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Title: Expertise in chess
Authors: Gobet, F
Keywords: chess;expertise;Elo rating;knowledge;search;blindfold chess;talent;deliberate practice;eye movement;perception;memory;random positions;problem solving;decision making;seletive search;progressive deepening;planning;development;learning;training;education;individual differences;neuroscience
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: Gobet, F., & Charness, N. (2006). Chess and games. Cambridge handbook on expertise and expert performance (pp. 523-538). Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.
Abstract: This chapter provides an overview of research into chess expertise. After an historical background and a brief description of the game and the rating system, it discusses the information processes enabling players to choose good moves, and in particular the trade-offs between knowledge and search. Other topics include blindfold chess, talent, and the role of deliberate practice and tournament experience.
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