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Title: Daily mood, partner support, sexual interest, and sexual activity among adolescent women
Authors: Fortenberry, JD
Temkit, M
Tu, W
Graham, CA
Katz, BP
Orr, DP
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Citation: Health Psychology, 24(3): 252-257, May 2005
Abstract: Objective: to examine day-to-day associations of coitus, sexual interest, partner emotional support, negative mood and positive mood among adolescent women. Methods: Women (ages 14 – 17 at enrollment; N=146) enrolled from one of three adolescent primary care clinics completed up to five 84-day diaries over a 27-month period. The diaries assessed partner interactions, sexual activity, substance use and mood. Partner-specific measures assessed on each day included partner emotional support (4 items; alpha = 0.94), argument with a partner (no/yes) and coitus (no/yes). Within-day measures assessed marijuana use (no/yes), Positive Mood (3-items; alpha = 0. 86); Negative Mood (3-items; alpha = 0.82) and Sexual Interest (1-item). Lagged measures of mood and sexual activity were included in multivariate models to control for recent mood and sexual behavior effects on current day mood and coitus. Two main analyses were conducted: coitus as a predictor of positive and negative mood; and the role of positive and negative mood as predictors of coitus. Analyses were conducted by multivariate mixed effect regression and mixed effect logistic regression models. Results: Data represent 28,376 days from 146 participants. The average number of diary days was 194 days per participant. Sexual activity was reported on 8.3% of days, with condoms used for 27.0% of these coital events. Marijuana was used on 11% of days. Significant predictors of positive mood on a given day included partner support, marijuana use, and coitus. Negative mood was associated with having an argument with a partner and with prior day coitus. Predictors of coitus on a given day included age (Odds ratio = 1.22), increased coital frequency in previous week (OR = 1.49), coitus on the previous day (1.21), increased same-day sexual interest (OR = 2.8) and decreased same-day negative mood (OR = 0.92). Conclusions: The data demonstrate complex associations of sexual interest, mood, partner interactions and sexual activity.
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ISSN: 0278-6133
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