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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jun-2020Pseudouridylation defect due to DKC1 and NOP10 mutations causes nephrotic syndrome with cataracts, hearing impairment, and enterocolitisBalogh, E; Chandler, JC; Varga, M; Tahoun, M; Menyhárd, DK; Schay, G; Goncalves, T; Hamar, R; Légrádi, R; Szekeres, Á; Gribouval, O; Kleta, R; Stanescu, H; Bockenhauer, D; Kerti, A; Williams, H; Kinsler, V; Di, W-L; Curtis, D; Kolatsi-Joannou, M; Hammid, H; Szőcs, A; Perczel, K; Maka, E; Toldi, G; Sava, F; Arrondel, C; Kardos, M; Fintha, A; Hossain, A; D’Arco, F; Kaliakatsos, M; Koeglmeier, J; Mifsud, W; Moosajee, M; Faro, A; Jávorszky, E; Rudas, G; Saied, MH; Marzouk, S; Kelen, K; Götze, J; Reusz, G; Tulassay, T; Dragon, F; Mollet, G; Motameny, S; Thiele, H; Dorval, G; Nürnberg, P; Perczel, A; Szabó, AJ; Long, DA; Tomita, K; Antignac, C; Waters, AM; Tory, K
2020Lacan's Balint: Synergies and Discords in a Professional FriendshipNobus, DM
2020The psychological consequences of (perceived) ionizing radiation exposure: a review on its role in radiation-induced cognitive dysfunction.Collett, G; Kai, C; William, Y; Mary, G; Anderson, R
2020Menthol as an ergogenic aid for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games: an expert led consensus statement using the modified Delphi methodBarwood, MJ; Gibson, OR; Gillis, JD; Jefferies, O; Morris, N; Pearce, J; Ross, ML; Stevens, C; Rinaldi, K; Mündel, T; Riera, F; Kounalakis, S; Waldron, M; Best, R
2020Conscious movement processing, fall-related anxiety, and the visuomotor control of locomotion in older adultsEllmers, T; Cocks, A; Kal, E; Young, W
3-Jun-2020Prime Movers: Effects of Subliminal Primes, Music, and Music Video on Psychological Responses to ExercisePottratz, ST; Hutchinson, JC; Karageorghis, CI; Mullin, EM; Zenko, Z
2020Finding the Spaces In Between, or How To Tackle the Persistence of PatriarchyNobus, DM
2020Serum levels of collectins are sustained during pregnancy: Surfactant protein D levels are dysregulated prior to missed abortionKale, K; Vishwekar, P; Balsarkar, G; Jassawalla, M; Alkahtani, S; Kishore, U; Sawant, G; Madan, T
2020Diurnal preference and grey matter volume in a large population of older adults: Data from the UK BiobankNorbury, R
19-Apr-2020Reduced emotional responsiveness in individuals with marginal elevation in blood pressure within the normal range: Evidence from altered affect-modulated startle responseShukla, M; Lau, JYF; Lissek, S; Pandey, R; Kumari, V
2020An invertebrate burn wound model that recapitulates the hallmarks of burn trauma and infection seen in mammalian models.Evgenia, M; Shi, Y; Sjöberg, F; Azevedo, HS; David, W; McCarthy, R
2020A Viral Revaluation of All Values?Nobus, DM
4-Feb-2020The Breast Size Satisfaction Survey (BSSS): Breast size dissatisfaction and its antecedents and outcomes in women from 40 nationsSwami, V; Tran, US; Barron, D; Afhami, R; Aimé, A; Almenara, CA; Alp Dal, N; Amaral, ACS; Andrianto, S; Anjum, G; Argyrides, M; Atari, M; Aziz, M; Banai, B; Borowiec, J; Brewis, A; Cakir Kocak, Y; Campos, JADB; Carmona, C; Chaleeraktrakoon, T; Chen, H; Chobthamkit, P; Choompunuch, B; Constantinos, T; Crumlish, A; Cruz, JE; Dalley, SE; Damayanti, D; Dare, J; Donofrio, SM; Draksler, A; Escasa-Dorne, M; Fernandez, EF; Ferreira, MEC; Frederick, DA; García, AA; Geller, S; George, A; Ghazieh, L; Goian, C; Gorman, C; Grano, C; Handelzalts, JE; Horsburgh, H; Jackson, T; Javela Delgado, LGJ; Jović, M; Jović, M; Kantanista, A; Kertechian, SK; Kessels, L; Król-Zielińska, M; Kuan, G; Kueh, YC; Kumar, S; Kvalem, IL; Lombardo, C; Luis López Almada, E; Maïano, C; Manjary, M; Massar, K; Matera, C; Mereiles, JFF; Meskó, N; Namatame, H; Nerini, A; Neto, F; Neto, J; Neves, AN; Ng, SK; Nithiya, DR; Omar, SS; Omori, M; Panasiti, MS; Pavela Banai, I; Pila, E; Pokrajac-Bulian, A; Postuvan, V; Prichard, I; Razmus, M; Sabiston, CM; Sahlan, RN; Sarfo, JO; Sawamiya, Y; Stieger, S; SturtzSreetharan, C; Tee, E; ten Hoor, GA; Thongpibul, K; Tipandjan, A; Tudorel, O; Tylka, T; Vally, Z; Vargas-Nieto, JC; Vega, LD; Vidal-Mollón, J; Vintila, M; Williams, D; Wutich, A; Yamamiya, Y
2020Natural and Trained Innate Immunity against Mycobacterium tuberculosisFerluga, J; Yasmin, H; Al-Ahdal, M; Bhakta, S; Kishore, U
2020Controlled Sleep Deprivation as an Experimental Medicine Model of Schizophrenia: An UpdateKumari, V; Ettinger, U
2020Acute effects of breaking up prolonged sedentary time on cardiovascular disease risk markers in adults with paraplegiaBailey, D
2020Psychometric Properties of the Decisional Balance Scale: A Confirmatory Study on the Malaysian University studentsKuan, G
10-Jan-2020Lepiniopsis ternatensis sap stimulates fibroblast proliferation and down regulates macrophage TNF-α secretionMoses, RL; Dally, J; Lundy, FT; Langat, M; Kiapranis, R; Tsolaki, AG; Moseley, R; Prescott, TAK
10-Mar-2020Collectins: Innate Immune Pattern Recognition MoleculesMurugaiah, V; Tsolaki, AG; Kishore, U
2020The Impact of Task Load on the Integration of Explicit Contextual Priors and Visual Information during AnticipationBroadbent, David P.; Findon, James L.; Williams, A. Mark; Bishop, Daniel T.
2020Attaching mass to the upper arm can increase throw distance in a modified javelin throwLinthorne, Nicholas P.; Heys, Martin R. E.; Reynolds, Tomas J.; Eckhart, Nils
2020Too much of a good thing: how ectopic DNA replication affects bacterial replication dynamicsSyeda, A; Dimude, J; Skovgaard, O; Rudolph, C
2020Negative afterimages facilitate the detection of real imagesKingdom, F; Tomuma, S; Jennings, B
25-Feb-2020Heat Acclimation with Controlled Heart RateTravers, G; Nichols, D; Riding, N; González-Alonso, J; Périard, JD
26-Nov-2019Traumas, Threats and Terrors: Psychoanalytic Sex and the Assaults on the Nervous SystemNobus, Dany
2020Lacan's Clinical Artistry: On Sublimation, Sublation and the SublimeNobus, Dany
2020The Shifting Landscape of Sexual NormalityNobus, Dany
2020Becoming Being: Chance, Choice and the Troubles of Trans•cursivityNobus, Dany
2020Arresting Masculinity: Anger, Hybridity and the Reproduction of Phallic SpaceNobus, Dany
2020The relationship of family characteristics, parental beliefs and parenting behaviours with the fundamental movement proficiency of primary school children in South East WalesMullen, R; Jarvis, S; Williams, M; Rainer, P; Saunders, J
29-Mar-2019Cardiovascular disease, ABO locus, and markers of platelet functionalityPazoki, R
27-Jul-2019Assessment of two musculoskeletal models in children with crouch gaitRavera, EP; Beret, JA; Riveras, M; Crespo, MJ; Shaheen, AF; Catalfamo Formento, PA
1-Aug-2019Sitting Time and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBailey, Daniel P.; Hewson, David J.; Champion, Rachael B.; Sayegh, Suzan M.
2020Childhood maltreatment and its mental health consequences among Indian adolescents with a history of child workPandey, R; Gupta, S; Upadhyay, A; Gupta, RP; Shukla, M; Mishra, RC; Arya, YK; Singh, T; Niraula, S; Yun Fai Lau, J; Kumari, V
3-Feb-2020Spatio temporal parameters and symmetry in subjects ascending and descending a ramp, using three different prosthetic feetRiveras, M; Ravera, E; Shaheen, AF; Ewins, D; Catalfamo-Formento, P
17-Oct-2019From Sense to Sensation: Francis Bacon, Pasting Paint and the Futility of Lacanian PsychoanalysisNobus, D
2020Odyssey of Surfactant Proteins, SP-A and SP-D: Innate Immune Surveillance MoleculesKishore, U; Bulla, R; Madan, T
2020Complement-independent Modulation of Influenza A virus infection by Factor HMurugaiah, V; Varghese, P; Saleh, S; Tsolaki, A; Alrokayan, S; Khan, H; Collison, K; Sim, R; Nal, B; Al-Mohanna, F; Kishore, U
2020Optimal mass of the arm segments in throwing: A two-dimensional computer simulation studyFasbender, Patrick; Korff, Thomas J.; Baltzopoulos, Vassilios B.; Linthorne, Nicholas P.
2019An interdisciplinary examination of attentional focus strategies used during running gait retrainingMoore, Isabel S.; Phillips, Daniel J.; Ashford, Kelly J.; Mullen, Richard; Goom, Thomas; Gittoes, Marianne R.J.
29-Mar-2019A Cultural Perspective on Good Governance in SportGirginov, V
18-Jan-2020The formation of disinfection by-products from the chlorination and chloramination of amidesSfynia, C; Bond, T; Kanda, R; Templeton, MR
2019Design and Materials in AthleticsLinthorne, N
6-Dec-2020Ex vivo detection and quantification of apically extruded volatile compounds and disinfection by-products by SIFT-MS, during chemomechanical preparation of infected root canalsIoannidis, K; Batty, C; Turner, C; Smith, D; Deb, S; Mannocci, F
14-Sep-2014Making sense of the Future: Visions and Transition Pathways of Laypeople and Professionals from 6 EU countries.Iacovidou, E; Wehrmeyer, W
2020The Madness of Princess Alice: Sigmund Freud, Ernst Simmel and Alice of Battenberg at Kurhaus Schloß TegelNobus, D
2020Levels of polychlorinated biphenyls are still associated with toxic effects in harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) despite having fallen below proposed toxicity thresholdsJobling, S; Williams, R; ten Doeschate, M; Curnick, D; Brownlow, A; Barber, J; Davidson, N; Deaville, R; Perkins, M; Jepson, P
2020HMTase Inhibitors as a Potential Epigenetic-based Therapeutic Approach for Friedreich’s AtaxiaSherzai, M; Valle, A; Perry, N; Kalef-Ezra, E; Al-Mahdawi, S; Pook, M; Anjomani-Virmouni, S
2020The impact of the “World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates” list on scientific publications and mediaAcerbi, A; Kerhoas, D; Webber, A; McCabe, G; Mittermeier, R; Schwitzer, C
27-Aug-2019Earliest known spatial competition between stromatoporoids: Evidence from the Upper Ordovician Xiazhen Formation of South ChinaJeon, J; Liang, K; Lee, M; Kershaw, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 165