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Title: Images of resistance: A photonarrative enquiry into the meanings of personal artwork for people living with cancer
Authors: Reynolds, F
Lim, KH
Prior, S
Keywords: Cancer;Phenomenology;Art;Photography;Leisure;Narrative
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Creativity Research Journal. 20 (2): 211–220, May 2008
Abstract: This study explored the meanings, inspirations and subjective significance of personal artwork created as a leisure activity by women living with cancer. A convenience sample of twelve women aged between 23-74 years participated in semi-structured interviews. Participants were living in various stages of the cancer trajectory, and engaged in several forms of visual art-making. They submitted examples of their artwork by photograph and then participated in semi-structured interviews. From a phenomenological analysis, the authors inferred a number of themes. Participants perceived a few pieces, made during chemotherapy, as expressing deeper feelings about cancer in symbolic terms. More prevalent in participants’ accounts were references to their artwork as a sensuous pleasure, and its confirmation of their ongoing capability, personal continuity and social connectedness. Participants acknowledged ongoing loss and difficulties related to cancer. However, each piece of art offered a measure of resistance against the psychologically and socially disruptive effects of cancer. The pre-interview photography activity was helpful for empowering participants in the interview, and for stimulating detailed memories and associations.
ISSN: 1040-0419
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