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Title: New loci associated with birth weight identify genetic links between intrauterine growth and adult height and metabolism
Authors: Horikoshi, M
Yaghootkar, H
Mook-Kanamori, DO
Sovio, U
Taal, HR
Hennig, BJ
Bradfield, JP
St Pourcain, B
Evans, DM
Charoen, P
Kaakinen, M
Dallongeville, J
Das, S
de Geus, EJC
Estivill, X
Flexeder, C
Froguel, P
Geller, F
Godfrey, KM
Gottrand, F
Groves, CJ
Zhao, J
Hansen, T
Hirschhorn, JN
Hofman, A
Hollegaard, MV
Hougaard, DM
Hyppoenen, E
Inskip, HM
Isaacs, A
Jorgensen, T
Kanaka-Gantenbein, C
Wilson, JF
Kemp, JP
Kiess, W
Kilpelainen, TO
Klopp, N
Knight, BA
Kuzawa, CW
McMahon, G
Newnham, JP
Niinikoski, H
Oostra, BA
Stumvoll, M
Pedersen, L
Postma, DS
Ring, SM
Rivadeneira, F
Robertson, NR
Sebert, S
Simell, O
Slowinski, T
Tiesler, CMT
Toenjes, A
Prentice, AM
Vaag, A
Viikari, JS
Vink, JM
Vissing, NH
Wareham, NJ
Willemsen, G
Witte, DR
Zhang, H
Meyer, BF
Pearson, ER
Boreham, CAG
Cooper, C
Gillman, MW
Dedoussis, GV
Cousminer, DL
Moreno, LA
Pedersen, O
Saarinen, M
Mohlke, KL
Boomsma, DI
Saw, S-M
Lakka, TA
Koerner, A
Loos, RJF
Ong, KK
Lehtimaki, T
Vollenweider, P
van Duijn, CM
Koppelman, GH
Hattersley, AT
Holloway, JW
Hocher, B
Heinrich, J
Power, C
Melbye, M
Guxens, M
Kreiner-Moller, E
Pennell, CE
Bonnelykke, K
Bisgaard, H
Eriksson, JG
Widen, E
Hakonarson, H
Uitterlinden, AG
Pouta, A
Lawlor, DA
Smith, GD
Warrington, NM
Frayling, TM
McCarthy, MI
Grant, SFA
Jaddoe, VWV
Jarvelin, M-R
Timpson, NJ
Prokopenko, I
Freathy, RM
Bustamante, M
Feenstra, B
Berry, DJ
Thiering, E
Pfab, T
Barton, SJ
Shields, BM
Kerkhof, M
van Leeuwen, EM
Fulford, AJ
Kutalik, Z
Zhao, JH
den Hoed, M
Mahajan, A
Lindi, V
Goh, L-K
Hottenga, J-J
Wu, Y
Raitakari, OT
Harder, MN
Meirhaeghe, A
Ntalla, I
Salem, RM
Jameson, KA
Zhou, K
Monies, DM
Lagou, V
Kirin, M
Heikkinen, J
Adair, LS
Alkuraya, FS
Al-Odaib, A
Amouyel, P
Andersson, EA
Bennett, AJ
Blakemore, AIF
Buxton, JL
Keywords: Genetics & Heredity;Blood-pressure;Fasting glucose;Head circumference;Glucokinase gene;Metaanalysis;Genome-wide association studies
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Citation: Nature Genetics, 45(1): pp. 76 - 82, (2013)
Abstract: Birth weight within the normal range is associated with a variety of adult-onset diseases, but the mechanisms behind these associations are poorly understood1. Previous genome-wide association studies of birth weight identified a variant in the ADCY5 gene associated both with birth weight and type 2 diabetes and a second variant, near CCNL1, with no obvious link to adult traits2. In an expanded genome-wide association meta-analysis and follow-up study of birth weight (of up to 69,308 individuals of European descent from 43 studies), we have now extended the number of loci associated at genome-wide significance to 7, accounting for a similar proportion of variance as maternal smoking. Five of the loci are known to be associated with other phenotypes: ADCY5 and CDKAL1 with type 2 diabetes, ADRB1 with adult blood pressure and HMGA2 and LCORL with adult height. Our findings highlight genetic links between fetal growth and postnatal growth and metabolism.
ISSN: 1061-4036
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