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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Advances in corporate brand, corporate heritage, corporate identity and corporate marketing scholarshipBalmer, JMT
2009Aligning identity and strategy: Corporate branding at British Airways in the late 20th centuryBalmer, JMT; Stuart, H; Greyser, SA
2006Alliance brands: Building corporate brands through strategic alliances?He, HW; Balmer, JMT
2010The BP Deepwater Horizon débâcle and corporate brand exuberanceBalmer, JMT
2012The brand, culture & stakeholder-based brand management phenomenon: an international Delphi studyWilson, Jonathan
2016Coporate heritage torism brand attractiveness. The case of Tong Ren Tang and Chinese national identityBalmer, JMT; Chen, W
2016The corporate brand and strategic direction: Senior business school managers’ cognitions of corporate brand building and managementBalmer, JMT; Wang, W-Y
2012Corporate brand management imperatives: Custodianship, credibility, and calibrationBalmer, JMT
2008Corporate brands, the British Monarchy, and the resource-based view of the firmBalmer, JMT
3-Mar-2020“Corporate Heritage Brand Traits and Corporate heritage brand identity: the case study of John Lewis”Sameour, A; Chen, W; Balmer, JMT
2017Corporate heritage brands in China. Consumer engagement with China’s most celebrated corporate heritage brand – Tong Ren Tang: 同仁堂Balmer, JMT; Chen, W
2017Corporate heritage brands, augmented role identity and customer satisfactionBalmer, JMT; Chen, WF
2014Corporate heritage identity management and the multi-modal implementation of a corporate heritage identityBurghausen, M; Balmer, JMT
2015Corporate heritage identity stewardship: A corporate marketing perspectiveBurghausen, M; Balmer, JMT
2014Corporate Heritage Stewardship: A Corporate Marketing PerspectiveBurghausen, M; Balmer, JMT
2016Corporate heritage tourism brand attractiveness and national identityBalmer, JMT; Chen, WF
2017The corporate identity, total corporate communications, stakeholders’ attributed identities, identifications and behaviours continuum.Balmer, JMT
2009Corporate marketing: Apocalypse, advent and epiphanyBalmer, JMT
2019Crafting the forever now: corporate heritage brand innovation at John Lewis PartnershipSammour, A; Chen, W; Balmer, JMT; Botchie, D; Faraday, J
2015Explicating Corporate Hertiage, Corporate Heritage Brands, and Organisational HeritageBalmer, JMT; Burghausen, M