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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Advertising and public relations in chinaFan, Y
2005The art of cross-cultural brandingFan, Y
2008The art of cross-cultural brandingFan, Y
2012The brand, culture & stakeholder-based brand management phenomenon: an international Delphi studyWilson, Jonathan
2009Branding the nation: Towards a better understandingFan, Y
2005Can a nation be marketed like products?Fan, Y
2017Cell cycle independent role of cyclin D3 in host restriction of influenza virus infectionFan, Y; Mok, C; Wai, M; Zhang, Y; Nal, B; Kien, F; Bruzzone, R; Sanyal, S
2008Children’s buying behaviour in China: A study of their information sourcesFan, Y; Li, Y
1995Chinese cultural values and entrepreneurshipFan, Y
1996Chinese peasant entrepreneurs: an examination of township and villageFan, Y; Chen, N; Kirby, D
2000A classification of chinese cultureFan, Y
5-Aug-2022Collided with COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Yangtze Flood Is Exceptionally SevereWang, F; Huang, GH; Fan, Y
1993Competitor recognition by managerial perception -- a case in the UK computer industryFan, Y
29-Aug-2022Copula-Based Multivariate Simulation Approach for Flood Risk Transfer of Multi-Reservoirs in the Weihe River, ChinaWang, S; Wu, J; Wang, S; Xie, X; Fan, Y; Lv, L; Huang, G
2002Corporate branding in the retail sector: a practitioner’s perspectiveBurghausen, M; Fan, Y
2009Corporate communications in China : A preliminary studyFan, Y
2000Corporate communications in practice: the profile of pr directors in the british companiesDolphin, R; Fan, Y
2000Corporate communications: audiences, funding and crisis managementDolphin, R; Fan, Y
2008Country of origin, branding strategy and internationalisation: The case of Chinese piano companiesFan, Y
27-Dec-2018Development of a maximum entropy-Archimedean copula-based bayesian network method for streamflow frequency analysis-A case study of the Kaidu River Basin, ChinaKong, X; Zeng, X; Chen, C; Fan, Y; Huang, G; Li, Y; Wang, C