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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Feb-2020Deepening Trade and Fundamental Rights? Harnessing Data Protection Rights in the Regulatory Cooperation Chapters of EU Trade AgreementsMancini, I
17-Aug-2021Partitioning Palestine: British policymaking at the end of Empire by Penny Sinanoglou, Chicago and London, University of Chicago Press, 2019, 251 pp., index. £30.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-0-226-66578-X Matthew HughesHughes, M
Jul-2021Mutual (dis-)trust in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice?Hamenstaedt, Kathrin
2021Oversight and Governance of the Danish Intelligence CommunityAndersen, SJ; Hansen, ME; Davies, P
1-Feb-2019Prosecuting Trafficking Crimes for Sexual Exploitation in Times of Conflict: Challenges and PerspectivePulvirenti, R; Abrusci, E
11-Jun-2021Incorporating the CRC in IrelandForde, L; Kilkelly, U
24-Apr-2020Disinformazione e diritti umani: lineamenti per un dialogo necessarioAbrusci, E
2021Digital Antitrust: The Google (Android) Decisions in Russia, Turkey and IndiaMalinauskaite, J; Erdem, FB
2020What does law ‘really’ want? The current state of law and image theoryDe Matos, M
2021The Impact of Covid-19 on Children’s Rights in IrelandForde, L
1-May-2020When the rooster insists on crowing: church, state and human rights in Brazilde Matos, MVAB
2021Il cittadino sive subalternoThomas, PD
1-Oct-2021Housing disputes as relationship breakdown: a useful model or an accommodation with a broken system?Astin, D
2021‘If the gas runs out, we are not going to sleep hungry’: Exploring household energy choices in India’s critically polluted coal beltChanchani, D; Oskarsson, P
2021Welfare, Justice, and Diverse Models of Youth Justice: A Children’s Rights AnalysisForde, L
2014Build Robust Local Organizations. Conflict-Sensitive Adaptation: Use Human Rights to Build Social and Environmental ResilienceAijazi, O; Hsiao, E
2014Rights Mapping. Conflict-Sensitive Adaptation: Use Human Rights to Build Social and Environmental ResilienceAijazi, O; Mohamed-Katerere, J; Crawhall, N
2014"We Should be Resettled There”: On the Limits of HumanitarianismAijazi, O
2020Children’s Rights and Police Questioning: A Qualitative Study of Children’s Experiences of being interviewed by the Garda SíochánaForde, L; Kilkelly, U
2019The Refit Process in the Area of Consumer Protection: Odds Stacked Against ConsumersRiefa, C
2016Study on the remuneration provisions applicable to credit institutions and investment firmsReifner, U; Neuberger, D; Clerc-Renaud, S; Zakaria, I; Schwizer, P; Nastansky, A; Stephan, A; Gaia Soana, M; Ferri, G; Schwartz, S; Forbes, W; Riefa, C
15-Mar-2021Prison abolition: international human rights law perspectivesRenzulli, I
2021Kettle LogicNeocleous, M
2021The infinite silver of Xenophon: Money and growth in Classical AthensDale, G
2016Who Is Chandni bibi?: Survival as Embodiment in Disaster Disrupted Northern PakistanAijazi, O
2021Circular waste management of electric vehicle batteries: legal and technical perspectives from the EU and the UK post BrexitMalinauskaite, J; Anguilano, L; Schmidt, R
2021Slave ChildrenDornan, I
2021ISR versus ISTAR: A Conceptual Crisis in British Military IntelligenceDavies, P
1-Oct-2020Youth on the margins: criminalizing Kenya's pastoral frontier, c. 1930-presentWhittaker, H
2021In-Between an Economic Freedom and a Human Right: A Hybrid Right to Private PropertyMardikian, L
2021Drug prices, patents and access to life-saving medicines: changes are urgently needed in the COVID-19 eraGurgula, O
2021Planned obsolescence in the context of a holistic legal sphereMalinauskaite, J; Erdem, F
2021Oakeshott and Parekh – The Influence of British Idealism on British MulticulturalismUberoi, V
21-Dec-2020Quasi-Judicial Bodies and the Establishment of Assessment Standards for the Mental Harm sustained by Civilians Exposed to HostilitiesSolomon, S
2021Peopling a new colony: Henry Jordan, land orders, and Queensland immigration, 1861-7Morgan, K
2020Navigating the Great Barrier Reef: the Inner and Outer Routes, 1815-60Morgan, K
7-Aug-2020Rethinking Non-Financial Reporting: A Blueprint for Structural Regulatory ChangesMonciardini, D; Mähönen, JT; Tsagas, G
12-Nov-2020The ECB’s Independence and the Principle of Separation' European Journal of Law ReformNika, P
15-Aug-2020AI-assisted inventions in the field of drug discovery: readjusting the inventive step analysisGurgula, O
20-Oct-2020A British national scandal: hunger, foodbanks, and the deployment of a Dickensian tropeHowarth, A
2020Strategic patenting by pharmaceutical companies: should competition law intervene?Gurgula, O
2006Domestic violence, men's groups and the equivalence argumentKaganas, F
11-Dec-2020The psychological impact of military operations on civilians and the UN Human Rights Committee Japalali decision: Exploring mental anguish under a vida digna, right to life prismSolomon, S
11-May-2021The American Way—Until Machine Learning Algorithm Beats the Law? Algorithmic Consumer Credit Scoring in the EU and USGikay, AA
2020Appraising the ‘Greek Truth Committee’ in the Age of Debt: Counter-expertise, ‘battle truths’, and the struggle against post-crash neoliberalismBowsher, J
25-Nov-2020Consumer financial well-being in the post-crisis era: financial education on the cross-road to prominenceDe Pascalis, F; Reisberg, A
2020Crossing Borders. The Making of France's Eastern Frontier in Alsace, 1918-1939Carrol, A
2015Adjudication on the Rights of Sexual Minorities in the Muslim WorldRehman, J
2014Combating International Terrorism without Undermining Human Rights - Is there a way forward?Rehman, J
2018'Lieux de mémoire' in international law: The rights of national and ethnic minorities related to their memorial sitesBerkes, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 110