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Title: Virtual Reality current trends and proposed research
Authors: Aburumman, N
Koutzampasopoulou Xanthidou, O
Ben-Abdallah, H
Keywords: Virtual Reality (VR);Haptic feedback vibration;cyber - sickness
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Aburumman. N., Koutzampasopoulou Xanthidou. O., Ben-Abdallah. H. (2022) 'Virtual Reality current trends and proposed research' , pp. 1-5 doi:
Abstract: Among the hottest fields in Information Technology, together with AI/Machine Learning and Blockchain, just to name of couple more, Virtual Reality (as well as Augmented Reality and Extended Reality) are gaining momentum all the more every day. This is mainly because it is heavily applicable on a broad range of business and scientific domains reshaping the way human activities are done now and leaving promises for the near and far future. This short review study aims to provide some insights on the status of the main aspects of VR and some challenges to address as well as provide some possible research directions for anyone interested to delve into the field.
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