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Title: The economic burden of multimorbidity: Protocol for a systematic review
Authors: Banstola, A
Anokye, N
Pokhrel, S
Keywords: shystematic reviews;health economics;database searching;socioeconomic aspects of health;finance;medical risk factors;economics;public and occupational health
Issue Date: 2-May-2024
Publisher: Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Citation: Banstola, A., Anokye, N. and Pokhrel, S. (2024) 'The economic burden of multimorbidity: Protocol for a systematic review', PLOS ONE, 19 (5), e0301485 , pp. 1 - 10. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0301485.
Abstract: Multimorbidity, also known as multiple long-term conditions, leads to higher healthcare utilisation, including hospitalisation, readmission, and polypharmacy, as well as a financial burden to families, society, and nations. Despite some progress, the economic burden of multimorbidity remains poorly understood. This paper outlines a protocol for a systematic review that aims to identify and synthesise comprehensive evidence on the economic burden of multimorbidity, considering various definitions and measurements of multimorbidity, including their implications for future cost-of-illness analyses. The review will include studies involving people of all ages with multimorbidity without any restriction on location and setting. Cost-of-illness studies or studies that examined economic burden including model-based studies will be included, and economic evaluation studies will be excluded. Databases including Scopus (that includes PubMed/MEDLINE), Web of Science, CINAHL Plus, PsycINFO, NHS EED (including the HTA database), and the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Registry, will be searched until March 2024. The risk of bias within included studies will be independently assessed by two authors using appropriate checklists. A narrative synthesis of the main characteristics and results, by definitions and measurements of multimorbidity, will be conducted. The total economic burden of multimorbidity will be reported as mean annual costs per patient and disaggregated based on counts of diseases, disease clusters, and weighted indices. The results of this review will provide valuable insights for researchers into the key cost components and areas that require further investigation in order to improve the rigour of future studies on the economic burden of multimorbidity. Additionally, these findings will broaden our understanding of the economic impact of multimorbidity, inform us about the costs of inaction, and guide decision-making regarding resource allocation and cost-effective interventions. The systematic review’s results will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, presented at conferences, and shared via an online webinar for discussion.
Description: Data Availability: No datasets were generated or analysed during the current study. All relevant data from this study will be made available upon study completion.
Supporting information is available online at: .
Other Identifiers: ORCiD: Amrit Banstola
ORCiD: Nana Anokye
ORCiD: Subhash Pokhrel
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