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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2019Sniffing out resistance - Rapid identification of urinary tract infection-causing bacteria and their antibiotic susceptibility using volatile metabolite profilesSmart, A; Costello, BDL; White, P; Avison, M; Batty, C; Turner, C; Persad, R; Ratcliffe, N
27-Nov-2018Is food intolerance a factor underlying chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)?Batty, CA; Hunter, JO; Woolner, J; Baglin, T; Turner, C
2-May-2019Effects of Music, Video, and 360-Degree Video on Cycle Ergometer Exercise at the Ventilatory Threshold.Bird, JM; Karageorghis, CI; Baker, S; Brookes, D
2019Detection of distortions in images of natural scenes in mild traumatic brain injury patientsJennings, B; Schmidtmann, G; Wehbé, F; Kingdom, F; Farivar, R
2019The impact of physiological load on anticipation skills in badminton: From testing to trainingAlder, DB; Broadbent, DP; Stead, J; Poolton, J
27-Mar-2019Mechanical-ventilatory responses to peak and ventilation-matched upper- versus lower-body exercise in normal subjectsTiller, NB; Campbell, IG; Romer, LM
20-Jun-2018Small microbialites from the basal Triassic mudstone (Tieshikou, Jiangxi, South China): Geobiologic features, biogenicity, and paleoenvironmental implicationsYang, H; Chen, ZQ; Kershaw, S; Liao, W; Lü, E; Huang, Y
Feb-2017Prevalence of face recognition deficits in middle childhoodBennetts, RJ; Murray, E; Boyce, T; Bate, S
2019Being physically active through chronic illness: Life experiences of people with arthritisHunt, ER; Papathomas, A
2019Exploring attentional focus of older adult fallers during heightened postural threatEllmers, TJ; Cocks, AJ; Young, WR
2019Protein-coding variants implicate novel genes related to lipid homeostasis contributing to body-fat distributionJustice, AE; Karaderi, T; Highland, HM; Young, KL; Graff, M; Lu, Y; Turcot, V; Auer, PL; Fine, RS; Guo, X; Schurmann, C; Lempradl, A; Marouli, E; Mahajan, A; Winkler, TW; Locke, AE; Medina-Gomez, C; Esko, T; Vedantam, S; Giri, A; Lo, KS; Alfred, T; Mudgal, P; Ng, MCY; Heard-Costa, NL; Feitosa, MF; Manning, AK; Willems, SM; Sivapalaratnam, S; Abecasis, G; Alam, DS; Allison, M; Amouyel, P; Arzumanyan, Z; Balkau, B; Bastarache, L; Bergmann, S; Bielak, LF; Blüher, M; Boehnke, M; Boeing, H; Boerwinkle, E; Böger, CA; Bork-Jensen, J; Bottinger, EP; Bowden, DW; Brandslund, I; Broer, L; Burt, AA; Butterworth, AS; Caulfield, MJ; Cesana, G; Chambers, JC; Chasman, DI; Chen, YDI; Chowdhury, R; Christensen, C; Chu, AY; Collins, FS; Cook, JP; Cox, AJ; Drenos, F
5-Mar-2019Immunologic mechanisms of short-course of lolium perenne peptide immunotherapy: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trialSharif, H; Singh, I; Kouser, L; Mösges, R; Bonny, MA; Karamani, A; Parkin, RV; Bovy, N; Kishore, U; Robb, A; Katotomichelakis, M; Holtappels, G; Derycke, L; Corazza, F; von Frenckell, R; Wathelet, N; Duchateau, J; Legon, T; Pirotton, S; Durham, SR; Bachert, C; Shamji, MH
2019Cognitive biases and religious belief: a path model replication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a focus on anthropomorphismWillard, AK; Cingl, L; Norenzayan, A
20-Sep-2018Homozygous OB-fold variants in telomere protein TPP1 are associated with dyskeratosis congenita–like phenotypesTummala, H; Collopy, LC; Walne, AJ; Ellison, A; Cardoso, S; Aksu, T; Yarali, N; Aslan, D; Akata, RF; Teo, J; Songyang, Z; Pontikos, N; Fitzgibbon, J; Tomita, K; Vulliamy, T; Dokal, I
2019Self-esteem as an adaptive sociometer of mating success: Evaluating evidence of sex-specific psychological design across 10 world regionsSchmitt, DP; Jonason, PK
4-Mar-2019Health wearables in adolescents: Implications for body satisfaction, motivation and physical activityKerner, C; Burrows, A; McGrane, B
-Lacan's Écrits Revisited: On Writing as Object of DesireNobus, DM
8-Dec-2017Exercise is medicine? Most of the time for most; but not always for allWilliams, TL; Hunt, ER; Papathomas, A; Smith, B
2019Investigating adolescent girls’ perceptions and experiences of school-based physical activity to inform the Girls’ Peer Activity (G-PACT) intervention studyOwen, M; Kerner, C; Newson, L; Noonan, R; Curry, W; Kosteli, MC; Fairclough, S
2019Explain this, explore that: a study of parent-child interaction in a children’s museumWillard, A; Busch, JTA; Cullum, KA; Letourneau, SM; Sobel, DM; Callanan, M; Legare, CH
Feb-2019Eye Movement Dynamics Differ between Encoding and Recognition of FacesChan, A; Arizpe, J; Noles, D; Tsao, J
2019Cytogenetic biomarkers of radiation exposureAnderson, RM
2019Scientific Integrity Issues in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: improving research reproducibility, credibility, and transparency.Mebane, CA; Sumpter, JP; Fairbrother, A; Augspurger, TP; Canfield, TJ; Goodfellow, WL; Guiney, PD; LeHuray, A; Maltby, L; Mayfield, DB; McLaughlin, MJ; Ortego, L; Schlekat, T; Scroggins, RP; Verslycke, TA
1-Nov-2018Reply to Mynard et alPomella, N; Wilhelm, EN; Kolyva, C; González-Alonso, J; Rakobowchuk, M; Khir, AW
2019The consistency of superior face recognition skills in police officersBate, S; Frowd, C; Bennetts, R; Hasshim, N; Portch, E; Murray, E; Dudfield, G
2019Manipulation of mechanical ventilatory constraint during moderate intensity exercise does not influence dyspnoea in healthy older men and women.Molgat-Seon, Y; Ramsook, AH; Peters, CM; Schaeffer, MR; Dominelli, PB; Romer, LM; Road, JD; Guenette, JA; Sheel, AW
2017Nonvolitional assessment of tibialis anterior force and architecture during critical illnessConnolly, B; Maddocks, M; MacBean, V; Bernal, W; Hart, N; Hopkins, P; Rafferty, GF
2017Professional challenges in elite sports medicine and science: Composite vignettes of practitioner emotional laborHings, RF; Wagstaff, CRD; Anderson, V; Gilmore, S; Thelwell, RC
2018Self-perspective in episodic memory after parietal damage and in healthy ageing.Russell, C; Davies, S; Li, K; Musil, A-S; Malhotra, PA; Williams, AL
2018Better Preparing Sports Psychologists for the Demands of Applied Practice: The Emotional Labor Training GapHings, R; Wagstaff, C; Anderson, V; Gilmore, S; Thelwell, R
2018Individual differences in working memory and general intelligence indexed by P200 and P300: A latent variable modelWongupparaj, P; Sumich, A; Wickens, M; Kumari, V; Morris, RG
2018Individualistic, autonomous, and permissive: Examining the links between self-construal and sexual permissivenessTreger, TS; Schmitt
2018Telomere elongation through hTERT immortalisation leads to chromosome repositioning in control cells and genomic instability in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome fibroblasts, expressing a novel SUN1 isoform.Bridger, JM; Makarov, E; Anderson, R
5-Feb-2018Fungal melanin stimulates surfactant protein D-mediated opsonization of and host immune response to Aspergillus fumigatus sporesWah Wong, SS; Rani, M; Dodagatta-Marri, E; Ibrahim-Granet, O; Kishore, U; Bayry, J; Latgé, JP; Sahu, A; Madan, T; Aimanianda, V
2018Molecular isolation and characterization of the kisspeptin system, KISS and GPR54 genes in roach Rutilus rutilus.Geraudie, P; Gerbron, M; Lockyer, AE; Jobling, S; Minier, C
2018Combining trait and state model systems of psychosis: The effect of sleep deprivation on cognitive functions in schizotypal individualsKumari, V; Faiola, E; Meyhöfer, I; Kasparbauer, A-M; Ettinger, U
2018Problematic attention processing and fear learning in adolescent anxiety: testing a combined cognitive and learning process modelBaker, H; Barry, T; Kumari, V; Pandey, R; Niraula, S; Lau, J
2018Dynamic stretching is not detrimental to neuromechanical and sensorimotor performance of ankle plantarflexorsMohagheghi, AA; Pamboris, GM; Noorkoiv, M; Baltzopoulos, V
2018Testing ideas about visual perception from real-world observations using behavioral and eye tracking measuresMunneke, J; Corbett, J
2018Effects of lighting illuminance levels on stair negotiation performance in individuals with visual impairmentShaheen, AF; Sourlas, A; Horton, K; McLean, C; Ewins, D; Gould, D; Ghoussayni, S
2018Effect of diazoxide on friedreich ataxia modelsSantoro, A; Virmouni, SA; Paradies, E; Coa, VLV; Al-Mahdawi, S; Khoo, M; Porcelli, V; Vozza, A; Perrone, M; Denora, N; Taroni, F; Merla, G; Palmieri, L; Pook, MA; Marobbio, CMT
2018Weighing Outcome vs. Intent Across Societies: How cultural models of mind shape moral reasoningMcNamara, RA; Willard, AK; Norenzayan, A; Henrich, J
2018Differential expression of mTOR components in endometriosis and ovarian cancer: Effects of rapalogues and dual kinase inhibitors on mTORC1 and mTORC2 stoichiometryKarteris, E; ROGERS‑BROADWAY, KR; Kumar, J; Sisu, C; Wander, G; Mazey, E; JEYANEETHI, J; Pados, G; Tsolakidis, D; Klonos, E; Grunt, T; Hall, M; CHATTERJEE, J
2018Pharmacist services for non-hospitalised patients (Review)de Barra, M; Scott, CL; Scott, NW; Johnston, M; de Bruin, M; Nkansah, N; Bond, CM; Matheson, CL; Rackow, P; Williams, AJ; Watson, MC
2018PP1 Phosphatase Complexes: Undruggable No LongerVagnarelli, P; Alessi, D
2018Replication-transcription conflicts trigger extensive DNA degradation in Escherichia coli cells lacking RecBCDDimude, JU; Midgley-Smith, SL; Rudolph, C
2018Ki-67: More Hidden behind a ‘Classic Proliferation MarkerVagnarelli, P; Sales Gil, R
2018How many voices did you hear? Natural variability disrupts identity perception from unfamiliar voices.Lavan, N; Garrido, L; Burston, L
2018Understanding Palaeozoic stromatoporoid growthKershaw, SJ; Munnecke, A; Jarochowska, E
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 83