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Title: Defining appropriateness in coach-athlete sexual relationships: The voice of coaches
Authors: Bringer, JD
Brackenridge, CH
Johnston, LH
Keywords: Sexual harassment;Sexual abuse;Coach education;Grounded theory
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Whiting and Birch/Taylor and Francis
Citation: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport - International Research and Policy Perspectives, Special issue of the Journal of Sexual Aggression 8(2): 83-98
Abstract: The sporting culture, with omnipotent coaches, fierce competition for recognition and funding, and ‘win at all cost’ ethos, creates an environment conducive to sexual exploitation of athletes. Recent increased public awareness and the development of child protection policies in sport have led to the questioning of previously accepted coach-athlete relationships. This study is an exploratory investigation into male swimming coaches’ perceptions of appropriateness of coach-athlete sexual relationships. Sexual relationships with athletes under the age of 16 were unanimously considered totally inappropriate. With regard to sexual relationships with athletes above the age of consent for heterosexual sex, opinions ranged from “totally inappropriate” to “it’s a question of civil liberties.” These results are discussed in relation to how coaches have adapted their own behaviours in the face of public scrutiny but are still reluctant to restrict the rights of their fellow coaches.
ISSN: 1355-2600
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