019Long-run price behaviour in the gasoline market - The role of exogeneityTabaghdehi, SAH; Hunter, J
27-Jul-2020The production of stand-alone sustainability reports: Visual impression management, legitimacy and ‘functional stupidity’Usmani, M; Davison, J; Napier, CJ
30-Sep-2018Disentangling the impact of securitization on bank profitabilityBakoush, M; Abouarab, R; Wolfe, S
2018Long-term price overreactions: are markets inefficient?Caporale, GM; Gil-Alana, L; Plastun, A
2018Islamic banking, credit and economic growth: some empirical evidenceCaporale, GM; Helmi, MH
2018Exchange rates and macro news in emerging marketsCaporale, GM; Spagnolo, F; Spagnolo, N
2017Prudential Supervision and the European Central Bank Credit Data Registry (AnaCredit): Legal Basis and Democratic Accountability-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 40 of 40