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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Juvenile harbor porpoises in 1 the UK are exposed to 2 a more neurotoxic mixture of polychlorinated 3 biphenyls than adultsWilliams, R; Curnick, DJ; Barber, JL; Brownlow, A; Davison, N; Deaville, R; Perkins, M; Jobling, S; Jepson, P
2019Interocular difference thresholds are mediated by binocular differencing not summing channelsKingdom, F; Seulami, N; Jennings, B; Georgeson, M
2019Color improves edge classification in human visionBreuil, C; Jennings, B; Barthelme, S; Guyader, N; Kingdom, F
2019CRISPR-Cas9 causes chromosomal instability and re-arrangements in cancer cell lines, detectable by cytogenetic methodsLewis, A
Dec-2019Perceiving the emotions of PokémonJennings, B
2019Statistical stability and set size exert distinct influences on visual searchCorbett, J; Munneke, J
2019Anti-black attitudes are a threat to health equity in the United StatesMilner, A; Franz, B
9-Sep-2019The use of bacterial polysaccharides in bioprintingMcCarthy, RR; Ullah, MW; Booth, P; Pei, E; Yang, G
2019Uterine immunity and microbiota: A shifting paradigmAgostinis, C; Mangogna, A; Bossi, F; Ricci, G; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
11-Sep-2019Self‐protection and growth as the motivational force behind majority group members' cultural adaptation and discrimination: A parallel mediation model via intergroup contact and threatLefringhausen, K; Ferenczi, N; Marshall, TC
2019The Psychology of EatingDovey, T
2019Dynamic gut microbiome changes following regional intestinal lymphatic obstruction in primatesBecker, F; Gavins, FNE; Fontenot, J; Jordan, P; Yun, JY; Scott, R; Polk, PR; Friday, RE; Boktor, M; Musso, M; Romero, E; Boudreaux, S; Simmons, J; Hasselschwert, DL; Goetzmann, JE; Vanchiere, J; Cvek, U; Trutschl, M; Kilgore, P; Alexander, JS
2019Heat alleviation strategies for athletic performance: A review and practitioner guidelinesGibson, O; James, C; Mee, J; Willmott, A; Turner, G; Hayes, M; Maxwell, N
2019Microbialites and associated facies of the Late Ordovician system in Thailand: paleoenvironments and paleogeographic implicationsKershaw, S; Chitnarin, A; Noipow, N; Forel, MB; Junrattanamanee, T; Charoenmit, J
2019Heat acclimation attenuates the increased sensations of fatigue reported during acute exercise-heat stressWillmott, A; Hayes, M; James, C; Gibson, O; Maxwell, N
2019He looks “easy” and she’s not into it: Sexual exploitation cues and attraction.Adair, L; Hinton, T; Andersen, B
2019From Medical Devices to Everyday Products: Exploring cross-cultural perceptions of Assistive TechnologySpinelli, G; Micocci, M; Martin, W; Wang, Y-H
2019On the improvement of the trans-tibial amputee musculoskeletal model scaling by using a virtual marker approachEmiliano, R; Shaheen, A; Paola, CF
12-Jun-2019Let's Go: Psychological, psychophysical, and physiological effects of music during sprint interval exerciseStork, MJ; Karageorghis, CI; Martin Ginis, KA
5-Nov-2017Comparing the response modulation hypothesis and the integrated emotions system theory: The role of top-down attention in psychopathyMunneke, J; Hoppenbrouwers, SS; Little, B; Kooiman, K; van der Burg, E; Theeuwes, J
24-Jul-2019The domain-specificity of face matching impairments in 40 cases of developmental prosopagnosiaBate, S; Bennetts, RJ; Tree, JJ; Adams, A; Murray, E
2-Jul-2019Modelling emerging pollutants in wastewater treatment: A Case study using the pharmaceutical 17α−ethinylestradiolAcheampong, E; Dryden, IL; Wattis, JAD; Twycross, J; Scrimshaw, MD; Gomes, RL
2019Evidence of a link between fall-related anxiety and high-risk patterns of visual search in older adults during adaptive locomotionEllmers, T; Cocks, A; Young, W
2019An overview of the challenges and trade-offs in closing the loop of post-consumer plastic waste (PCPW): Focus on recyclingHahladakis, JN; Iacovidou, E
19-May-2019Neural responses to criticism and praise vary with schizotypy and perceived emotional supportPremkumar, P; Santo, MGE; Onwumere, J; Schürmann, M; Kumari, V; Blanco, S; Baker, J; Kuipers, E
2019The Ethnic Adornment Survey (EAS): Measuring Individuals’ Use of Clothing to Express Ethnic IdentityDiaconu, A; Gaines, SO
2019The RS4;11 cell line as a model for leukaemia with t(4;11)(q21;q23): revised characterisation of cytogenetic featuresRagusa, D; Makarov, E; Britten, O; Moralli, D; Green, C; Tosi, M
2019Eating behaviour, behavioural problems and sensory profiles of children with avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), autistic spectrum disorders or picky eating: same or different?Dovey, T; Kumari, V; Blissett, J
11-Dec-2017Early to mid-Holocene spatiotemporal vegetation changes and tsunami impact in a paradigmatic coastal transitional system (Doñana National Park, southwestern Europe)Manzano, S; Carrión, JS; López-Merino, L; Ochando, J; Munuera, M; Fernández, S; González-Sampériz, P
Jun-2019Test 333Cole, KE
4-Jun-2019Coping strategies for developmental prosopagnosiaAdams, A; Hills, PJ; Bennetts, R; Bate, S
2019Antimicrobial Inks: The Anti-Infective Applications of Bioprinted Bacterial PolysaccharidesMcCarthy, R; Ullah, MW; Pei, E; Yang, G
5-Sep-2018Governing bodies of sport as knowledge brokers in Sport-for-All communities of practiceWillem, A; Girginov, V; Toohey, K
31-Jan-2019Sniffing out resistance - Rapid identification of urinary tract infection-causing bacteria and their antibiotic susceptibility using volatile metabolite profilesSmart, A; Costello, BDL; White, P; Avison, M; Batty, C; Turner, C; Persad, R; Ratcliffe, N
27-Nov-2018Is food intolerance a factor underlying chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)?Batty, CA; Hunter, JO; Woolner, J; Baglin, T; Turner, C
2-May-2019Effects of Music, Video, and 360-Degree Video on Cycle Ergometer Exercise at the Ventilatory Threshold.Bird, JM; Karageorghis, CI; Baker, S; Brookes, D
2019Detection of distortions in images of natural scenes in mild traumatic brain injury patientsJennings, B; Schmidtmann, G; Wehbé, F; Kingdom, F; Farivar, R
2019The impact of physiological load on anticipation skills in badminton: From testing to trainingAlder, DB; Broadbent, DP; Stead, J; Poolton, J
27-Mar-2019Mechanical-ventilatory responses to peak and ventilation-matched upper- versus lower-body exercise in normal subjectsTiller, NB; Campbell, IG; Romer, LM
20-Jun-2018Small microbialites from the basal Triassic mudstone (Tieshikou, Jiangxi, South China): Geobiologic features, biogenicity, and paleoenvironmental implicationsYang, H; Chen, ZQ; Kershaw, S; Liao, W; Lü, E; Huang, Y
Feb-2017Prevalence of face recognition deficits in middle childhoodBennetts, RJ; Murray, E; Boyce, T; Bate, S
2019Being physically active through chronic illness: Life experiences of people with arthritisHunt, ER; Papathomas, A
2019Exploring attentional focus of older adult fallers during heightened postural threatEllmers, TJ; Cocks, AJ; Young, WR
2019Protein-coding variants implicate novel genes related to lipid homeostasis contributing to body-fat distributionJustice, AE; Karaderi, T; Highland, HM; Young, KL; Graff, M; Lu, Y; Turcot, V; Auer, PL; Fine, RS; Guo, X; Schurmann, C; Lempradl, A; Marouli, E; Mahajan, A; Winkler, TW; Locke, AE; Medina-Gomez, C; Esko, T; Vedantam, S; Giri, A; Lo, KS; Alfred, T; Mudgal, P; Ng, MCY; Heard-Costa, NL; Feitosa, MF; Manning, AK; Willems, SM; Sivapalaratnam, S; Abecasis, G; Alam, DS; Allison, M; Amouyel, P; Arzumanyan, Z; Balkau, B; Bastarache, L; Bergmann, S; Bielak, LF; Blüher, M; Boehnke, M; Boeing, H; Boerwinkle, E; Böger, CA; Bork-Jensen, J; Bottinger, EP; Bowden, DW; Brandslund, I; Broer, L; Burt, AA; Butterworth, AS; Caulfield, MJ; Cesana, G; Chambers, JC; Chasman, DI; Chen, YDI; Chowdhury, R; Christensen, C; Chu, AY; Collins, FS; Cook, JP; Cox, AJ; Drenos, F
5-Mar-2019Immunologic mechanisms of short-course of lolium perenne peptide immunotherapy: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trialSharif, H; Singh, I; Kouser, L; Mösges, R; Bonny, MA; Karamani, A; Parkin, RV; Bovy, N; Kishore, U; Robb, A; Katotomichelakis, M; Holtappels, G; Derycke, L; Corazza, F; von Frenckell, R; Wathelet, N; Duchateau, J; Legon, T; Pirotton, S; Durham, SR; Bachert, C; Shamji, MH
2019Cognitive biases and religious belief: a path model replication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a focus on anthropomorphismWillard, AK; Cingl, L; Norenzayan, A
20-Sep-2018Homozygous OB-fold variants in telomere protein TPP1 are associated with dyskeratosis congenita–like phenotypesTummala, H; Collopy, LC; Walne, AJ; Ellison, A; Cardoso, S; Aksu, T; Yarali, N; Aslan, D; Akata, RF; Teo, J; Songyang, Z; Pontikos, N; Fitzgibbon, J; Tomita, K; Vulliamy, T; Dokal, I
2019Self-esteem as an adaptive sociometer of mating success: Evaluating evidence of sex-specific psychological design across 10 world regionsSchmitt, DP; Jonason, PK
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 110