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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Oestrogens and anti-androgens in the aquatic environment and their effects on fishBeresford, Nicola Anne
2021Persistent organic pollutants: assessing the threat to cetaceansWilliams, Rosie
2021An examination of reading, reading development and disorder in a highly transparent orthography: the case of TurkishRaman, Evren Hussein
2020Investigation of DNA damage response at interstitial telomeric sites in Chinese hamster cell linesMatta Castillo, Sheila
2021The Effects of Anxiety, Ageing, and Neurodegenerative Disease on Visual Reweighting for Postural ControlFielding, Anna Elizabeth
2021Impact of hydration on pulmonary function and ventilatory responses to exercise in healthy adultsMarshall, Hannah
2021Examining psychosocial development in an elite English football academy: a holistic ecological approachCrawley, Nikki
2021An investigation into the mindset and the experience of a modern day soccer referee in EnglandDell, Celena
2020Sink or swim: the impact of having a child with Olympic potential on family well-beingChristoforou, Anastasia
2020Force-time analysis of the countermovement jump as an indicator of fatigue status in professional academy footballersMale, Benjamin
2020Influenza a virus interaction with complement factor HRabeeah, Iman Hussein
2020Understanding ovarian cancer and chemoresistance through chromosome spatial organisation and nuclear motorsAakila, Sammy
2021Human Surfactant Protein D as an Innate Immune Surveillance MoleculeMurugaiah, Valarmathy
2021Contextual and dispositional influences on Netball Umpires' Decision MakingBurnett, Adele Marie
2020A novel cell and gene therapy approach for Friedreich's ataxiaShaban, Enas
2020Characterization of autoreactive B cells and AChR autoantibodies in myasthenia gravisTandon, Kokil
2020Understanding variability in processing facial expressions: Behavioural and neuroimaging studiesMurray, Thomas Oliver
2020Removal of textile dyes from aqueous solutions using clay minerals and agricultural waste (carica papaya seeds)Oluwole, Omolara Gbemisola
2020Investigating the Role of Cortisol and Oxytocin Signalling in Human Ovarian CancerAmanda, Mankarious
2020Using Bayesian Networks to Investigate the Role of Arctic Variability in Midlatitude CirculationHarwood, Nathanael
2020Innate immuno-oncology of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM)Vural, Berkan
2020Shaping health: understanding and influencing lifestyle behaviours in low socioeconomic womenWittels, Paula Ya’el
2020Investigation of whole system determinants of antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas AeruginosaSaleh, Wedad Mohamed Nageeb Ahmed
2020An investigation into the factors that encourage Image and Performance Enhancing Drug taking behaviours in adult rugby players in EnglandWatkins, Stephen
2020A cross-cultural examination of gender role ideology and gender inequality in romantic relationshipsHill, Suzanne Margaret Deplidge
2020Genetic and epigenetic consequences of radiation exposure in human and mouse leukaemogenesisO’Brien, Gráinne
2020Exploring a functionalist model of moral elevationMonroe, Amy
2019Epigenetic factors affect the host:pathogen interaction between schistsoma mansoni and biomphalaria glabrataHorton, Daniel Adam
2020Carbon monoxide poisonings: exploring new approaches for quantification and evaluating measurement errors from an analytical and epidemiological point of viewOliverio, Stefania
2020Identification of novel pathways involved in heterochromatin establishment and maintenanceSales Gil, Raquel
2020Investigating the role of exosomes in MYCN tumourigenesis and neuroblastoma-
2019Investigating the function of alpha frequency oscillatory activityWereszczynski, Karol
2019‘Time to spread my wings’ An investigative study exploring the effects of inpatient mental health rehabilitation What is the effect of inpatient mental health rehabilitation on an individual’s functional performance and do changes impact quality of life?Dadswell, Rachel
2018C1q classical complement pathway inhibition: A novel strategy to dampen complement activation and inflammation in alzheimer’s diseaseOluwadare, Christianah
2019Examining links between anxiety, attentional focus, and altered control of locomotionEllmers, Toby Jack
2018Studies to understand the pathological mechanisms in preeclampsia via extracellular vesiclesMotta Mejia, Maria Carolina
2018Regulation of glucose metabolism by P21-Activated Kinases (PAKs), Ste20 and Cla4: using the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organismJoshua, Ifeoluwapo M.
2019Associations between physical activity, pain, injuries and joint loading in children, and how these factors may affect recommendations regarding the type of physical activity that children should perform whilst taking environmental and personal barriers into considerationde Aguiar Greca, João Paulo
2019Investigating the role of conglutinin in hostpathogen interactions in bovine tuberculosisMehmood, Arshad
2018Regulation of Egr2 expression in T cells and Egr2/3 function in tumour infiltrating T cellsTaefehshokr, Nima
2018Investigating the effects of bisphenol a on the human placentade Aguiar Greca, Sophie-Christine
2019Cultural influences on emotional display rulesDeng, Jie
2018The missing link: endocrine disrupting chemicals, epigenetics and breast cancer riskMaund, Phoebe Rebekah
2019Ready exerciser one: examining the efficacy of immersive technologies in the exercise domainBird, Jonathan M.
2018Scientific underpinnings of the clinical assessment of patellofemoral alignmentCampbell-Karn, Kevin Daniel
2019The potential and role of breast tumour kinase(Brk) isoforms in breast cancer therapeuticsHussain, Haroon Ali
2018Development of a novel model to quantify nitrous oxide emissions in the biological nutrient removal process of wastewater treatment plantsMassara, Theoni Maria
2019DNA replication and replication termination in Escherichia coliMidgley-Smith, Sarah
2018Heat acclimation with controlled heart rate: the effect of hydration on adaptation, cardiac function and exercise performanceTravers, Gavin James Stephen
2018The integration of explicit contextual priors and visual information during action anticipation in soccerGredin, Nils Viktor
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 288