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Title: TOP2B: The first thirty years
Authors: Austin, CA
Lee, KC
Swan, RL
Khazeem, MM
Manville, CM
Cridland, P
Treumann, A
Porter, A
Morris, NJ
Cowell, IG
Keywords: Topoisomerase II;;TOP2;;Cell cycle;;cell biology;;transcription;;review
Issue Date: 14-Sep-2018
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2018, 19 (9)
Abstract: Type II DNA topoisomerases (EC are enzymes that catalyse topological changes in DNA in an ATP dependent manner. Strand passage reactions involve passing one double stranded DNA duplex (transported helix) through a transient enzyme-bridged break in another (gated helix). This activity is required for a range of cellular processes including transcription. Vertebrates have two isoforms: topoisomerase IIα and β. Topoisomerase IIβ was first reported in 1987. Here we review the research on DNA topoisomerase IIβ over the 30 years since its discovery.
ISSN: 1661-6596
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