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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Association Between Negative Attributional Style and Working Memory PerformanceSaylik, R; Szameitat, AJ
2017Removal of priority hazardous pollutants in municipal sewage effluent to meet environmental quality standards of the European Water Framework Directive using TAML ActivatorsKanda, R
2018The Feasibility of a Novel School Peer-led Mentoring Model to Improve the Physical Activity Levels and Sedentary Time of Adolescent Girls: The Girls’ Peer Activity (G-PACT) ProjectOwen, MB; Kerner, C; Taylor, SL; Noonan, RJ; Newson, L; Kosteli, C; Curry, WB; Fairclough, SJ
2018Editorial: Macromolecular Structure Underlying Recognition in Innate ImmunityKishore, U
2015The dual function of social gazeGobel, MS; Kim, HS; Richardson, DC
2017Social Beliefs and Visual Attention: How the Social Relevance of a Cue Influences Spatial OrientingGobel, MS; Tufft, MRA; Richardson, DC
2017Predicting the Formation of Haloacetonitriles and Haloacetamides by Simulated Distribution System TestsSfynia, C; Bond, T; Ganidi, N; Kanda, R; Templeton, MR
201836th International Conference on Biomechanics in SportsLinthorne, NP
2018Chromosomal over-replication in Escherichia coli recG cells is triggered by replication fork fusion and amplified if replichore symmetry is disturbedMidgley-Smith, SL; Dimude, JU; Taylor, T; Forrester, NM; Upton, AL; Lloyd, RG; Rudolph, CJ
2018Approach and avoidance during routine behavior and during surprise in a non-evaluative task: Surprise matters and so does the valence of the surprising eventSchutzwohl, A
2013The movement advantage in famous and unfamiliar faces: A comparison of point-light displays and shape-normalised avatar stimuliBennetts, RJ; Kim, J; Burke, D; Brooks, KR; Lucey, S; Saragih, J; Robbins, RA
2015Processing deficits for familiar and novel faces in patients with left posterior fusiform lesionsRoberts, DJ; Lambon Ralph, MA; Kim, E; Tainturier, M-J; Beeson, PM; Rapcsak, SZ; Woollams, AM
2018Europe’s Culture(s): Negotiating Cultural Meanings, Values, and Identities in the European ContextGobel, M; Benet-Martinez, V; Mesquita, B; Uskul, A
2018Leaders in Interdependent Contexts Suppress Nonverbal Assertiveness: A Multilevel Analysis of Japanese University Club Leaders' and Members' Rank SignalingIto, A; Gobel, M; Uchida, Y
2010Colour detection thresholds as a function of chromatic adaptation and light levelJennings, BJ; Barbur, JL
2015Detection of chromatic and luminance distortions in natural scenesJennings, BJ; Wang, K; Menzies, S; Kingdom, FAA
-Detection of between-eye differences in color: Interactions with luminanceJennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2016Combining S-cone and luminance signals adversely affects discrimination of objects within backgroundsJennings, BJ; Tsattalios, K; Chakravarthi, R; Martinovic, J
2015Chromatic contrast in luminance-defined images affects performance and neural activity during a shape classification taskJennings, BJ; Martinovic, J
2015Shape recognition: convexities, concavities and things in betweenSchmidtmann, G; Jennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2015Probability, not linear summation, mediates the detection of concentric orientation-defined texturesSchmidtmann, G; Jennings, BJ; Bell, J; Kingdom, FAA
2014Luminance and color inputs to mid-level and high-level visionJennings, BJ; Martinovic, J
2013Low-level and high-level modulations of fixational saccades and high frequency oscillatory brain activity in a visual object classification taskKosilo, M; Wuerger, SM; Craddock, M; Jennings, BJ; Hunt, AR; Martinovic, J
2014What lies beneath: A comparison of reading aloud in pure alexia and semantic dementiaWoollams, AM; Hoffman, P; Roberts, DJ; Lambon Ralph, MA; Patterson, KE
2013Impaired integration of object knowledge and visual input in a case of ventral simultanagnosia with bilateral damage to area V4Leek, EC; d'Avossa, G; Tainturier, MJ; Roberts, DJ; Yuen, SL; Hu, M; Rafal, R
2018When does less yield more? The impact of severity upon implicit recognition in pure alexiaRoberts, DJ; Lambon Ralph, MA; Woollams, AM
2015Does long-term passive stretching alter muscle-tendon unit mechanics in children with spastic cerebral palsy?Mohagheghi, AA; Theis, N; Korff, T
2017Chromatic blur perception in the presence of luminance contrastJennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2017Searching for Radial SymmetryJennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2017Common contextual influences in ambiguous and rivalrous figuresOuhnana, M; Jennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2018Adaptation to interocular differenceJennings, B; Kingdom, FAA; Georgeson, MA
2017Pupil dilation to illusory motion in peripheral drift images: Perception versus realityBeukema, S; Olson, JA; Jennings, BJ; Kingdom, FAA
2018Sport and dance interventions for healthy young people (15-24 years) to promote subjective wellbeing: A systematic reviewMansfield, L; Kay, T; Meads, C; Grigsby Duffy, L; Lane, J; John, A; Daykin, N; Dolan, P; Testoni, S; Julier, G; Payne, A; Tomlinson, A; Victor, C
2018Prognostic value of the DNA integrity index in patients with malignant lung tumorsChudasama, DY; Aladag, Z; Felicien, MI; Hall, M; Beeson, J; Asadi, N; Gidron, Y; Karteris, E; Anikin, VB
14-Mar-2018Manipulation of host and parasite microbiotas: Survival strategies during chronic nematode infectionWhite, EC; Houlden, A; Bancroft, AJ; Hayes, KS; Goldrick, M; Grencis, RK; Roberts, IS
2017Super-recognition in development: A case study of an adolescent with extraordinary face recognition skillsBennetts, RJ; Mole, J; Bate, S
2018A recombinant fragment of Human Surfactant Protein D induces apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cell lines via Fas-mediated pathwayKaur, A; Riaz, MS; Murugaiah, V; Varghese, PM; Singh, SK; Kishore, U
2018Effects of an acute bout of dynamic stretching on biomechanical properties of the gastrocnemius muscle determined by Shear Wave ElastographyMohagheghi, AA; Pamboris, GM; Noorkoiv, M; Baltzopoulos, V; Gokalp, H; Marzilger, R
2018The Impact of Contextual Priors and Anxiety on Performance Effectiveness and Processing Efficiency in AnticipationBroadbent, D; Gredin, NV; Rye, JL; Williams, AM; Bishop, DT
2018Involvement of the glutamine RF-amide peptide (QRFP) and its cognate receptor GPR103 in prostate cancerKarteris, E; Kawan, M; Kyrou, I; Ramanjaneya, M; Williams, K; Jeyaneethi, J; Randeva, H
2018Prognostic value of the DNA Integrity Index in patients with malignant lung tumoursKarteris, E
2018Present-day monitoring underestimates the risk of exposure to pathogenic bacteria from cold water storage tanksRoutledge, EJ; Peter, A
Apr-2018The consequences of exposure to mixtures of chemicals: Something from ‘nothing’ and ‘a lot from a little’ when fish are exposed to steroid hormonesThrupp, TJ; Runnalls, TJ; Scholze, M; Kugathas, S; Kortenkamp, A; Sumpter, JP
2018Experts Integrate Explicit Contextual Priors and Environmental Information to Improve Anticipation EfficiencyGredin, V; Bishop, D; Broadbent, D; Tucker, A; Williams, A
2018Therapeutic encounters and the elicitation of community careSteinkopf, L; de Barra, M
2017Reporting bias inflates the reputation of medical treatments: A comparison of outcomes in clinical trials and online product reviews-
2018Repeat associated mechanisms of genome evolution and function revealed by theMus caroliandMus paharigenomes.Roller, M; Navarro, FCP; Fiddes, I; Streeter, I; Feig, C; Martin-Galvez, D; Kolmogorov, M; Janoušek, V; Akanni, W; Aken, B; Aldridge, S; Chakrapani, V; Chow, W; Clarke, L; Cummins, C; Doran, A; Dunn, M; Goodstadt, L; Howe, K; Howell, M; Josselin, A-A; Karn, RC; Laukaitis, CM; Jingtao, L; Martin, F; Muffato, M; Nachtweide, S; Quail, MA; Sisu, C; Stanke, M; Stefflova, K; Van Oosterhout, C; Veyrunes, F; Ward, B; Yang, F; Yazdanifar, G; Zadissa, A; Adams, DJ; Brazma, A; Gerstein, M; Paten, B; Pham, S; Keane, TM; Odom, DT; Flicek, P
2014How feedback biases give ineffective medical treatments a good reputationEriksson, K; Strimling, P
2018Diverse Partner Selection with Brood Recombination in Genetic ProgrammingAslam, MW; Zhu, Z
2017Scientific challenges in the risk assessment of food contact materialsMuncke, J; Backhaus, T; Geueke, B; Maffini, MV; Martin, OV; Myers, JP; Soto, AM; Trasande, L; Trier, X; Scheringer, M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1390