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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2023Value Co-creation for Strategic Development in Public Service: A Study of the OTOP Programme in ThailandBejrananda, M; Lam, B; Choi, Y
9-Oct-2023Meet Me at the Local Shop: Designing Community Anchors for Customer EngagementWoo, E; Kim, C; Kwon, H; Ryu, Y; Choi, Y; Nam, K-Y
18-Aug-2023Toward automated life cycle assessment for additive manufacturing: A systematic review of influential parameters and framework designNaser, AZ; Defersha, F; Pei, E; Zhao, YF; Yang, S
1-Aug-2023Inclusive Privacy Control at Home for Smart HealthManohar, A; Sengul, C; Chen, J
19-Jun-2023Deployment of an autonomous fleet of UAVs for Assessing the NDVI of Regenerative FarmingAlmalki, FA; Angelides, MC
24-Mar-2023Low-Carbon Behaviour in Older Chinese Migrants: Theoretical ModelsNi, Q; Kaniadakis, A; Dong, H
2023The Keeper of Paintings at the National Gallery, London: Co-Designing an Immersive Experience in Art with and for ChildrenGaraj, V; Singer, C; Bennett, J; Yin, L; Choi, Y
2023A Comparison of design interventions in social enterprise ecosystems in the UK and South KoreaKwon, H; Choi, Y; Lam, B
2023Inclusive Immersion: A Review of Efforts to Improve Accessibility in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the MetaverseDudley, J; Yin, L; Garaj, V; Kristensson, PO
2023Inclusive Immersion: Barriers to Enjoyment and Emerging Design Principles for More Accessible Virtual and Augmented RealityYin, L; Dudley, J; Garaj, V; Kristensson, PO
1-Dec-2022Ten Years On, Co-Innovate: 10 Years of Collaborative Innovation at Brunel University LondonGaraj, V
2023Design for social enterprises: How to form a design–innovation ecosystem for social enterprisesKwon, H; Choi, Y; Lam, B; Garaj, V
2023In the Eye of the Flourish Wheel: An Assessment of Users’ Health, Well-Being and Productivity in University Research RoomsGaraj, V; Al-Dmour, Y; Al-Qaralleh, H
2023Envisioning the Future of Virtual Production in Filmmaking: A Remote Co-Design StudyBodini, A; Colecchia, F; Manohar, A; Harrison, D; Garaj, V
12-Aug-2022The making of a makerspace in Ethiopia: A study of legitimacy using Actor-Network TheoryCorsini, L
11-Jun-2022Laser cutting assisted fabrication of assembled solid-state supercapacitors based on polypyrrole coated paperZhang, R; Cai, S; Wu, Q; Zhu, Y; Yin, X; Xu, Y; Yang, Y; Chang, H
19-Jul-2015Co-design: An Investigation Through Interviewing Expert in EuropeDong, H; Shu, Y; Chen, Z
8-Mar-2022Healthcare Innovation: whose job is it anyway?Spinelli, G
22-Jan-2022Addressing gender dimensions in energy innovations: A gender analysis framework for informal urban settlements in AfricaAnditi, C; Musango, JK; Smit, S; Ceschin, F
10-Jan-2022Call for papers: “Special Purpose Money for Sustainability”Hornborg, A; Paulsson, A; Spinelli, G; Weaver, PM
3-Jan-2022Development of living labs to support gendered energy technology innovation in poor urban environmentsMukama, M; Musango, JK; Smit, S; Ceschin, F; Petrulaityte, A
15-Nov-2021Experimental investigation on the effect of accelerated ageing conditions on the pull-out capacity of compressed wood and hardwood dowel type fastenersMehra, S; Harte, AM; Sotayo, A; Guan, Z; O'Ceallaigh, C
23-Aug-2021Temperature oscillation of a dual compensation chamber loop heat pipe under acceleration conditionsLv, X; Xie, Y; Zhang, H; Xu, Y; Wu, H; Day, R; Ren, J
2021Coupling multifunction drones with AI in the fight against the coronavirus pandemicAlmalki, F; Alotaibi, A; Angelides, M
19-Jul-2021Trust in Home: Rethinking Interface Design in IoTManohar, A; Sengul, C; Chen, J
3-Jul-2021Editorial PIAM June 2021Pei, E
24-May-2021Adaptive memetic differential evolution with niching competition and supporting archive strategies for multimodal optimizationSheng, W; Wang, X; Wang, Z; Li, Q; Chen, Y
2021Improvement of Surface Finish for Additive Manufactured Parts - A Comparison Study of Six Post Processing TechniquesPei, E; Nsengimana, J; Van Der Walt, JG
6-Feb-2021Editorial PIAM January 2021Pei, E
11-Oct-2020IEEE P2814 Recommended Practice on Techno-economic Metrics for Hybrid Energy and Storage Systems : IEEE P2814 Techno-economic Terminology Working GroupSing Lai, C; Wang, D; Sanders, M; Lei Lai, L
5-Aug-2020Mainstreaming gender to achieve security of energy services in poor urban environmentsMusango, JK; Smit, S; Ceschin, F; Ambole, A; Batinge, B; Petrulaityte, A; Mukama, M
2012Transforming temple streets in the new digital eraPasupuleti, R; Ramdoss, S; Mittal, J; Manohar, A
2017Human Capital Accumulation for Community DevelopmentChoi, K; Kim, B; Kim, D; Shim, C; Choi, Y
17-Feb-2020Employee use of public social media: theories, constructs and conceptual frameworksChen, Qiang; Hu, Junyan; Zhang, Wei; Evans, Richard; Ma, Xiaoyue
4-Mar-2019A Platform for Third World Solidarity: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine BulletinAbdulla, D
10-May-2018Development, characterisation and Finite Element modelling of novel waste carpet composites for structural applicationsSotayo, A; Green, S; Turvey, G
Jun-2020Developing a High Chair to Meet the Needs of Infants with Achondroplasia: A Collaboration Between Evelina London Children's Hospital and Brunel UniversityMassey, J; Phillips, K; Lawrence, J; Davies, A; Harris, L; Cocca, A; Spinelli, G; Garaj, V; Irving, M; Cheung, M
2020Methods to re-use and recycle aluminum machining swarfAnguilano, L; Minton, T; McKay, B; Uka, J
2019Sleep faster, we need the pillowsAbdulla, D
2019‘Invisible Minorities’: Exploring Improvement Strategies for Social Care Services aimed at Elderly Immigrants in the UK using Co-Design MethodsBalezdrova, N; Choi, Y; Lam, B
11-Sep-2019Experimenting with a structured approach to building complementary economies for community resilience and positive social impact using digital social currencies and social valuation of transactionsWeaver, PM; Spinelli, G
7-Nov-2018An analysis of key process parameters for hybrid manufacturing by material extrusion and CNC machiningPaz, R; Santamarta, J; Monzón, MD; García, J; Pei, E
11-Nov-2016Self-Powered and Bio-Inspired Dynamic Systems: Research and EducationKhoshnoud, F; Esat, II; Bonser, RHC; de Silva, CW; McKerns, MM; Owhadi, H
20-Dec-2018Web services-based knowledge sharing, reuse and integration in the design evaluation of mechanical systemsLiu, J; Zhang, Z; Evans, R; Xie, Y
2018Erratum to: A Study of Metal Free Supercapacitors Using 3D Printing (International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, (2018), 19, 7, (1071-1079), 10.1007/s12541-018-0127-7)Tanwilaisiri, A; Xu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J; Arier, M
20-Nov-2013Dressing up LondonEdizel, O; Evans, G; Dong, H
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 46 of 46