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Title: Altered plasma protein profiles in genetic FTD – a GENFI study
Authors: Ullgren, A
Öijerstedt, L
Olofsson, J
Bergström, S
Remnestål, J
van Swieten, JC
Jiskoot, LC
Seelaar, H
Borroni, B
Sanchez-Valle, R
Moreno, F
Thonberg, H
Sogorb-Esteve, A
Timberlake, C
Todd, E
Santana, I
Van Damme, P
Vandenbulcke, M
Veldsman, M
Galimberti, D
Verdelho, A
Anderl-Straub, S
Villanua, J
Warren, J
Convery, R
Wilke, C
Woollacott, I
Zetterberg, H
Ducharme, S
Zulaica, M
Durães, J
Lima, M
Fumagalli, G
Lemos, J
Rowe, JB
Masellis, M
Heller, C
Tartaglia, MC
Finger, E
Vandenberghe, R
de Mendonça, A
Butler, CR
Gerhard, A
Andersson, C
Otto, M
Bouzigues, A
Russell, L
Swift, IJ
Rohrer, JD
Månberg, A
Nilsson, P
Graff, C
Afonso, S
Almeida, MR
Antonell, A
Cope, T
Arighi, A
Balasa, M
Barandiaran, M
Bargalló, N
Bartha, R
Greaves, C
Bender, B
Buratti, E
Peakman, G
Benussi, L
Bertoux, M
Binetti, G
Deramecourt, V
Black, S
Bocchetta, M
Borrego-Ecija, S
Rogaeva, E
Bras, J
Bruffaerts, R
Cañada, M
Funkiewiez, A
Cantoni, V
Caroppo, P
Cash, D
Castelo-Branco, M
Di Fede, G
Díez, A
Guerreiro, R
Fenoglio, C
Ferreira, CB
Fox, N
Freedman, M
Gabilondo, A
Gasparotti, R
Gauthier, S
Alberici, A
Giaccone, G
Gorostidi, A
Indakoetxea, B
Pievani, M
Jelic, V
Karnath, H-O
Keren, R
Kuchcinski, G
Langheinrich, T
Shoesmith, C
Lebouvier, T
Leitão, MJ
Laforce, R
Lladó, A
Maruta, C
Meeter, L
Pijnenburg, Y
Miltenberger, G
van Minkelen, R
Mitchell, S
Tirabosch, P
Moore, K
Nicholas, J
Olives, J
Rollin, A
Ourselin, S
Padovani, A
Panman, J
Papma, JM
Premi, E
Prioni, S
Tábuas-Pereira, M
Rademakers, R
Redaelli, V
Rinaldi, D
Rittman, T
Rosa-Neto, P
Rossi, G
Rosser, M
Scarpini, E
Semler, E
Shafei, R
Tainta, M
Synofzik, M
Taipa, R
Tang-Wai, D
Thomas, DL
Thompson, P
Keywords: frontotemporal dementia;plasma biomarkers;GRN;C9orf72;MAPT;neurodegeneration
Issue Date: 15-Nov-2023
Publisher: BioMed Central (part of Springer Nature)
Citation: Ullgren, A. et al. on behalf of the Genetic Frontotemporal Dementia Initiative (GENFI) (2023) 'Altered plasma protein profiles in genetic FTD – a GENFI study', Molecular Neurodegeneration, 18 (1), 85, pp. 1 - 12. doi: 10.1186/s13024-023-00677-6.
Abstract: Copyright © The Author(s) 2023. Background: Plasma biomarkers reflecting the pathology of frontotemporal dementia would add significant value to clinical practice, to the design and implementation of treatment trials as well as our understanding of disease mechanisms. The aim of this study was to explore the levels of multiple plasma proteins in individuals from families with genetic frontotemporal dementia. Methods: Blood samples from 693 participants in the GENetic Frontotemporal Dementia Initiative study were analysed using a multiplexed antibody array targeting 158 proteins. Results: We found 13 elevated proteins in symptomatic mutation carriers, when comparing plasma levels from people diagnosed with genetic FTD to healthy non-mutation controls and 10 proteins that were elevated compared to presymptomatic mutation carriers. Conclusion: We identified plasma proteins with altered levels in symptomatic mutation carriers compared to non-carrier controls as well as to presymptomatic mutation carriers. Further investigations are needed to elucidate their potential as fluid biomarkers of the disease process.
Description: Availability of data and materials: Anonymized data may be shared upon request from a qualified academic investigator for the purpose of replication of the results and procedures detailed in this article. All requests must be in agreement with EU legislation on general data protection and must be in line with the decisions from the Ethical Review Board of Sweden. Data sharing should be regulated in a material transfer agreement and/or data processing agreement as appropriate.
Supplementary Information is available online at: .
Other Identifiers: ORCID iD: Caroline Graff
ORCID iD: Martina Bocchetta
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