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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2018On the resonant hydroelastic behaviour of ice shelvesPapathanasiou, TK; Karperaki, AE; Belibassakis, KA
2016Flow boiling in small to micro diameter tubes and microchannelsKarayiannis, T; Mahmoud, M
27-Feb-2019Modelling and experimental analysis of low concentrating solar panels for use in building integrated and applied photovoltaic (BIPV/BAPV) systemsHadavinia, H; Singh, H
15-Aug-2019Flow boiling pressure drop characteristics in a rectangular metallic microchannelOzdemir, MR; Mahmoud, MM; Karayiannis, TG
2019Strained bubbles in van der Waals heterostructures as local emitters of photoluminescence with adjustable wavelengthTyurnina, A; Bandurin, D; Khestanova, E; Kravets, V; Koperski, M; Guinea, F; Grigorenko, A; Geim, A; Grigorieva, I
2019Characterising interfaces for reinforced concrete: Experiments and multiplane cohesive zone modelling for titanium alloy rebarsMaracci, D; Alfano, G; Serpieri, R; Lenci, S
22-Sep-2018High strength and ductility aluminium alloy processed by high pressure die castingDong, X; Yang, H; Zhu, X; Ji, S
26-Oct-2018Effect of super vacuum assisted high pressure die casting on the repeatability of mechanical properties of Al-Si-Mg-Mn die-cast alloysDong, X; Zhu, X; Ji, S
26-Sep-2018Comparative assessment of innovative and conventional food preservation technologies: Process energy performance and greenhouse gas emissionsAtuonwu, JC; Leadley, C; Bosman, A; Tassou, SA; Lopez-Quiroga, E; Fryer, PJ
26-Feb-2019Influence of specimen geometries and drying conditions on concrete cracking in restrained elliptical ring testsDong, W; Yuan, W; Zhou, X; Zhao, X
9-Mar-2019Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on a Radiative Flat Heat Pipe Heat ExchangerSulaiman, A; Jouhara, H
2019Tsunami Data Assimilation Without a Dense Observation NetworkWang, Y; Maeda, T; Satake, K; Heidarzadeh, M; Su, H; Sheehan, AF; Gusman, AR
2019A locally stabilized explicit approach for nonlinear heat conduction analysisSoares, D; Wrobel, LC
10-Aug-2018Abnormal Grain Refinement Behavior in High-Pressure Die Casting of Pure Mg with Addition of Zr as Grain RefinerYang, W; Ji, S; Zhang, R; Zhang, J; Liu, L
Feb-2019Centrifuge Study on the Submarine MudflowsYin, M
5-Dec-2018Influence of scandium fluoride on the structure and phase composition of Al-Si alloyKhrustalev, A; Vorozhtsov, A; Kazantseva, L; Promakhov, V; Kalashnikov, M; Eskin, D; Kurzina, I
13-Aug-2018Excitation and propagation of torsional T(0,1) mode for guided wave testing of pipeline integrityNiu, X; Duan, W; Chen, HP; Marques, HR
4-Feb-2019Modified active solar distillation system employing directly absorbing Therminol 55–Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> nano heat transfer fluid and Fresnel lens concentratorMuraleedharan, M; Singh, H; Udayakumar, M; Suresh, S
2019A review on high stiffness aluminium-based composites and bimetallicsJi, S; Amirkhanlou, S
8-Sep-2018Behaviour of high strength steel columns under fire conditionsWinful, D; Cashell, KA; Afshan, S; Barnes, AM; Pargeter, RJ
2018Tensile properties of ag-EVOH electrospinning nanofiber mats for large muscle scaffoldsZhang, C; Liu, D; Xu, C; Liu, D; Wang, B
2019Investigation of complex mass and heat transfer transitional processes of dispersed water droplets in wet gas flow in the framework of heat utilization technologies for biofuel combustion and flue gas removal EnergyMiliauskas, G; Maziukienė, H; Jouhara, H; Poškas, R
27-Aug-2018Spectral subtraction and enhancement for torsional waves propagating in coated pipesDuan, W; Kanfoud, J; Deere, M; Mudge, P; Gan, TH
Jan-2019Casting lightweight stiff aluminum alloys: a reviewJi, S; Amirkhanlou, S
2019A Fuzzy Inference System Based Asphalt Surface Deterioration Prediction Model Due to Combined Interaction of Dynamic Loading-Water-PavementSaeed, FM; Rahman, MM; Mahmood, MS; Collins, P
2019New coring study in Augusta Bay expands understanding of offshore tsunami deposits (Eastern Sicily, Italy)Smedile, A; Molisso, F; Chagué, C; Iorio, M; De Martini, PM; Pinzi, S; Collins, PEF; Sagnotti, L; Pantosti, D
2018Applications and Thermal Management of Rechargeable Batteries for Industrial ApplicationsJouhara, H; Khordehgah, N; Serey, N; Almahmoud, S; Lester, S; Machen, D; Wrobel, L
2019Modelling of decay heat removal from CONSTOR RBMK-1500 casks during long-term storage of spent nuclear fuelPoškas, R; Šimonis, V; Jouhara, H; Poškas, P
2018The bond behaviour of reinforced concrete members at elevated temperaturesKhalaf, J; Huang, Z
2018Microstructure and elevated temperature mechanical properties of a direct-chill cast AA4032 alloy with copper and erbium additionsChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, D; Patakham, U; Limmaneevichitr, C
2018Organic and Inorganic Fouling in Heat Exchangers – Industrial Case Study: Analysis of Fouling RateDiaz-Bejarano, E; Behranvand, E; Coletti, F; Mozdianfard, MR; Macchietto, S
2018Effect of Feedstock Powder Morphology on Cold-Sprayed Titanium Dioxide CoatingsHajipour, H; Abdollah-zadeh, A; Assadi, H; Taheri-Nassaj, E; Jahed, H
2018Comment on ‘Adiabatic shear instability is not necessary for adhesion in cold spray’Assadi, H; Gaertner, F; Klassen, T; Kreye, H
2018Using social power and influence to mobilise the supply chain into knowledge sharing: a case in insurance.Grant, S; Preston, T
2018Experimental and numerical investigation of cavitation-induced erosion in thermal sprayed single splatsWang, Y; Lebon, B; Tzanakis, I; Zhao, Y; Wang, K; Stella, J; Poirier, T; Darut, G; Liao, H; Planche, M-P
28-May-2018Understanding the effects of hooked-end steel fibre geometry on the uniaxial tensile behaviour of self-compacting concreteGhaffar, SH
1-Sep-2018Off-design performance prediction of radial turbines operating with ideal and real working fluidsAlshammari, F; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Pesiridis, A; Giannakakis, P
2018Theoretical and experimental evaluation of thermal interface materials and other influencing parameters for thermoelectric generator systemSingh, H; Karthick, K; Suresh, S; Joy, GC; Dhanuskodi, R
2018Flood resilience: consolidating knowledge between and within critical infrastructure sectorsPearson, J; Punzo, G; Mayfield, M; Brighty, G; Parsons, A; Collins, PEF; Jeavons, S; Tagg, A
2018Construction and performance of the Karkheh Dam Complementary Cut-off Wall: an innovative engineering solutionHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Niroomand, H; Eslamian, F
2018The formation of Fe-Cu composite based on bimetallic nanoparticlesLozhkomoev, AS; Lerner, MI; Pervikov, AV; Naidenkin, EV; Mishin, IP; Vorozhtsov, AB; Apkarian, AS; Eskin, D
2018Efficacy of borides in grain refining Al-Si alloysBozoni, L; Nadendla, HB
2018Application of Bayesian Estimation to Structural Health Monitoring of Fatigue Cracks in Welded Steel PipeShamsudin, MF; Mares, C; Johnson, C; Yoann, L; Edwards, G; Tat-Hean, G
2018[AAM REQ FA LKR 29/05/2018]Analytical friction model for sliding bodies with coupled longitudinal and transverse vibrationAdetoro; Jadav, PU; Amalia, R
2018Modelling socio-economic and energy data to generate business-as-usual scenarios for carbon emissionsAxon, C; Roberts, SH; Foran, BD; Goddard, NH; Warr, BS
2018Tensile Behaviour of S690QL and S960QL under High Strain RateAlabi, AA; Moore, PL; Wrobel, LC; Campbell, JC; He, W
2018A thermoregulation model for whole body cooling hypothermiaSilva, ABCG; Wrobel, LC; Ribeiro, FLB
2018How changes in column geometry and packing ratio can increase sample load and throughput by a factor of fifty in Counter-Current ChromatographyPeng, A; Hewitson, P; Sutherland, I; Chen, L; Ignatova, S
2018Machine Learning for the prediction of the dynamic behavior of a small scale ORC systemPalagi, L; Pesyridis, A; Sciubba, E; Tocci, L
2018Temperature-controlled electrospinning of EVOH nanofibre mats encapsulated with Ag, CuO, and ZnO particles for skin wound dressingLiu, D; Zheng, C; Dong, G; Xu, C; Dianzi, L; Ruan, L; Zhong, B; Wang, B
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 201