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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Modelling Energy Demand Response Using Long-Short Term Memory Neural NetworksJimenez, JJM; Stokes, L; Yang, Q; Livina, VN
2020Preliminary study on end-effector compliance in automated fluid coupling for trainsEshraghi, K; Jiang, P; Suraci, D; Atherton, M
2020Achieving Success with the Engineering DissertationGratton, P; Gratton, G
4-Mar-2020Noise Exposure on Human Cochlea During Cochleostomy Formation Using Conventional and a Hand Guided Robotic DrillDu, X; Zhang, Y; Boulgouris, N; Brett, PN; Mitchell-Innes, A; Coulson, C; Irving, R; Begg, P
2020Advances in Applications of Solar Photovoltaics and Thermal Technologies EnergyAhmad, L; Khordehgah, N; Malinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H
22-Jun-2020Experimental investigation into the flexural behaviour of basalt FRP reinforced concrete membersShamass, R; Cashell, KA
2020Electron charge transport in non-peripherally substituted copper phthalocyanineChaure, NB; Barard, S; Chambrier, I; Cammidge, AN; Ray, A
2010Numerical modeling of generation and propagation of tsunami waves along the southern coast of Iran- part 1: generation and propagationHeidarzadeh, M; Pirooz, MD; Zaker, NH
2009Propagation pattern and tsunami travel time charts for the Iranian southern coastlines for use in the tsunami warning systemHeidarzadeh, M; Pirooz, MD; Zaker, NH
2008History of tsunami occurrences and assessment of tsunami generation potential of the Makran subduction zoneHeidarzadeh, M; Pirooz, MD; Zaker, NH; Mokhtari, M
2007Evaluating the potential for tsunami generation in southern IranHeidarzadeh, M; Pirooz, MD; Zaker, NH; Mokhtari, M
2007Destructive effects of the 2003 Bam Earthquake on structuresHeidarzadeh, M; Zahrai, SM
2007Experimental study of chemical grouting of conglomerate foundationsHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Etemadzadeh, SM
2009Assessment of tsunami generation potential and presenting a tsunami warning system for southern coasts of Iran bordering the Indian OceanHeidarzadeh, M; Pirooz, MD; Zaker, NH; Mokhtari, M
2020On the computational derivation of bond-based peridynamic stress tensorSoleiman Fallah, A; Giannakeas, IN; Mella, R; Wenman, MR; Safa, Y; Bahai, H
2020Coupling XFEM and Peridynamics for Brittle Fracture Simulation - Part II: Adaptive Relocation StrategyGiannakeas, I; Papathanasiou, T; Fallah Soleiman, A; Bahai, H
2006Utilization of chemical grouting for water sealing of part of Karkheh dam foundationHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Etemadzadeh, SM
2006Assessment of the application of tuned liquid dampers for structural motion control subjected to earthquake excitations and using nonlinear elasto-plastic analysisHeidarzadeh, M; Zahrai, SM
2020Melt conditioned direct chill (MC - DC) casting and extrusion of AA5754 Aluminium alloy formulated from recycled Taint Tabor scrapAl-Helal, K; Patel, J; Scamans, G; Fan, Z
2020Field surveys and numerical modeling of the August 2016 typhoon Lionrock along the northeastern coast of Japan: The first typhoon making landfall in Tohoku regionHeidarzadeh, M; Iwamoto, T; Takagawa, T; Takagi, H
2020Influence of rotating wheels and moving ground use on the unsteady wake of a small-scale road vehicleAleksandra, R; Gatto, A
2018An equivalent damage force approach to modelling of strain softening materialsVignjevic, R; Djordjevic, N; de Vuyst, T; Gemkow, S
2020Surface Plasmon Resonance for Human Bone Marrow cells ImagingWilkop, T; N, M; Balachandran, W; Ray, A
2020Airflow in Supermarkets and Similar Retail Stores: a rapid survey on infection transmissionAxon, C; Kolokotroni, M; Smith, E; Tassou, S; Wissink, J
2020On the Manipulation of Flow and Acoustic Fields of a Blunt Trailing Edge Aerofoil by Serrated Leading EdgesHasheminejad, SM; Chong, TP; Lacagnina, G; Joseph, P; Kim, J-H; Choi, K-S; Omidyeganeh, M; Pinelli, A; Stalnov, O
2020Influence of porosity characteristics on the variability in mechanical properties of high pressure die casting (HPDC) AlSi7MgMn alloysEwan, L; Kun, D; Shihao, W; Zhongyun, F; Zhang, Y
2020Discrete Element Analyses of a Realistic-shaped Rock Block Impacting Against a Soil Buffering LayerShen, W; Zhao, T; Dai, F; Crosta, GB; Wei, H
2020Weight Loss after Bariatric Surgery Significantly Improves Carotid and Cardiac Function in Apparently Healthy People with Morbid ObesityKhir, AW
2020Semi-empirical predictive equations for the initial amplitude of submarine landslide-generated waves: applications to 1994 Skagway and 1998 Papua New Guinea tsunamisSabeti, R; Heidarzadeh, M
2017Finite element analysis of heat transfer in thin multilayered platesPapathanasiou, T; Khazaeinejad, P; Bahai, H
2020Commercial Wastewood in the Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous MediaAhmadi, A; Ignatova, S; Ketabchi, MR; Clough, P; Masoudi Soltani, S
17-Mar-2020Superficial preparation of biocompatible carbon quantum dots for antimicrobial applicationsLakshmanan, A; Surendran, P; Manivannan, N; Sathish, M; Balalakshmi, C; Suganthy, N; Rameshkumar, P; Kaviyarasu, K; Ramalingam, G
17-Sep-2018Analytical friction model for sliding bodies with coupled longitudinal and transverse vibrationAdetoro, M
2-Mar-2020Dynamic large deformation analysis of a cantilever beamWei, H; Pan, QX; Adetoro, OB; Avital, E; Yuan, Y; Wen, PH
2020A knowledge discovery framework to predict the N2O emissions in the wastewater sectorVasilaki, V; Conca, V; Frison, N; Eusebi, AL; Fatone, F; Katsou, E
23-Jan-2020A Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy for Applications at Elevated TemperaturesDong, X; Nyberg, EA; Ji, S
23-Mar-2020Numerical Analysis of Improvements to CO2 Injectivity in Coal Seams Through Stimulated Fracture Connection to the Injection WellChen, M; Hosking, LJ; Sandford, RJ; Thomas, HR
22-Oct-2019Seismic analysis of earth, rockfill and concrete gravity damsSpyridis, MS; Lopez-Querol, S; Martin-Moreta, PJ
13-Sep-2020Heat recovery at high temperature by molten salts for high temperature processing industriesGibbs, A; Robinson, BW; Rougé, S; Jouhara, H; Asaduzzaman, AKM; Chowdhury, M; Kjellgren, P; Martí, AM; Pardelli, PT; Ciuffi, N
2020Environmental impact of cool roof paint: case-study of house retrofit in two hot islandsShittu, E; Stojceska, V; Gratton, P; Kolokotroni, M
2016A casting alloyRahimian, Mehdi; Ji, Shouxun; Blake, Paul; Watson, Douglas; Fan, Zhongyun
13-Oct-2019Manufacturing of Ultrasound- and MRI-Compatible Aortic Valves Using 3D Printing for Analysis and SimulationShu, W; Kawal, R; Harminder, G; Weifeng, W; Joao Filipe, F; Noh, Y; Sergio andres, U; Jesus, U; Julio, S; Ronak, R; Pablo, L; Kawal, R
2016A casting magnesium alloy for providing improved thermal conductivityJi, Shouxun
2018Aluminium alloy for castingJi, S; Smith, J; Amirkhanlou, S
2020Coupling the two-level programming and copula for optimizing energy-water nexus system management – A case study of Henan ProvinceYu, L; Li, QW; Jin, SW; Chen, C; Li, YP; Fan, YR; Zuo, QT
2017A Phase-field Study of Grain Refinement: Role of Number Density of Inoculant ParticlesGao, F; Assadi, H; Fan, Z
15-Mar-2020An interval joint-probabilistic stochastic flexible programming method for planning municipal-scale energy-water nexus system under uncertaintyMa, XX; Zhang, JW; Yu, L; Fan, YR; Zhang, JP
3-Mar-2020Development of highly efficient, renewable and durable alginate composite aerogels for oil/water separationZhuang, J; Dai, J; Ghaffar, SH; Yu, Y; Tian, Q; Fan, M
2020A novel random discrete element analysis of rock fragmentationZhao, Tao; Liu, Yong
15-Feb-2020Numerical and experimental investigation of impact on bilayer aluminum-rubber composite plateKhodadadi, A; Liaghat, G; Shahgholian-Ghahfarokhi, D; Chizari, M; Wang, B
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 383