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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Participatory approaches to understanding community sport, leisure and wellbeing in the lives of young people from refugee backgroundsSmith, Robyn
2023Investigating the role of the MYB-BUB1 axis in adenoid cystic carcinomaCicirò, Ylenia
2023Chromosome dynamics and molecular motor proteins in the interphase nuclei of proliferating and non-proliferating cellsRiyahi, Kumars
2007The baroreflex contribution to human cardiovascular control: Insight from passive exercise studiesVorluni, Luigi
2022Pre-conceptional radiation exposure and transgenerational effectsStephens, Jade
2023An investigation on the relationship between DNA double strand breaks in the mammalian genome and gene therapy retrovirus vector genotoxicityBhatti, Ataun Nasr
2023Resilience explored in a cross-cultural contextHolmberg, Jo Jorunn Margareta
1983An investigation into the use of freeliving marine nematodes as pollution monitoring organisms with special reference to the Clyde EstuaryLambshead, P. John D.
2022The role of Ki-67 in cell cycle progressionStamatiou, Konstantinos
2022The influence of innate talent in the acquisition of sport expertiseStaff, Toby
2023Identification of novel therapeutic targets in Osteosarcoma for the development of Nanoparticle based drug delivery systemsPayoe, Kusal Shasheen
2023Role of innate immunity in pregnancyDas, Karanjit
2022Explaining cultural change through individual psychological processesRosun, Nour-E-Nachita Bibi
2023Investigation of the role of asprosin and downstream glycolytic molecules in ovarian cancerKerslake, Rachel
2021Yes! And… Between freedom and constraints in improvisational comedyTitus, Jaice Sara
2021Common genetic variation at the Klotho gene locus and its relationship to age-related phenotypesAmin, Hasnat A
2021A ‘new’ microsporidian in the UK: investigations into the unknown microsporidian infecting juvenile smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) from the River ThamesFauconier (née Collins), Georgina
2022Targeted complement activation therapy (TCAT) for cancer treatmentDoulami, Christiana
2021Radiation risks from high-let alpha particle emitters using radium-223 as a modelBastiani, Isabella Maria
2022Identification of potential Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure biomarkers in ovarian cancer and to predict the consequences of SNPs on biomarkers of ovarian cancerZahra, Aeman
2022Optimism as an adaptive outcome of religiosityFord, Kathryn Diane
2022Association of COX-2-induced TGF-β+ suppressor T-cells in the immunosuppression induced by Marek’s disease virusGurung, Angila
2022Mechanisms behind the moralisation, avoidance, and punishment of promiscuous women: integrating evolutionary and feminist perspectivesRolón Arévalo, Vania Isabel
2021Epidemiological and psychological investigations into the association between socioeconomic inequality and interpersonal violenceMcLaughlin, Jaye Lee
2021Advancing the mechanistic understanding of the toxicological effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) using integrated in silico and in vivo approachesMarmon, Philip Konstantin Alexander
2021Development of a novel in vitro 3D model to identify cancer genes via insertional mutagenesisAlhaque, Sharmin
2021Exploring the combinatorial effects of targeting epigenetic modifications and molecular pathways as a therapeutic option for acute myeloid leukaemiaSamarista, Ralph Carlos
2021Understanding domestic violence and abuse in the UK Muslim populationChowdhury, Rahmanara
2021British nuclear test veterans: the complexities of identity, health and wellbeing, and the ageing processPrescott, Amy
2021Reading skills in mental illness: A multimodal analysisVanova, Martina
2021Studies on hydrocarbon pollution in the upstream and downstream areas in the Niger delta region of NigeriaTheophilus, Alaye Tamarautari
2022Extraction and recovery of metals from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) using both traditional and designer solventsObukohwo, Aghogho Blessing
2021Modelling the t(7;12) leukaemia using gene editing technologyRagusa, Denise
2022Executive function abilities, cognitive ageing, and cognitive declineIdowu, Mojitola Iyabode Morayo
2022Investigation the role of PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer using in vitro models and clinical samplesSaravi, Sayeh
2021The influence of dimensional psychopathology on social reward processingAldridge-Waddon, Luke
2021Exploration and validation of novel liquid biomarkers in ovarian cancer of diagnostic and prognostic valueKumar, Juhi
2021Investigating the biosafety and toxicity of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in vitro and in vivoMann, Ruchira
2019From novice to dating expert in 10,000 hours: two theories explaining the role of deliberate practice and intuition in superior dating ability Ereku, Morgan
2021Neurophysiological investigation of auditory augmentation to facilitate observational learning of everyday actionsCastro, Fabio
2021Characterisation of ACBD3 and PI4Kβ expression in breast cancer and the effects of ACBD3 overexpressionHoughton-Gisby, Jack
2021An investigation to optimise viral vector production and to generate an in vitro model for genotoxicity assessmentSuleman, Saqlain Mehboob Amanullah
2021Use of liquid biopsies as prognostic and diagnostic marker for non-small cell lung cancerKatopodis, Perikis
2013Substance use and sexual risk between men in London: a critical exploration of social practices and health concernsBorria, Marco
2021Ultrasonography for the assessment of contractile properties of fresh and fatigued diaphragm muscle in healthy humansIllidi, Camilla Rønn
2021Oestrogens and anti-androgens in the aquatic environment and their effects on fishBeresford, Nicola Anne
2021Persistent organic pollutants: assessing the threat to cetaceansWilliams, Rosie
2021An examination of reading, reading development and disorder in a highly transparent orthography: the case of TurkishRaman, Evren Hussein
2020Investigation of DNA damage response at interstitial telomeric sites in Chinese hamster cell linesMatta Castillo, Sheila
2021The Effects of Anxiety, Ageing, and Neurodegenerative Disease on Visual Reweighting for Postural ControlFielding, Anna Elizabeth
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 333