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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Psychological and psychophysiological effects of music intensity and lyrics on simulated urban drivingKarageorghis, C; Kuan, G; Payre, W; Mouchlianitis, E; Howard, L; Reed, N; Parkes, A
2021Exercise hyperthermia induces greater changes in gastrointestinal permeability than equivalent passive hyperthermiaWalter, E; Watt, P; Gibson, O; Willmott, A; Dominic, M; Moreton, R; Maxwell, N
2-Jun-2021Digitally Enabled Modular Construction for Promoting Modular Components Reuse: A UK ViewIacovidou, E; Purnell, P; Tsavdaridis, KD; Poologanathan, K
2021How do lipids influence risk of violence, self-harm and suicidality in people with psychosis? A systematic reviewSen, P; Adewusi, D; Blakemore, A; Kumari, V
22-Mar-2021Techno-economic assessment of a novel integrated system of mechanical-biological treatment and valorisation of residual municipal solid waste into hydrogen: A case study in the UKNg, KS; Phan, AN; Iacovidou, E; Wan Ab Karim Ghani, WA
2021A graph theory approach to clarifying aging and disease related changes in cognitive networksWright, LM; De Marco, M; Venneri, A
2021Palaeozoic stromatoporoid diagenesis: a synthesisKershaw, S; Munnecke, A; Jarochowska, E; Young, G
2021Syncytiotrophoblast Extracellular Vesicles from Late-Onset Preeclampsia Placentae suppress Pro-Inflammatory immune response in THP-1 MacrophagesAwoyemi, T; Motta-Mejia, C; Zhang, W; Kauser, L; White, K; Kandzija, N; Alhamlan, F; Cribbs, A; Tannetta, D; Mazey, E; Redman, C; Kishore, U; Vatish, M
2021Misalignment Between Perceptual Boundaries and Weight Categories Reflects a New Normal for Body Size PerceptionChan, A; Noles, D; Utkov, N; Akbilgic, O; Smith, W
2021Concern about falling is associated with segmental control when turning in older adultsCocks, A; Young, W; Ellmers, T; Jackson, R; Williams, AM
2021Volume and intensity of locomotor activity in international men’s field hockey matches over a two-year periodJames, CA; Gibson, O; Dhawan, A; Stewart, C; Willmott, A
5-Jan-2021Palaeozoic stromatoporoids and chaetetids analysed using Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD); implications for original mineralogy and microstructureKershaw, S; Balthasar, U; Da Silva, A-C; Seuss, B; Cusack, M; Eichenseer, K; Chung, P
2021Human Surfactant Protein D Binds Spike protein and acts as an entry inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 Pseudotyped viral particlesHsieh, M-H; Beirag, N; Murugaiah, V; Chou, Y-C; Kuo, W-S; Kao, H-F; Madan, T; Kishore, U; Wang, J-Y
2021Physical Activity and Mental Well-Being Under COVID-19 Lockdown: A Cross-Sectional Multination StudyKarageorghis, C; Bird, J; Hutchinson, J; Hamer, M; Delevoye-Turrell, Y; Guérin, S; Mullin, E; Mellano, K; Parsons-Smith, R; Terry, V; Terry, P
2021Conceptualizing abortion as adaptive: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater?Adair, L; Lozano, N
2021Nepnieuws ('Fake News')Nobus, D
5-Apr-2021A Comparison of Different Approaches for Characterizing Microplastics in Selected Personal Care ProductsRenner, KO; Foster, HA; Routledge, EJ; Scrimshaw, MD
2021Treatment of missing data determines conclusions regarding moralizing godsBeheim, B; Atkinson, Q; Bulbulia, J; Gervais, W; Gray, RD; Henrich, J; Lang, M; Monroe, MW; Muthukrishna, M; Norenzayan, A; Purzycki, BG; Shariff, A; Slingerland, E; Spicer, R; Willard, AK
21-May-2021Habitat disturbance alters color contrast and the detectability of cryptic and aposematic frogsBarnett, JB; Varela, BJ; Jennings, BJ; Lesbarrères, D; Pruitt, JN; Green, DM
2021Loneliness in the time of COVIDNorbury, R
6-Oct-2020Diabetic emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case–control studyHuda, MSB; Shaho, S; Trivedi, B; Fraterrigo, G; Chandrarajan, L; Zolfaghari, P; Dovey, TM; Garrett, CG; Chowdhury, TA
2021Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale full scale IQ of male admissions to a high secure psychiatric hospital over six decades.Murphy, D; Mitchell, J; Morley, E; Vacher, J; Ignazio, P
2021Measuring electrical activity in the brain during exercise: A review of methods, challenges, and opportunitiesBigliassi, M; Wright, M; Karageorghis, C; Nowicky, A
11-Jan-2021Positive schizotypy and the experience of creativity: The distinctive roles of suspiciousness and dispositional mindfulnessMcDonald, H; Babunashvili, M; Finn, A; Willard, A; Valmaggia, L; Chadwick, P; Antonova, E
2021MYB oncoproteins: emerging players and potential therapeutic targets in human cancerSala, A; Ciciro', Y
23-Nov-2020Discovery of rare variants associated with blood pressure regulation through meta-analysis of 1.3 million individualsSurendran, P; Feofanova, EV; Lahrouchi, N; Ntalla, I; Karthikeyan, S; Cook, J; Chen, L; Mifsud, B; Yao, C; Kraja, AT; Cartwright, JH; Hellwege, JN; Giri, A; Tragante, V; Thorleifsson, G; Liu, DJ; Prins, BP; Stewart, ID; Cabrera, CP; Eales, JM; Akbarov, A; Auer, PL; Bielak, LF; Bis, JC; Braithwaite, VS; Brody, JA; Daw, EW; Warren, HR; Drenos, F; Nielsen, SF; Faul, JD; Fauman, EB; Fava, C; Ferreira, T; Foley, CN; Franceschini, N; Gao, H; Giannakopoulou, O; Giulianini, F; Gudbjartsson, DF; Guo, X; Harris, SE; Havulinna, AS; Helgadottir, A; Huffman, JE; Hwang, SJ; Kanoni, S; Kontto, J; Larson, MG; Li-Gao, R; Lindström, J; Lotta, LA; Lu, Y; Luan, J; Mahajan, A; Malerba, G; Masca, NGD; Mei, H; Menni, C; Mook-Kanamori, DO; Mosen-Ansorena, D; Müller-Nurasyid, M; Paré, G; Paul, DS; Perola, M; Poveda, A; Rauramaa, R; Richard, M; Richardson, TG; Sepúlveda, N; Sim, X; Smith, AV; Smith, JA; Staley, JR; Stanáková, A; Sulem, P; Thériault, S; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Trompet, S; Varga, TV; Velez Edwards, DR; Veronesi, G; Weiss, S; Willems, SM; Yao, J; Young, R; Yu, B; Zhang, W; Zhao, JH; Zhao, W; Zhao, W; Evangelou, E; Aeschbacher, S; Asllanaj, E; Blankenberg, S; Bonnycastle, LL; Bork-Jensen, J; Brandslund, I; Braund, PS; Burgess, S
1-Feb-2021Military load carriage effects on the gait of military personnel: a systematic reviewWalsh, GS; Low, D
2021Validation of an adapted version of the Statistical Anxiety Scale in English and its relationship to attitudes towards statisticsO'Bryant, M; Natesan Batley, P; Onwuegbuzie, A
2021Perceptions of the appropriate response to norm violation in 57 societiesEriksson, K; Strimling, P; Gelfand, M; Van Lange, P; de Barra, M; 103 other authors
2021Genetic analysis in European ancestry individuals identifies 517 loci associated with liver enzymesPazoki, R; Marijana, V; Joshua, E; Evangelos, E; Dipender, G; Mohsen, G; Peter, VDM; Rui, CP; Matthias, W; Matthias, F; Verena, Z; Robert, DK; Harold, S; André, U; Lifelines, S; Julie, L; Xiyun, J; Saredo, S; David, K; Kyung, ML; Marina, S; Rotonya, C; Phil, T; Stephen, A; Abbas, D; Ioanna, T; M. Arfan, I; Karl-Heinz, H; Marjo-Riitta, J; Behrooz Z., A; Christopher, O; Danish, S; Benjamin, V; Kyong-Mi, C; Mark, T; Paul, E
15-Jan-2021FFA and OFA encode distinct types of face identity informationTsantani, M; Kriegeskorte, N; Storrs, K; Williams, AL; McGettigan, C; Garrido, L
29-Jan-2021Changes in gastrointestinal cell integrity after marathon running and exercise-associated collapseWalter, E; Gibson, OR; Stacey, M; Hill, N; Parsons, IT; Woods, D
2021Cultural variation in relationship maintenanceAdair, L; Ferenczi, N
2021Adaptive choice: Psychological perspectives on abortion and reproductive freedomAdair, L; Lozano, N
29-Jan-2021Targeting AnxA1/Fpr2/ALX Regulates Neutrophil Function Promoting Thrombo-Inflammation Resolution in Sickle Cell DiseaseAnsari, J; Senchenkova, EY; Vital, SA; Al-Yafeai, Z; Kaur, G; Sparkenbaugh, EM; Orr, AW; Pawlinski, R; Hebbel, RP; Granger, DN; Kubes, P; Gavins, F
2021Accurate Models vs Accurate Estimates: A Simulation Study of Bayesian Single-Case Experimental DesignsNatesan Batley, P; Hedges, L
2021Predicting response to a community-based educational workshop on incontinence among community-dwelling older women: post-hoc analysis of the CACTUS-D trial.Xavier, F; Van den Heuvel, E; Wagg, A; Ragot, S; Tannenbaum, C
4-Dec-2020The combination of physical and mental load exacerbates the negative effect of each on the capability of skilled soccer players to anticipate actionAlder, D; Broadbent, DP; Poolton, J
13-Dec-2020Multicompartment and cross-species monitoring of contaminants of emerging concern in an estuarine habitatMiller, TH; Ng, KT; Lamphiere, A; Cameron, TC; Bury, NR; Barron, LP
2020Lacan with Antigone: Tragedy and Desire in the Ethics of PsychoanalysisNobus, D
2021Social information use and social information wasteMorin, O; Jacquet, P; Vaesen, K; Acerbi, A
2020Membrane interactome of a recombinant fragment of human Surfactant Protein D reveals GRP78 as a novel binding partner in PC3, a metastatic prostate cancer cell lineThakur, G; Sathe, G; Kundu, I; Biswas, B; Gautam, P; Alkahtani, S; Idicula-Thomas, S; Sirdeshmukh, R; Kishore, U; Madan, T
2020Systemic but not local rehydration restores dehydration-induced changes in pulmonary function in healthy adultsMarshall, H; Gibson, OR; Romer, LM; Illidi, CR; Hull, JH; Kippelen, P
2020Approaches to monitoring and evaluation of resource recovery from waste towards a circular economyIacovidou, E; Lovat, E
2020Immunological basis of the Endometriosis: The Complement System as a Potential Therapeutic TargetAgostinis, C; Balduit, A; Mangogna, A; Zito, G; Romano, F; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
2020An interdisciplinary examination of stress and injury occurrence in athletesMullen, R; Fisher, H; Evans, L; Bitchell, L; Scutari, M; Gittoes, M
23-Nov-2020Investigation into Adaptation in Genes Associated with Response to Estrogenic Pollution in Populations of Roach (Rutilus rutilus) Living in English RiversHamilton, PB; Lockyer, AE; Uren Webster, TM; Studholme, DJ; Paris, JR; Baynes, A; Nicol, E; Dawson, DA; Moore, K; Farbos, A; Jobling, S; Stevens, JR; Tyler, CR
30-Nov-2020Respiratory influences on oxygen transport and exercise performance in health and diseaseRomer, LM
2020Understanding Infection Prevention Behaviour in Maternity Wards: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Hand Hygiene in Zanzibarde Barra, M; Gon, G; Woodd, S; Graham, W; de Bruin, M; Kahabuka, C; WIlliams, AJ; Konate, K; Ali, S; Said, R; Penn-kekana, L
30-Jan-2021Senescence and the GenomeBridger, JM; Foster, HA
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 233