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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2023Psychological and educational interventions for childhood constipationDovey, TM; Sinopoulou, V; Gordon, M
17-Oct-2023Lacan on Depression and MelancholiaNobus, DM
2023Modulating biofilm can potentiate activity of novel plastic-degrading enzymesHoward, SA; McCarthy, RR
2023Stress and work performance responses to a multicomponent intervention for reducing and breaking up sitting in office workers: a cluster randomised controlled trialBailey, D
2023Adolescent Males’ Motivations to be Physically Active: A Qualitative Systematic Review Framed by Self Determination TheoryBeddoe, A; Hings, R; Kerner, C
2023Residual Waste Management in London, England: A Reality CheckMinhas, N; Gerassimidou, S; Iacovidou, E
2023The Self in Relationships: An IntroductionGaines, SO
12-May-2023Blind Spots in Abortion Attitudes: Investigating the Nuance of UK Women’s Pro-Choice PerspectivesLozano, NM; Adair, L; Baker, J; Shrestha, A; Kayser, S
18-Aug-2023Endocrine disruption is reduced but still widespread in wild roach (Rutilus rutilus) living in English riversBaynes, A; Lange, A; Beresford, N; Bryden, E; Whitlock, K; Tyler, CR; Jobling, S
1-Nov-2023Presentation on Balint at Lacan's Seminar Freud's Papers on Technique, 26 May 1954Granoff, W
1-Jun-2023Screening Kinase-Dependent Phosphorylation of Key Metabolic Reprogramming RegulatorsKaci, FN; Lepore, A; Papa, S; Bubici, C
1-Jun-2023An Integrated Methodology to Quantify the Glycolytic Stress in Plasma Cell Myeloma in Response to Cytotoxic DrugsLepore, A; Kaci, FN; Bubici, C; Papa, S
4-Sep-2022Fractional exhaled nitric oxide in the assessment of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction: a multicentre retrospective analysis of UK-based athletesDickinson, J; Gowers, W; Sturridge, S; Williams, N; Kippelen, P; Simpson, A; Jackson, A; Hull, J; Price, O
2023Factors Affecting Decision-making in Gaelic Football: A Focus Group ApproachMcLoughlin, EJM; Broadbent, DP; Kinrade, NP; Coughlan, E; Bishop, D
17-Mar-2023Seventy years, 1000 samples, and 300,000 SPM scores: A new meta-analysis of Flynn effect patternsWongupparaj, P; Wongupparaj, R; Morris, RG; Kumari, V
1-Mar-2023Beyond sleep: A multidimensional model of chronotypeChauhan, S; Norbury, R; Faßbender, KC; Ettinger, U; Kumari, V
14-Mar-2023Distinguishing science from pseudoscience in commercial respiratory interventions: An evidence-based guide for health and exercise professionalsIllidi, CR; Romer, LM; Johnson, MA; Williams, NC; Rossiter, HB; Casaburi, R; Tiller, NB
16-Mar-2023Depression mediates the relationship between alexithymia and obesity in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 (NFBC1966)Ramzi, NH; Auvinen, J; Veijola, J; Miettunen, J; Ala-Mursula, L; Sebert, S; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S; Svento, R; Jokelainen, J; Drenos, F; Dovey, TM; Järvelin, M-R; Blakemore, AIF
22-May-2023Settling the Debate on the Benefits of Curbside RecyclingIacovidou, E
2023Understanding the consumption of antimicrobial resistance related content on Social Media: Twitter AnalysisMcCarthy, RR; Proctor, CR; Kim, H; Walker, D
16-Mar-2023Public health communication should be more transparentde Barra, M; Brown, RCH
11-Feb-2023Can we challenge attention and interpretation threat biases in rescued child labourers with a history of physical abuse using a computerised cognitive training task? Data on feasibility, acceptability and target engagementDhakal, S; Gupta, S; Sharma, NP; Upadhyay, A; Oliver, A; Sumich, A; Kumari, V; Niraula, S; Pandey, R; Lau, JYF
2023"Votre popularité parmi nous est immense": Le rôle de Michael Balint dans la scission de 1953Nobus, D
2023Reading Against the Grain (Lacan Libertango)Nobus, D
2023Psychoanalytic Currencies: Money, Commensurability, and Clinical Economies from Freud to LacanNobus, DM
19-Jan-2023Developing ward social climate and sense of community within a high security forensic psychiatric service: Evaluating a sense of community and social climate interventionPuzzo, I; Aldridge-Waddon, L; Morley, E; Vacher, J; Mitchell, J; Murphy, D; Farr, C
2023CCDC86/Cyclon is a novel Ki-67 interacting protein important for cell division.Stamatiou, K; Chmielewska, A; Ohta, S; Earnshaw, WC; Vagnarelli, P
8-Apr-2023The sociological interpretation of dreams, by Bernard Lahire. Oxford, UK: Polity Press, 2020. Hardback, USD 42.82, ISBN 9781509537945.Nobus, D
30-Nov-2022Reply to Veerkamp et al.: Comments on Harkness-Armstrong et al. (2021)Harkness-Armstrong, C; Maganaris, CN; Walton, R; Wright, DM; Bass, A; Baltzopoulos, V; O'Brien, TD
2-Dec-2022Neurodevelopmental effects of genetic frontotemporal dementia in young adult mutation carriersFinger, E; Malik, R; Bocchetta, M; Coleman, K; Graff, C; Borroni, B; Masellis, M; Laforce, R; Greaves, CV; Russell, LL; Convery, RS; de Mendonça, A; Moreno, F; Vandenberghe, R; Gazzina, S; Le Ber, I; Archetti, S; Levin, J; Pasquier, F; Santana, I; Rohrer, JD; Papma, JM; Ducharme, S; Esteve, AS; Heller, C; Benotmane, H; Zetterberg, H; Swift, IJ; Samra, K; Shafei, R; Timberlake, C; Thonberg, H; Giannini, L; Cope, T; Rittman, T; Benussi, A; Cantoni, V; Arighi, A; Fenoglio, C; Scarpini, E; Fumagalli, G; Borracci, V; Maruta, C; van Minkelen, R; Öijerstedt, L; Rossi, G; Giaccone, G; Di Fede, G; Caroppo, P; Tiraboschi, P; Prioni, S; Redaelli, V; Tang-Wai, D; Rogaeva, E; do Couto, FS; Castelo-Branco, M; Jelic, V; Ferreira, CB; Freedman, M; Keren, R; Black, S; Mitchell, S; Rademakers, R; Poos, J; Pijnenburg, Y; Miltenberger, G; Nacmias, B; Ferrari, C; Polito, C; Lombardi, G; Rinaldi, D; Bessi, V; Veldsman, M; Andersson, C; Thompson, P; Langheinrich, T; Lladó, A; Antonell, A; Olives, J; Balasa, M; Anderl-Straub, S; Saracino, D; Bargalló, N; Borrego-Ecija, S; Verdelho, A; Gabilondo, A; Gorostidi, A; Villanua, J; Cañada, M; Tainta, M; Zulaica, M; Bouzigues, A; Colliot, O; Rollin, A; Barandiaran, M; Alves, P; Bender, B; Wilke, C; Graf, L; Vogels, A; Vandenbulcke, M; Van Damme, P; Bruffaerts, R; Synofzik, M; Poesen, K; Kuchcinski, G; Cash, DM; Rosa-Neto, P; Gauthier, S; Camuzat, A; Brice, A; Bertrand, A; Funkiewiez, A; Sayah, S; Otto, M; Prix, C; Wlasich, E; Wagemann, O; Loosli, S; Thomas, DL; Schönecker, S; Hoegen, T; Lombardi, J; Bertoux, M; Lebouvier, T; Deramecourt, V; Santiago, B; Duro, D; Leitão, MJ; Premi, E; Todd, EG; Almeida, MR; Tábuas-Pereira, M; Afonso, S; Rowe, JB; Galimberti, D; Tiraboschi, P; Bartha, R; Shoesmith, C; Tartaglia, MC; van Swieten, JC; Nicholas, J; Gasparotti, R; Seelaar, H; Jiskoo, LC; Sorbi, S; Butler, CR; Gerhard, A; Sanchez-Valle, R
13-Dec-2022Skeletal muscle angiogenic, regulatory and heat shock protein responses to prolonged passive hyperthermia of the human lower limbGibson, O; Astin, R; Puthucheary, Z; Preston, S; Yadav, S; Gavins, F; González-Alonso, J
7-Nov-2022When Staying Home is Not Safe: An Investigation of the Role of Attachment Style on Stress and Intimate Partner Violence in the Time of COVID-19Gottlieb, L; Schmitt, DP
17-Oct-2022A ‘Limitations’ section should be mandatory in all scientific papersSumpter, JP; Runnalls, TJ; Johnson, AC; Barcelo, D
2023Digital CultureAcerbi, A
19-May-2022Motor imagery during action observation in virtual reality: the impact of watching myself performing at a level I have not yet achievedFrank, C; Hülsmann, F; Waltemate, T; Wright, DJ; Eaves, DL; Bruton, A; Botsch, M; Schack, T
14-Sep-2022Threat biases associate with anxiety and depression in physically-abused young people with a history of child labourSharma, NP; Dhakal, S; Oliver, A; Gupta, S; Kumari, V; Pandey, R; Niraula, S; Lau, JYF
4-May-2023The Seminar. Book IV: The Object Relation (1956-1957)Nobus, D
2-Jul-2022Targeting red cell‐derived ATP signalling to improve the aged muscle circulationGonzález‐Alonso, J
11-Jun-2022Effects of exercise intensity and duration at a predetermined exercise volume on executive function among Apolipoprotein E (APOE)-epsilon 4 carriersChang, Y-K; Karageorghis, CI; Wang, C-C; Li, R-H; Chen, F-T; Fang, R-Y; Hung, T-M
1-Apr-2022Introducing a novel music medicine for depressionYassari, A; Karageorghis, C; Moritz, S; Ohls, I; Gallinat, J; Kumari, V
26-May-2022An Examination of the Contextual Interference Effect and the Errorless Learning Model during Motor LearningRamezanzade, H; Saemi, E; Broadbent, DP; Porter, JM
3-Apr-2022The moralization bias of gods’ minds: a cross-cultural testPurzycki, BG; Willard, AK; Klocová, EK; Apicella, C; Atkinson, Q; Bolyanatz, A; Cohen, E; Handley, C; Henrich, J; Lang, M; Lesorogol, C; Mathew, S; McNamara, RA; Moya, C; Norenzayan, A; Placek, C; Soler, M; Vardy, T; Weigel, J; Xygalatas, D; Ross, CT
8-Oct-2021Altered interplay among large-scale brain functional networks underpins multi-domain anosognosia in early-ADValera Bermejo, JM; De Marco, M; Venneri, A
9-Nov-2022Alterations to Genome Organisation in Stem Cells, their Differentiation and Associated DiseasesBridger, JM; Torres Pereira, R; Pina, C; Tosi, S; Lewis, A
1-Apr-2022A systematic review with meta-analysis of the StartReact effect on motor responses in stroke survivors and healthy individualsDeLuca, M; Low, D; Kumari, V; Parton, A; Davis, J; Mohagheghi, AA
25-Feb-2022Simultaneous prediction of trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, haloacetonitriles and haloacetamides using simulated distribution system testsSfynia, C; Bond, T; Kanda, R; Templeton, M
8-Oct-2021The Spectrum of Acute Cerebrovascular Disease in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 Diagnosis at OLSU-STriay, R; Ansari, J; Winter, V; Riel-Romero, RMS; Gonzalez-Toledo, E; Gavins, FNE; Kelley, RE
19-Nov-2021Emotion Mapping: Understanding the relationship between emotion and space in long-term injured athletesGervis, M; Goldman, A; Grifiths, M
27-Jan-2022Utopia in AntwerpNobus, DM
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 226