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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Allocation of dump load in islanded microgrid using the mixed-integer distributed ant colony optimizationKreishan, MZ; Zobaa, AF
2021Advanced THz MIMO Sparse Imaging Scheme Using Multi-pass Synthetic Aperture Focusing and Low Rank Matrix Completion TechniquesHu, S; Shu, C; Alfadhl, Y; Chen, X
2-Aug-2021Towards accurate calculation of supercapacitor electrical variables in constant power applications using new analytical closed-form expressionsĆalasan, M; Zobaa, AF; Hasanien, HM; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Ali, ZM
27-Jun-2021Adaptive Keyframe Selection for Light-Weighted SLAM Using RGB-D CamerasQin, Q; Meng, H; Yang, Y
15-Jun-2021TSSM: Three-State Switchable Memristor Model Based on Ag/TiOx Nanobelt/Ti ConfigurationJi, X; Qi, D; Dong, Z; Lai, CS; Zhou, G; Hu, X
2021Open-circuit Fault Detection and Classification of Modular Multilevel Converters in High Voltage Direct Current Systems (MMC-HVDC) with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) methodNandi, A; Wang, Q; Yuexiao, Y; Ahmed, H; Darwish, M
2021Optimized Energy – Efficient Path Planning Strategy in WSN with Multiple Mobile SinksAl-Kaseem, B; Taha, Z; Abdulmajeed, S; Al-Raweshidy, H
12-Sep-2019Two-stage optimal scheduling of air conditioning resources with high photovoltaic penetrationsWang, D; Wu, R; Li, X; Lai, CS; Wu, X; Wei, J; Xu, Y; Wu, W; Lai, LL
22-Apr-2021Neuromorphic Extreme Learning Machines with Bimodal Memristive SynapsesDong, Z; Lai, CS; Zhang, Z; Qi, D; Gao, M; Duan, S
4-May-2021A stochastic sensitivity-based multi-objective optimization method for short-term wind speed interval predictionChen, X; Lai, CS; Ng, WWY; Pan, K; Lai, LL; Zhong, C
2021Adaptive Mho distance protection for interconnected transmission lines compensated with thyristor controlled series capacitorAbo-Hamad, GM; Ibrahim, DK; Aboul Zahab, E; Zobaa, AF
2021Degree and Noise Power Estimation from Noisy Polynomial Data via AR ModellingNandi, A
26-Mar-2021A Deep Learning based Hybrid Method for Hourly Solar Radiation ForecastingLai, CS; Zhong, C; Pan, K; Ng, WWY; Lai, LL
18-Mar-2021Deep autoencoder with localized stochastic sensitivity for short-term load forecastingWang, T; Lai, CS; Ng, WWY; Pan, K; Zhang, M; Vaccaro, A; Lai, LL
2021A unified optimization model of feature extraction and clustering for spike sortingHuang, L; Gan, L; Ling, BW-K
2021Data Fusion based Two-stage Cascade Framework for Multi-Modality Face Anti-SpoofingLiu, W; Wei, X; Lei, T; Wang, X; Meng, H; Nandi, A
18-Feb-2021A novel fast-charging stations locational planning model for electric bus transit systemWu, X; Feng, Q; Bai, C; Lai, CS; Jia, Y; Lai, LL
-Smart coordination of virtual energy storage systems for distribution network managementWang, D; Lai, CS; Li, X; Wu, R; Gao, X; Lai, LL; Wu, X; Xu, Y; Wen, Y; Vaccaro, A
2021A new approach for parameters estimation of double and triple diode models of photovoltaic cells based on iterative Lambert W functionĆalasan, M; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2021Event Modeller Data Analytic for Harmonic FailuresZamsyah, F; Mousavi, A; Danishvar, M
27-Nov-2020Residential Demand Response Strategies and Applications in Active Distribution Network ManagementDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Taylor, GA; Munisami, KJ
2020Broken Power Strand Detection with Aerial Images: A Machine Learning based ApproachPan, Y; Liu, F; Yang, J; Zhang, W; Li, Y; Lai, CS; Wu, X; Lai, LL; Hong, B
2020Comprehensive analysis of the impact of the TCSC on distance relays in interconnected transmission networksIbrahim, DK; Abo-Hamad, GM; Aboul Zahab, EEM; Zobaa, AF
2020A ten-year literature review of content-based image retrieval (CBIR) studies in the tourism industryAmmatmanee, C; Gan, L
2020Multi-view Neural Network Ensemble for Short and Mid-term Load ForecastingLai, CS; Yang, Y; Pan, K; Zhang, J; H.L. Yuan, HL; Ng, WWY; Gao, Y; Zhao, Z; Wang, T; Shahidehpour, M; Lai, LL
2020Holoscopic 3D Microgesture Recognition by Deep Neural Network Model based on Viewpoint Images and Decision FusionLiu, Y; Peng, M; Swash, M; Chen, T; Qin, R; Meng, H
2020Optimal sizing of BESS in smart microgrid considering virtual energy storage system and high photovoltaic penetrationXie, C; Wang, D; Lai, CS; Wu, R; Wu, X; Lai, LL
2020Assessment of mini and micro hydropower potential in Egypt: Multi-criteria analysisEshra, NM; Zobaa, AF; Abdel Aleem, SHE
24-Sep-2020Current methods for operational modal analysis of rotating machinery and prospects of machine learningSternharz, G; Kalganova, T
30-Oct-2020Automatic Modulation Recognition: A Few-Shot Learning Method Based on the Capsule NetworkLi, L; Huang, J; Cheng, Q; Meng, H; Han, Z
19-Oct-2020ECG arrhythmia classification by using a recurrence plot and convolutional neural networkMathunjwa, BM; Lin, Y-T; Lin, C-H; Abbod, M; Shieh, I-S
24-Aug-2020Load forecasting based on deep neural network and historical data augmentationLai, CS; Mo, Z; Wang, T; Yuan, H; Ng, WWY; Lai, LL
25-Aug-2020Brain MR imaging segmentation using convolutional auto encoder network for PET attenuation correctionMecheter, I; Amira, A; Abbod, M; Zaidi, H
25-Aug-2020The Effect of Using Artificial Intelligence on Performance of Appraisal System: A Case Study for University of Jeddah Staff in Saudi ArabiaAlrashedi, A; Abbod, M
2020Multi-Scale Capsule Network for Predicting DNA-Protein Binding SitesNandi, A; Zhang, Q; Yu, W; Han, K-S; Huang, D-S
2020Determination of the Time-Window of Event-Related Potential Using Multiple-Set Consensus ClusteringNandi, A; Mahini, R; Li, Y; Ding, W; Fu, R; Ristaniemi, T; Chen, G; Cong, F
19-Aug-2020Bi-level optimal planning of voltage regulator in distribution system considering maximization of incentive-based photovoltaic energy integration-
2020Collaboration in Transport and Logistics networksHezarkhani, B; Slikker, M; Van Woensel, T
8-Aug-2020A new hybrid financial time series prediction modelAlhnaity, B; Abbod, M
5-Aug-2020Subspace and sparse reconstruction based near-field sources localization in uniform linear arrayLiu, H; Meng, H; Gan, L; Li, D; Zhou, Y; Truong, T-K
17-Jul-2020Electricity trading based on distribution locational marginal priceLi, Z; Lai, CS; Xu, X; Zhao, Z; Lai, LL
2020Increase of capacity in electric arc-furnace steel mill factories by means of a demand-side management strategy and ampacity techniquesZobaa, AF; Mananaa, M; Vaccaro, A; Arroyoa, A; Martineza, R; Castroa, P; Lasoa, A; Bustamantea, S
2020Performance of Order-based Modal Analysis for Operational Rotating Hardware Considering Excitations Composed of Various Harmonic and Random AmplitudesKalganova, T; Mares, C; Sternharz, G
8-Apr-2020Beyond virtual museums: adopting serious games and extended reality (xr) for user-centred cultural experiencesDoukianou, S; Daylamani-Zad, D; Paraskevopoulos, I
2020Current Methods for Operational Modal Analysis of Rotating Machinery and Prospects of Machine LearningKalganova, T; Sternharz, G
17-Jul-2019Development and evaluation of a novel robotic system for search and rescueCachia, A; Huda, MN; Liu, P; Saha, C; Tickle, A; Arvanitakis, J; Aziz, SM
23-Dec-2019Photovoltaic (PV) and thermo-electric energy harvesters for charging applicationsSaha, CR; Huda, MN; Mumtaz, A; Debnath, A; Thomas, S; Jinks, R
2020Accelerating supply chains with Ant Colony Optimization across range of hardware solutionsKalganova, T; Ivars, D; Ian Dear
25-May-2020Vorausschauende Instandhaltung – Wenn der Digitale Schatten an Grenzen stößt: Harmonisierung datengetriebener und physikbasierter Modelle für die vorausschauende InstandhaltungWerner, A; Angadi, VC; Lentes, J; Mousavi, A
Sep-2020Causal Modelling for Predicting Machine Tools Degradation in High Speed Production ProcessAngadi, V; Mousavi, A; Bartolome, D; Tellarini, M; Fazziani, M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 154